Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus
Student Paper Claims Concealed Carry Reinforces Rape Culture
By Michael Schaus
The self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights, the political left, is once again insisting that a woman’s right to protect herself ...
March 27, 2015
Glenn Beck Abandons the Fight for a Conservative Republican Party
By Michael Schaus
Glenn Beck announced that he is leaving the Republican Party. And, unfortunately, he’s not alone. Of course it’s a little ...
March 20, 2015
‘ObamaPhones’ Soon to Become ObamaModems
By Michael Schaus
The interwebs are now, officially, considered a “public utility” according to the Federal Communication Commission. After two weeks, the FCC ...
March 13, 2015
Obama Claims He Learned About Hillary’s Emails “Through News Reports”
By Michael Schaus
This White House actually seems to believe that incompetence and cluelessness is a valid excuse for misbehavior. Asked when he ...
March 09, 2015
De Blasio Defends Hillary: She’s ‘a Person of Extraordinary Integrity’
By Michael Schaus
Mayor Bill de Blasio (Communist Progressive – NYC) is rushing to the defense of his former employer, Hillary Clinton, who is ...
March 07, 2015
It Started on This Day in New York City
By Michael Schaus
On March 4th, 1789, twenty-two Senators and 59 Representatives were called upon to represent the 11 states that had ratified ...
March 04, 2015
FCC Approves Socialism for Broadband
By Michael Schaus
How predictable… The Federal Communications Commission voted on strict party lines to adopt Obama’s 332 page “Net Neutrality” proposal. Given ...
February 27, 2015
Changing Out “No Gun” Signs for “No Jihad” Signs
By Michael Schaus
Following a terror threat from Al Shabaab, the Mall of America has reposted signs reminding patrons of the shopping center's ...
February 26, 2015
Democrat Nannycrats Ruin Everything
By Michael Schaus
Well, it’s official: Democrats try to ruin everything that is fun. A group of California Nannycrats are pushing to make ...
February 25, 2015
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