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Whether it’s church liberals or political liberals, they have at least one thing in common—they often speak one way, but walk in the opposite direction.

A prime example of that character trait comes from “Gruber-gate,” namely the recent scandal about remarks of Jonathan Gruber, a key architect of Obamacare. Mr. Gruber has stated that the bill’s passage was contingent on exploiting the “stupidity” of the American voter.


As with Mr. Gruber, most liberals—whether they’re from mainline denominations or liberal evangelical churches, or from the political sphere—believe that the average American is stupid.

As they view their world through that prism, they naturally use words and proclamations that are designed to mislead and sucker the poor saps.

Let’s first take a look at the world of religion.

Thirty years ago, well-organized forces opposed to biblical teaching began to invade the mainline denominations, which they viewed as “paternalistic.” Those forces couldn’t oppose biblical teaching directly, so they systematically used language to lull the unsuspecting into a soft surrender.

The misleaders used language such as: “We need to be loving to everyone.” Who could disagree with that? I mean, one could almost disagree with Jesus himself before disagreeing with that statement.

And they came with words like: “We are a big tent. We should include everyone.” And, again, who could quarrel with that?

What they intended all along, however, was to open the tent to all sorts of false beliefs, and even non-belief. Once they had conquered enough of the minds within the church, they moved in for the kill—namely, to crowd out the “close-minded” believers by making everyone in the tent convert to the new prevailing falsehood.


Of course, with the final move, out went the twin ruses of “loving everyone” and “the big tent.”

Similarly, when we look at this country’s national political developments, we find the same chapter and verse.

Once liberal progressives found an articulate spokesman in Barack Obama, they knew their moment had arrived. Who could ever forget his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004? Remember the smooth words that dreamed poetic about the desire for no red states nor blue states, but only United States?

Wow, a star was born! We would finally have that “big tent” in our political world, also.

Of course, in six years, we have traveled a long way from the dream of purplish, United States. We now have a leader in a permanent state of divisiveness. Now that a disapproving country is slowly waking up, he preaches a “my way or the highway” philosophy.

Any politicians who are inclined to oppose the president know that they will either have to get with the program or Mr. Obama will have the media slap the “obstructionist” label on them. So much for the big tent.

I pray regularly for our leaders, including Mr. Obama. As a Bible-believing Christian, I am commanded to do so—for not praying for our leaders is contrary to Scripture.


As a praying Christian who believes in the true message of “loving everyone,” I see a day when a heavy price will be paid by those who view godly, liberty-loving people as stupid. I fear for them.

They need to repent of their arrogance while there is still time. One day the truth will triumph, and all deceivers will have to face the Judge of the universe. I pray that they awake to their eternal reality soon.

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