Michael Youssef

Michael Youssef
The Battle Rages On: Fighting for the Souls of a Generation
By Michael Youssef
After the jury’s recent verdict of the George Floyd case was made public, and former police officer Derek Chauvin was ...
April 29, 2021
American Decline? Pray That We May Return to God
By Michael Youssef
The Old Testament book of Jeremiah tells the story of Judah, a suffering nation haunted by disobedience, corruption and godlessness. ...
November 22, 2020
Vote: It’s a Sin if You Don’t
By Michael Youssef
Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree: voting is our essential duty as Americans. As we discuss the best ...
November 01, 2020
Abraham Accord Honors Its Namesake
By Michael Youssef
President Trump and his administration facilitated an historic, world-changing peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The “Abraham ...
August 26, 2020
What America Really Needs
By Michael Youssef
We spend our lives trying to find it and perfect its practice and, often, we obsess over it. We come ...
August 03, 2020
Taxation and Representation: Only Taxpayers Should Vote
By Michael Youssef
While many of America’s founding ideas—like the centrality of God in a just and free society—have been scrubbed from history ...
July 15, 2020
One Nation Under God
By Michael Youssef
This weekend, we celebrate the founding of the greatest nation in the world. We honor the men and women who ...
July 04, 2020
Andrew Jackson’s Lesson About the Bible on the 175th Anniversary of His Death
By Michael Youssef
Today is the eighth, a nearly-forgotten holiday commemorating the 1815 victory of U.S. forces, under Andrew Jackson’s command, over the ...
June 08, 2020
Is God's Judgement Against Us Inevitable?
By Michael Youssef
America, and the West, seem to be sinking into the abyss, and it’s time to ask: Is God’s judgement now ...
September 06, 2015
The Power of Propaganda
By Michael Youssef
Recently I tweeted a statement that was attributed to Stalin and used by Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister). Goebbels said: ...
August 16, 2015
All Creation Must Reject the Supreme Court Decision, Part 2
By Michael Youssef
In my last article, we saw how God’s ordained day of rest is indispensable since it was established by the ...
July 26, 2015
The Collision of Two Runaway Trains
By Michael Youssef
I am reposting an article I wrote more than three years ago. Looking at the world today, I see the ...
July 12, 2015
Happy Birthday, (New) America
By Michael Youssef
On this 239th birthday of (old) America, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that our country is completely ...
July 05, 2015
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