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Democrat Crocodile Tears for Illegal Alien Children

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Rio Grande Valley Sector via AP

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump addressed the nation in a primetime telecast to declare the situation at the U.S. southern border a humanitarian crisis and announced a national emergency declaration. He asked for additional funding for the Border Patrol, which could not keep up with the influx of migrants. He talked about the lack of resources and indicated that this was a situation that was out of control. Democrats in Congress scoffed at him saying it was a manufactured crisis. The liberal propaganda machine more commonly referred to by me as the editorial pages of the usual suspect newspapers parroted the constructed crisis theme.


I find it incredible that only now does the open-borders, and pro-illegal immigration crowd see that the situation is indeed at a crisis level. Now you can’t peruse any newsgroups without finding some story about how inhumane the conditions are at the detention facilities. The left, instead of acknowledging their misdiagnosis, yet again found an opportunity to play politics. Instead of approving a swift congressional funding bill for more resources, Democrats and their ilk in the leftist media have decided to weaponize the crisis, making it an opportunity to slam President Trump. It was after all Democrat Rahm Emmanuel who coined the phrase, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” He was insinuating that if there was a political advantage to be had in a crisis, then use it to score political points. Never mind that the opportunity is a sleazy political cheap shot. 

The left and Democrats aren’t interested in fixing the problem at our southern border, nor has it ever been about the kids in the detention centers. Recall that the political crusade when all this started was wrapped around the hashtag, “children being held in cages.’ That never happened under Trump. The file footage used to smear the administration and Customs and Border Protection was taken during the Obama administration. Leftist opportunists did not care much about the children or the conditions they were in when their guy Obama was running the operation. There was no political upside in slamming Obama. Oh and never mind the left and the media’s ‘move along nothing to see here’ attitude that the separation of children from adults was an Obama era policy stemming from a court order. Also, disregard the fact that many of the adults illegally crossing with children were often not the actual parents and that human smugglers were using this method to engage in sex trafficking. That stuff is not as important as taking an opportunity to skewer President Trump. Immigration and Customs officials have discovered that some people traveling as a family unit are a mixture of families from different countries. Try sorting through that. In these instances, close enough is not good enough. Previously deported dangerous persons use this as a way back in to the US.


Democrats are making this crisis about toothbrushes and soap as if more of these items will cure the crisis of an organized influx of people exploiting our lax immigration laws. Illegal immigration is the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats. More illegals mean the need for more government services as many of those exploiting asylum will become permanent members of the underclass in the United States. Members of that demographic vote for Democrat politicians under the threat of losing welfare if they do not keep these frauds in office.

Democrats in Congress are not interested in fixing this crisis. They want the wedge issue. They’ll talk about it, demagogue it and dance all around it but when Trump started the dialogue by offering some solutions, Democrats fled like their hair was on fire.  They are skilled at using kids as political pawns and that exaggerated stories or just the thought of children being mistreated tugs at people’s heartstrings. They hope that this provides a slow bleed that they can use going into the 2020 election. They hope to make Trump die a slow metaphorical death over this from negative coverage like the baseless reports about Trump ordering children to be held in cages during detention. There appears to be no more political juice to squeeze out of the orange of Stormy Daniels, Trump’s tax returns, separation of children at the border or the Mueller Report so this one will have to do for now. Too bad that the left does not have the same alarmist sky-is-falling concern for the protection of US citizen babies in the womb or those living on the streets or are addicted to dangerous drugs.


Threats of impeachment are proving to be a loser for them right now. The problem for them is that this detention center issue too will end up on the ash heap of all their other sky-is-falling rhetoric.

I just returned from the El Paso Border Sector in Texas. I have seen what passes for housing on the Mexican side with children happily playing outside. It resembles where one would keep a junk yard dog.I  bet the Mexican media doesn’t seem to have an interest in slamming their government about the conditions of children living there. The illegals in US detention camps probably see it as an upgrade from what they left.

With Democrats, it’s never really about the children or their teeth for that matter. That is a smokescreen. It’s really about defeating Trump in 2020. Their hatred for the president has blinded them from doing what is right. Hopefully it will cost them at the ballot box. 

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