What Obama has Sown, He Must Reap—But There is Hope!

Posted: Nov 17, 2013 12:01 AM
What Obama has Sown, He Must Reap—But There is Hope!

We reap what we sow. That’s a biblical concept, but other religions have similar sayings. Hindus believe in Karma—“do good and you’ll get good, do bad and you’ll get bad.” Even atheists say, “What goes around comes around.”

However, sowing and reaping in Judeo-Christian teaching is very different. It does acknowledge the natural fact of God’s creation—namely, that if you plant cotton, you won’t get wheat. But the Bible not only affirms that agricultural principle, it goes a step further—a step that is unknown to all other religious and human endeavors.

If you sow misery, you will reap misery. But God is bigger than that simple equation. After sowing, if you repent and turn to the Lord, and if you ask forgiveness from others, then God will show mercy. Not only will He forgive, but He will help correct the misery that has been sown.

Which brings me to the Obama Administration.

For five years, the administration has functioned under an unbridled desire to fundamentally transform America—transform it from a good and decent country with a penchant for rewarding hard work and integrity, into a nation that rewards slothfulness and dependence on Uncle Sam.

In their endeavor to transform us, they have shaded the truth—they have stomped on facts and sown lies. And there is no more blatant manifestation of that than ObamaCare.

As a boy, I grew up in a Christian home, but surrounded by an Egyptian culture that rationalized the act of lying. However, my parents drummed into me the dangers of not telling the truth.

Like most lads, I lied out of fear, thinking I could get away with it and avoid the consequences of the truth. But if I heard my parents say it once, I heard them say it a thousand times: “Always remember that lying has legs. It can run fast, and sooner or later, it will catch up to you.”

So here we are, six years after a litany of campaign promises, and three years after passing a bill that we needed to pass to find out what was in it. Here we are now, seeing the cookie crumble.

Good folks stood in the House and the Senate, pointing to the dire consequences of what Joe Biden described as “a big f….. deal.” But to no avail.

Now we are witnessing millions of hardworking Americans suffer through the cancellations of their good health insurance policies. Their pain is indisputable.

Punishing the hardworking is more than just sowing misery, however; it is wickedness. That is the essence of ObamaCare.

Now, President Obama is not only reaping his lowest approval ratings ever, but the reliably Obama-fawning media is turning on the object of its affection.

There is a way out for Mr. Obama, however. I plead with him to accept the advice of this immigrant who loved the pre-Obama America:


Publicly show God, the nation, and the world that you are truly sorry. First show your repentance to God, who sees the secrets of the heart. Then go to the people who voted for you, and ultimately to the whole nation and world.

And remember back in our recent history, to another president who claimed to be a Christian and yet refused to publicly repent and tell the truth. Remember President Nixon and what happened to him.

But ultimately remember this—God is merciful. And He will have mercy on you, the administration, and those in Congress who supported you. Indeed, He will have mercy upon America, which is desperately in need of it.

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