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Anytime a GOP woman or GOP African-American rises in the consciousness of the American people, the liberal media—the so-called champions of diversity and inclusion—pounce on them, as they say in the hood, like a chicken on a June Bug. They do everything they can to demonize any conservative candidate who checks some of the boxes in the left’s identity politics. Race politics is at the front of the attacks against Nikki Haley, while Dr. Carson was cast as a dullard.


It was only a matter of time before the elitists at these Progressive propaganda machine media outlets shredded Haley apart. Haley’s gender did not provide an opening to accuse her of sexual harassment or sexual assault as it would a conservative male figure, think Judge Brett Kavanaugh. And as the child of immigrant parents, Haley didn’t provide an opening there either. But alas, they found their attack. Not a very good one, but what the hell, label her a racist anyway. It always works for liberals when no other negative label does.

The New York Times and Washington Post know the Democratic Party is on the precipice of hemorrhaging black voters. I am not going to suggest Black voters are leaving in record numbers like the white middle class is, but the enthusiasm gap with a growing number of black voters and their white left-wing radical base counterparts in the Democrat Party is widening. If African-American voters are not energized at election time, they won’t vote. It’s what happened in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. A depressed black turnout is just as useful for the GOP as are black voters crossing over. I am not ready to assume that a 30-35 percent approval rating among blacks for President Trump means that they will vote Republican. That is a huge leap and not indicative of how voting behavior works. It starts by dropping out of the process for a few election cycles due to disenchantment. Any crossover will be gradual. The GOP still has much to do to convince African-American voters to vote Republican.


Here is why this matters for Haley. If she decides to run for president in 2024, just a few election cycles away, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and all other liberal media hacks have to crush and resist any normalization of Haley now before America gets comfortable with her.

As the former Governor of South Carolina, Haley will do well in the south and southeast. Those areas are paramount to getting elected. Her home state of South Carolina has a black population of 27% compared to 12% of the total black population in the US. She had to get blacks to vote for her to become governor. In one poll, she received a 46% black approval rating among Trump officials, the highest in that demographic. The poll also points out that she scored a relatively high 41 percent approval rating among young people between the ages of 18 and 34, while 26 percent disapprove of the former UN ambassador. She had majorities among those aged 35-49 (60 percent), 50-64 (71 percent), and 65 and up (78 percent). This is not good as far as the Democratic Party is concerned, hence why The New York Times and Washington Post are on a seek and destroy mission against Haley.

So drag out the old reliable as they did. Haley's recent statement about the Confederate flag was seized upon as a 'gotcha' moment. I read her new book, With All Due Respect, where she in detail talks candidly about the shooting in a black Charleston church. She did everything she could to keep the state together and to keep outsiders from seizing on this tragedy to score cheap political points and labeling all South Carolinians as racist, like President Obama, who made the obligatory call to her but was just going through the motions. In an address to the nation, Obama painted with a broad brush every resident and their “way of life” for producing the church killer. She attended every funeral, and it was Haley who reinitiated discussion on removing the Confederate Flag from the statehouse grounds knowing she was taking a tremendous political risk but that it needed to be done for the state to heal. That’s an act of courage, along with compassion and empathy. She led her state at a time of crisis and held it together. In fact, I disagreed on her position at the time because I knew that for the left it had nothing to do with the flag itself. It had to do with forcing her to do something that they knew would put her at odds with many of her constituents and if she didn’t remove it, and if the legislature didn’t pass a bill to remove it they would vicariously paint her and all white residents as Confederate apologists for slavery, which they are not. I also said it was up to the voters of South Carolina to decide, not me or any outsider.


This is the best The New York Times, Washington Post, and other liberal media can do to smear Nikki Haley. It is an act of desperation. It tells me that they don’t care about diversity. They care about Progressive political power and destroying anybody who can stop it. 

I always call it as I see it, and Haley’s labeling as a racist is the result of her likeability as a rising GOP star. She called the attacks “pure garbage”. These liberal media hacks will do everything they can to destroy her but stand tall, Nikki. Be the leader we know you are.


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