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As several people fall out of the Democratic presidential campaign clown car, a few hitchhikers hopped aboard the journey to their convention this summer in Milwaukee. However, those (Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg) bumming a ride represent everything that the radical left-wing of the Democratic Party now abhors.  

Steyer and Bloomberg embody toxic masculinity, white superiority, privilege, and class that Democrats have been railing against. They must not have gotten the memo that they are persona non grata in the Democratic Party today. They do not check any boxes in the liberal insidious game of identity politics. No matter how one triangulates these two, they do not meet the intersectionality of gender, race, and class. Neither are female, transgender or gay—neither are African-American or other supposedly oppressed minority. In fact, they represent the oppressors and the filthy rich. I must admit, this is classic. The radical left-wing has worked very hard to remake the Party, and now men like Steyer and Bloomberg are in for a treat. 

Steyer’s attempt at a high wire act to get across the chasm created by these crazy Democrats will be awkward. He may not want to try this stunt without a safety net. Steyer will have to use more self-tanning spray and talk about all the lefty causes he finances. His big issue is global warming—an issue voters are becoming less interested in. Ask the governors of Montana and Colorado who had their one-trick pony message that fossil fuels are destroying the planet and that we have to destroy capitalism to save it, how that worked out—their campaigns crashed and burned.

Michael Bloomberg’s circus act is also tricky. Bloomberg previously flirted with the idea of running as an Independent. The blowback he got that it would ensure a Trump re-election made him back off. Bloomberg was a New York Democrat who changed party affiliation to run as a Republican for Mayor of New York. This egomaniac got the New York legislature to change the term limit for serving as mayor. He figured nobody in Gotham could survive without him. Someone should tell him that presidents are limited to only two terms in office. I realize that Bloomberg has an inflated self-worth, but we the people will not be changing the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution so that he can grace us with his presence for more than two terms. 

Bloomberg has more to overcome with the Democratic Party. His support for the NYPD crime control strategy known as stop, question, and frisk is something they find repulsive. Recall, then-mayor Michael Bloomberg crediting stop-and-frisk with the city’s historic declines in crime. He was right. According to anti-crime strategy expert Heather Mac Donald, a Thomas E. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute think tank; she empirically estimates that, “In New York City alone, over 10,000 minority males are alive today who would be dead had crime rates remained at their early 1990s levels.” In her book War on Cops, she credits the NYPD's stop and frisk strategy as key to New York’s historic crime reduction. Bloomberg agreed so much that when he was first elected New York mayor, he continued the policy. When a lower court threw out the practice, Bloomberg ordered an appeal because he felt so strongly about stop, question and frisk. His successor Bill De Blasio withdrew the appeal.

Bloomberg’s flip-flop on stop, question, and frisk only came weeks ago before he decided to throw his hat into the ring for president under the Democratic banner. He even went so far as to do a mea culpa tour saying his policy that saved minority lives was a mistake. A mistake? Let me interpret that in nonpolitical speak. Does he now take the position that he wishes that 10,000 more black and Hispanics males would be dead so he can run for president as a Democrat? That is some sick stuff, folks. It sounds like racism, white supremacy, and privilege, all wrapped into one nice neat package. For his self-interest anyway. Bloomberg’s arrogance has him thinking he can buy back his past with TV ads that rebrand him. He thinks Americans are stupid. 

Bloomberg’s extreme gun control position, in my opinion, is a Napoleonic complex. At 5’8” short, if elected he would be among the shortest presidents in US history. As mayor he was surrounded by armed, burly NYPD security 24-7. Even as a private citizen this billionaire employs armed security everywhere he goes. At the same time he believes that everyday Americans like you and I should cede our personal safety to the government and be disarmed. It’s classic “do as I say, not as I do” that we despise most from elitist Democrats. I won’t even get into his ban on Big Gulp soda pop except to say that it demonstrates how controlling his personality is. Imagine what he would unilaterally ban as president through executive order.

I don’t have any use for the progressive Democratic base, but I hope they dispatch Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer the same way they have dumped middle-class white males from the party. Middle-class males turned to Trump when Democrats kicked them to the curb. Let’s see how long Steyer and Bloomberg stay aboard the Democratic presidential clown car. Heck, they both have the money to fuel it to the convention, but neither has the appeal or desire of their rabid base. Maybe Steyer and Bloomberg will soon feel what it's like to be a white middle-class Democrat today. Abandoned, cast aside, and forgotten by these progressives. Good luck boys and keep your seat belts fastened. It might be a rough ride.

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