Nailed It! Forbes Leaves Fortune and Wall Street (Journal) Behind

Posted: Mar 28, 2015 12:01 AM

What amazed me about the latest “Billionaire” issue of Forbes magazine was not the stories about the billionaires, but about Forbes itself.

See the amazing graph below. For years we’ve been told the print media is dead, that digital media (like,, etc.) was the wave of the future.

As the graph shows, Forbes magazine is not only surviving, but thriving, and now has 7 million readers.

Yet Forbes is an outlier. The rest of the print media is going down, slowly but surely. In the past two years, circulation for Fortune, the Economist and even the mighty Wall Street Journal is in decline.

What is Forbes doing right? Perhaps it is the popularity of its Forbes 400 Richest People in America list, the billionaires list, the top 100 celebrity list, etc., which makes Forbes more like People magazine in enticing the attention of its readers.

I’m planning to ask Steve Forbes about the secret to his success when we meet at FreedomFest. Speaking of that Las Vegas conference, be sure to get the April 13 issue of Forbes, which contains a full-page color ad for the big show. This is the one conference where Steve Forbes attends the entire three-day show. See why at, and come join us.

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