Turmoil, Terrorism, Racism...and an Inconvenient Christmas Message

Posted: Dec 21, 2014 12:01 AM
Turmoil, Terrorism, Racism...and an Inconvenient Christmas Message

Perhaps it was Al Gore who popularized the term “inconvenient truth.” Although his truth is disputable at best, it is a fact that real truth is often poorly received by the populous.

While few dispute that turmoil, terrorism, and racism fill our world, many people refuse to believe the real reason behind all this.

America has never been, nor will ever be, a perfect country. But there are not many other countries where people are lining up for hours to get in—not to mention the millions who sneak in illegally. So much for the imperfect country.

I totally understand the longing to come to this country. As someone who was not born in the U.S., but dreamed of America’s freedom, I am deeply grateful that I am “an American.” I am no hyphenated American. I love America’s exceptionalism and would gladly defend it.

But this country that I love is facing dark times. There are many questions to be asked:

Why does the American dream seem to be turning into a nightmare?

Why is racism on the rise despite having a black president?

Why are Christians who believe in Christian morals persecuted?

Why the sudden loss of so much liberty?

Why the colossal and unprecedented national debt?

Why the school shootings and suicides?

Why the distrust of governments and law enforcement officers?

Why the loss of peace of mind when the stock market is sizzling?

Why the loss of peace . . . period?

The answer should come screaming at us from the reason for this sacred season that we are currently celebrating. But even this season that should be ushering in peace has degenerated into the naked ugliness of materialism and consumerism. Now Black Friday shoppers end up with black eyes as they battle for prized Christmas gifts.

A cynic would be justified in asking, “Where is this Prince of Peace who came down from Heaven 2,000 years ago?”

Every Christmas we hear the story of the angels announcing the good news of peace. Yet, every year we seem to have less peace than the year before. More than any other time during my 60+ years, I am noticing how elusive peace in our society has become.

But herein lies the inconvenient truth: There can be no peace without the Prince of Peace at the center of life and society. And since our governments, courts, and educational institutions eliminate Jesus from public life, it stands to reason that peace will become more and more elusive.

No doubt some will accuse me of wanting to create a monotheistic government. But let me assure you, I love the system of government that our Founding Fathers envisioned, and I don’t have a monotheistic-government bone in my body.

Nonetheless, there are eternal and divine principles that transcend government systems. God gives us a choice; we can accept His divine moral principles or we can reject them.

The God who created us left the splendor of Heaven and came to earth 2,000 years ago to show us what is right and what is wrong. He invites us to come to Him and receive His peace, or we can reject Him and receive the consequences of our choice.

This Christmas, I appeal to those in authority. You have experienced the consequences of outlawing the only true peace-giver. Will you now admit that we are drinking from the well of the consequences of rejecting Him?

This Christmas, will you admit your failure?

Will you confess your arrogance?

Will you invite Him back?

Will you espouse Him and His moral laws without shame and embarrassment?

Will you stop harassing and persecuting His followers who are merely declaring His truth?

Will you stop your hate of those who are His?

Will you accept those who seek to live by His authority and the authority of His eternal morals?

This may be our final call as a nation to change our ways and plead His mercy upon our divided and troubled land.