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President Trump keeps rising from the ashes like the Phoenix while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s disgust and frustration reached a fever pitch and the entire country watched her meltdown. Pelosi’s raged couldn’t be contained as she tore up her copy of Trump’s State of the Union address. Tearing Trump’s powerful speech showed how everything Pelosi and her crew of malcontents have done to destroy Trump has failed. 


Many claim Pelosi’s emotional collapse was staged. I disagree. When you are a public figure, you always want to be seen as being in control. Losing it and having it captured on camera or audio makes you look unhinged, unstable. It is not a good look for someone of her stature. Pelosi knows that and usually presents well in front of a camera. She typically speaks calmly and holds back from getting ruffled. But that moment at the SOTU in the Speaker’s chair, she lost it. After approximately 90 minutes of listening to the President rub her nose in his list of successes—taking a victory lap while spiking the football—she couldn’t contain herself. It was too much. 

Pelosi couldn’t wait until morning to give her retort in the post address. She knew Trump refuted all the lies the Democrats and their ilk in the liberal media spewed, and she needed to out stage him quickly.  She was infuriated that the businessman from Queens who doesn’t have an Ivy League pedigree nor does he talk like them or hang out in high society circles is beating the established, experienced career politician at her own damn game. How sweet is that?

So that burst of anger by Pelosi was very insightful for viewers. Remember it was not Pelosi’s idea to go forth with impeachment. She knew better. She knew that President Clinton came out of impeachment stronger, and it probably ensured his re-election. And his articles were for a crime. He perjured himself. That’s a felony. 


Nevertheless, Clinton was a popular President, including with independents. Trump is not accused of committing any high crimes or misdemeanors, treason, or bribery. Numerous times Pelosi tried to blunt this lousy idea of impeaching Trump privately and publicly. Here are a few of her public comments, “If and when the time comes for impeachment,” she said, “it will have to be something that has such a crescendo in a bipartisan way.” She hinted that short of bipartisan support, she wouldn’t pursue it. That was in January of 2019. 

Pelosi has lost control of her Party. Trying to muzzle loose cannons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Texas Congressman Al Green, and Maxine Waters turned out to be for her a failed exercise in herding cats. She couldn’t keep them on the reservation. She relented no doubt under pressure from her rabid base who were clueless to the political repercussions if impeachment fell short of anything other than Trump being removed by the Senate. She gave her blessing to keep from being run out of town by her own Party. 

Moreover, Pelosi’s tearing up of the speech was more than an outburst against the President. Like I said, she knew they should not have pursued impeachment. Pelosi knew the Mueller investigation was a lost cause. She knew if the lunatics of her party had listened to her, she would not have been lambasted in the Speaker’s chair for a long 90 minutes of anxiety. She reached a boiling point. 


So now the question becomes, where do the Democrats go from here? Eight months before an election—one that could signal a death knell to progressive politics for decades if Trump gets more lower federal judicial appointments, including appellate court judges seated along with possibly several more Supreme Court justices including the left’s patron saint of liberalism Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Pelosi has to figure out how to put the wheels back on and get back on the tracks heading into November. Their nomination process is in tatters after the election disaster in Iowa and New Hampshire with Bernie Sanders winning. A stone-cold socialist who isn’t even a Democrat is positioned to become their Party’s nominee and standard-bearer. Pelosi is hanging on by a thread. She has to fear a mutiny and has to tread lightly. The crazies are sending her a message. That message is that there is no reboot, there is no working with Trump and the Republicans, there is no getting along or reaching across the aisle. There is no working with traditional methods and through existing institutions to win elections and political support. There is only political war. And they are ready to wage one.

The Democrats created this monster by letting their lunatic fringe wing get away with their nonsense. They purposely enraged all the demographic disparate groups that make up their Party. What they failed to do before they created this monster was figure out how to keep it under control and how to turn it off when it goes haywire. They have done neither. Good luck with that, Madam Speaker. It will be fun watching more of your public meltdowns while the lunatics of your party work to kick you out. 


In the end, this is what happens when honesty and fairness are compromised for political expediency. When the truth prevails, and the frauds are exposed, all that’s left to do is rage and scream inside while tearing up a speech that Americans are rallying behind. Here’s a tip for Pelosi. Start with a clean slate. Abandon the dirty politics—the lies and hate—and start working for the American people who deserve better than constant sour grapes tactics that ultimately fail. 

Sheriff David Clarke Jr. is former Sheriff of Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin, President of AmericasSheriff LLC, Board member for the Crime Prevention Research Council, author of the book Cop Under Fire: Beyond Hashtags of Race Crime and Politics for a Better America. To learn more visit

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