Paul Krugman's Talent for Turning Liberal Idiocy into a Career Option

Posted: Jan 11, 2015 12:01 AM

Seriously… It must be pretty nice being a liberal. It’s not very often in life that being wrong can form the basis of a successful career. Take Paul Krugman as an example. It’s almost as if he sat down at his computer last week and thought to himself “what can I write today to keep up the tradition of getting paid for spewing nonsense?”

Deciding to outline all the ways in which conservatives have been wrong over the years, Krugman began by pointing out that Republicans cannot possibly take credit for any recent upticks in the economy, because they haven’t actually been able to do anything in Congress.

I mean, talk about voodoo economics: Mr. McConnell is claiming that he can create prosperity without, you know, actually passing any legislation.

Wow… This is pretty cute. For being a Nobel Laureate, Krugman’s not much of a thinker, is he? I mean, he claims the economy is improving – and Republicans can’t take credit because they haven’t been able to pass any legislation. Of course, I guess this means we have to credit Democrats… Even though they haven’t been able to pass any legislation either.

Apparently, only Democrat inaction helps the economy in the world of Obamanomics.

Of course, then Krugman (the guy that claimed our trillion dollar stimulus would launch us into a world of increased productivity, and that Europe would be able to escape the effects of the financial crisis) decided to highlight other ways in which Republicans have been wrong over the years:

Consider, for example, how some Republicans dealt with good news about health reform.

Wait… There was good news about healthcare reform? Did I miss a news story about prices dropping, being able to keep my doctor, or decreased public costs for Obamacare? Hmm…

Before Obamacare went into effect, [Republicans] overwhelmingly insisted that it would be a disaster, that more people would lose insurance than would gain it… and then enrollment soared. Their response? “They are cooking the books.”

Without being too obnoxious, my only response is: “They are cooking the books, Paul.”

As the Administration reported the Obamacare numbers, they conveniently included the massive amounts of people who signed up for dental coverage… Yeah, dental coverage. I mean, these folks still have to pay $325 to the IRS for having inadequate insurance, but at least they can bear such a cost through clenched pearly whites.

And, let’s take a minute to point out that Republican’s main concern before implementation was that people would be forced to drop their preferred plans, lose their doctors, and be forced into higher premiums… Well, check, check, and check. As an added bonus, subsidies for low-income enrollees might be soon be deemed illegal, and Obamacare is pushing many previous enrollees into higher-cost plans without their consent or knowledge.

Yeah, what a success story.

Then there’s climate change. It appears that 2014 was the hottest year yet, which should close the door on silly claims that global warming has stopped. But it won’t matter to Senator James Inhofe, who now leads a crucial environmental committee and has long insisted that all the science in this field is a liberal hoax.

So, because 2014 was warm, we somehow know with certainty that manbearpig is real? What about the record amount of Antarctic ice, the 50 percent growth of arctic ice, or the record breaking cold snaps in the Midwest? I mean, the simple fact that Al Gore predicted that Santa’s workshop would be flooded by now in an ice-free Arctic ocean, should kinda discredit the cause, don’t ya think?

Now, everyone makes predictions that turn out to have been wrong;

Yep. You’ve proven that pretty routinely.

The point, however, is that Congress is now controlled by men who never acknowledge error, let alone learn from their mistakes.

Wait, Congress is run by a bunch of New York Times columnists? Weird.

The main point, however, (Don’t you feel like he just went through this?) is that we’re looking at a political subculture in which ideological tenets are simply not to be questioned, no matter what.

Kinda like global warming, Keynesian economics, socialized medicine, or the inherent racism of the Republican Party, right?

Krugman’s cartoonish attempt to paint conservatives as a bunch of habitually incompetent idiots was almost too rife with hypocrisy for it to be classified as anything but satire. Remember when Krugman argued that Europe’s debt crisis was not related to governments overspending on entitlements? Remember when he tried to say that deficits are the topics of science fiction? Or that government spending is not important to long-term fiscal sovereignty? What about when he claimed that Austerity in Europe was to blame for their woes, despite the fact that Austerity was never actually implemented?

The main point (and when I use that phrase, I actually mean it) is that the New York Times’ leftist shill has pretty much perfected the art of getting things dead wrong. The only true benefit of Krugman’s blindingly partisan hypocrisy is that it seems to foster creativity among the political left… After all, it’s not too easy coming up with all the “spin that’s fit to print” for the New York Times each week.