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Death and taxes are said to be the only things in life that are certain. However, I’ll add another: Democrats never accept political defeat even when that includes election losses.


With that in mind, the Democrat strategy going into the 2020 election is simple. They will play the race and gender card like it is some kind of sport. They’ll drudge up reparations for slavery while claiming voter suppression continues as if we are still in the post-Civil War Reconstruction period in America in the South where black voters continued to be disenfranchised by Democrats until the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They’ll claim that gerrymandering voting districts has its roots in racism and not raw power politics. And finally, they’ll continue the lie that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. There you have it, folks. It is their GOTV (get out the vote) strategy designed to enrage their shrinking voter base made up of disparate demographics and fringe movements like Black Lives Matter, pro-illegal immigration and gender identity groups. Without the red meat that feeds anger, their voter base would remain uninterested and not engaged in key swing states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

Their beloved Hillary Clinton is, not surprisingly, also delusional. She continues on her whirlwind tour across the globe, claiming that she was denied her place in history as the first woman President of the United States because the election was stolen from her. She cannot admit defeat and continues to claim that every man who did not vote for her is a misogynist—irrespective that this is untrue and the stats prove this. She is a one-trick pony. The misogyny card is the only one she has. She cannot play the race card after 88 percent of blacks and 65 percent of Hispanics voted for her. 


Hillary Clinton continues to spew the myth that President Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin and other Russian operatives to steal the election from her. She has no proof of it, but in her mind, as with most liberals, including the media, she doesn’t need proof. Her defeat is simple—she did not work hard enough to win. She didn’t see it as an election contest. She saw it as a coronation, something she was owed. She saw the election as a formality. Her continued accusation that the election was stolen is enough wind for the sails of her boat to continue to move forward. Remember the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary hearings on his nomination to the Supreme Court? There was no proof by his accusers either. The Democrat mindset has always been, we don’t need any stinking proof.

Here is another excellent example. Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continues to make public appearances and provide major news interviews with claims that she won the governor's race but was denied an election win due to voter suppression and racism. She offers no evidence that either occurred but then again for Democrat politicians; crying racism needs no proof. Just throw the smear against the wall and watch Republican politicians and others take the bait and respond instead of simply shrugging it off and getting back to the topic at hand. She lost by over 30,000 votes. That is not close. No voter suppression anywhere in 2019 in the United States can cause a 30,000-vote margin without being easily identified.


Denying that one is racist is useless. Even if one denies being racist, the left has come up with a counter punch. They claim that to deny being racist is racist itself. Liberal sociologists even gave it a classification as if it is a legitimate field of study. It’s called inherent bias and critical race theory. Government grants are being awarded to universities for furthering this junk science. Critical race theory says that to have been born Caucasian makes you inherently racist. Denying it is part of the disorder. In other words, white folks don’t know they are inherently racists. In my view, people who believe in this ridiculous sham are in need of psychological evaluation.

Now we have the Mueller Investigation. Yes, it is still dominating the news and in Congress. I wrote a column on this site the week after Mueller released his findings after a two-year investigation that interviewed over 500 people and cost 35 million dollars. I said back then that Democrats would not let this go. I’m right. The bottom line is that Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to alter the outcome of the 2016 election, nor did Trump obstruct the investigation. I knew that, you knew that, and more importantly, the Democrats and liberal media knew it early on if not before the witch-hunt began. Even still, Mueller’s conclusion didn’t end anything for Democrats and it never will. At least not until November 2020.  If Trump wins again, Democrats will move the goal post back to voter suppression and disenfranchisement claims and ask for unnecessary recounts. 


You see, when Democrats lose elections, they believe election officials engaged in some sort of chicanery. The Party that wants to make it easier for election fraud to happen by getting rid of things like voter ID and consistent time frames throughout a state for early voting will say the election was stolen from them.

The Democrats want you to believe that the dead horse they are dragging around is just taking a nap even though horses get most of their sleep standing up. Most of their voter base is unaware of that. It works. 

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