Eric Holder Takes Credit for Ridding the DOJ of Political Bias

Posted: Feb 05, 2015 1:45 AM

The self-proclaimed “activist” Attorney General, Eric Holder, told reporters that he “fixed” George Bush’s politicized Department of Justice. In fact, he went on to explain that the Obama DOJ is completely unbiased, irrefutably fair, and painstakingly judicious. And, humbly, the guy who once sued Ally Bank for discrimination without any actual evidence took full credit for “fixing” the politicization that took place during the years of Obama’s incompetent predecessor.

And, he did it all without any intended sarcasm, satire, or irony… Given his history of suing banks, and handing the revenue over to Democrat oriented non-profits, I’d have to say this took a little bit of chutzpa.

It was actually a little like watching the captain of the Titanic proudly boast about his skill as everyone waited in line for the lifeboats. As Holder (finally) bows out of office under the cloud of scandal, nepotism, and corruption (not to mention an official charge of contempt), he actually attempted to claim ownership of moral superiority. Maybe a quick refresher is needed for our illustrious “holier than thou” Attorney General… Or, as I like to call him: Obama’s chief extortionist.

Eric Holder… Race baiter, crony capitalist socialist Democrat, and gun runner. You know who I’m talking about:

He’s the guy that told the American people that we needed to tighten our gun laws in order to bring an end to Mexican drug cartel violence… While his office was simultaneously running guns to drug dealers.

He’s the guy who decided to harass Sharyl Attkisson for reporting on said gun running, but not after he decided to tap the phone of a Fox News Reporter who tried to actually “report” some news about the DOJ.

He’s the guy who claimed his agency “misspoke” in a written letter when Darrell Issa’s investigative committee ran across evidence that contradicted a letter the DOJ submitted as testimony.

He’s the guy that sued Ally Bank for “racist” lending practices without ever having even glanced at the bank’s loan portfolios, or the borrower’s qualifications.

He’s the one who decided to sue a Pennsylvania police department for having the audacity to treat female applicants the same as men. (We’re all equal… But women get special handicaps apparently. I guess life in Holder’s “Social Justice” America is kinda like golf. We can play together – but women get a head start.)

He’s the guy that let a couple of thugs off the hook for standing outside of a polling station with weapons while they told little old ladies to vote for Obama.

He’s the guy that, evidently, ran cover for the IRS when revenuers decided to harass the President’s political opponents.

He’s the guy who showed up in Ferguson, Missouri, after a (black) criminal was shot by a (white) police officer while resisting arrest… But refused to attend the “unity” rally in Paris after a couple of radical Islamic terrorists killed twelve people over Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoon.

He’s the guy who sued banks (over their “involvement” in the financial crises), and promptly handed the settlements over to progressive Democrat groups as part of a “community reimbursement” program.

He’s the guy that described himself as an “activist” Attorney General. He even went so far as to say that "any Attorney General who is not an activist is not doing his or her job. The responsibility of the Attorney General is to change things." (Um… I always thought the job of the AG was to implement, enforce, and execute the laws that are passed by Congress and signed by the President… If he wanted to “change” things he probably should have been a Congressman. Or maybe a community organizer from Chicago.)

Of course, none of that matters… To our outgoing (yet still immaculately “perfect”) Attorney General, the ends and intentions justify the means. I mean, sure… He didn’t always behave fairly; but, he “fixed” the politicization of Bush’s DOJ by infusing a little leftist ideology. And maybe that’s what is so frustrating about this particular Administration. Almost everything they do seems to be rooted in a political self-centrism that they honestly try to portray as some deep commitment toward being bipartisan. Most disturbingly, I don’t think anyone laughed out loud when he made his comments. 

He got politics out of the Department of Justice? Yeah… And I’m responsible for ridding the world of sarcasm’s written form.