Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen
The Capitalists Win at FreedomFest!
By Mark Skousen
“Capitalism is turning luxuries into necessities.” — Andrew Carnegie “[This market] can sure take a punch!” — George Foreman ...
July 24, 2016
Irwin Schiff vs. the IRS
October 23, 2015 |
Sen. Rubio Defends U.S. Sugar Subsidy amid Loss of American Jobs
By Mark Skousen
After Sen. Marco Rubio spoke before 2,500 enthusiastic attendees at FreedomFest in Las Vegas during early July, he flew to ...
August 28, 2015
Star Athletes Show Getting Cut from Teams Early in Life Can Spur Later Success
By Mark Skousen
If someone else was coaching, you might have made this team. However, if someone else was coaching, you might not ...
August 21, 2015
Single-Payer Healthcare System Works in Canada?
By Mark Skousen
“As far as single payer, it works in Canada, it works incredibly well in Scotland.” — Donald Trump I was criticized ...
August 15, 2015
Is America Becoming a Third World Nation?
By Mark Skousen
“America is becoming a third world country when it comes to its roads, bridges, and airports.” — Jimmy Rogers I currently ...
August 14, 2015
Should ESPN Give Bruce Jenner an Award for Courage?
By Mark Skousen
ESPN has decided to give its acclaimed Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Bruce Jenner for “coming out” as a “woman” ...
June 05, 2015
Will a Weak Economy Derail the Bull Market?
By Mark Skousen
“The stock market and the economy are two different things.” – Milton Friedman The Nasdaq last week finally hit an all-time high, ...
May 02, 2015
This ‘One Word’ Will Lead You to Success on Wall Street
By Mark Skousen
“I’m going to try and stay in the moment and be very patient… and understand it’s going to feel like ...
April 25, 2015
You Blew It! Worst Airport in the Country?
By Mark Skousen
I had the misfortune of spending time in Dallas this past weekend, which meant flying in and out of the ...
April 18, 2015
How to Raise the Minimum Wage without Legislation
By Mark Skousen
Walmart and McDonald’s recently have raised wages to $9 an hour or more, substantially higher than the federal minimum wage ...
April 17, 2015
You Blew It! How the State of California Made the Drought Worse
By Mark Skousen
I have been living in Southern California for the past four months and have witnessed firsthand the results of one ...
April 12, 2015
Are There Better Options than Annuities for Income Investors?
By Mark Skousen
“When I was young, I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, ...
April 11, 2015
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