Why are the Roads So Bad in New York?

Posted: Feb 06, 2015 12:01 AM
Why are the Roads So Bad in New York?

I see that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio just gave his State of the City address, calling for a massive construction of apartment buildings in the City to make housing more affordable.

But like his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, de Blasio has decided to do nothing about the worst problem facing every New Yorker – its crumbling infrastructure. The roads and bridges are falling apart.

Having traveled the world, I can tell you that New York’s roads, airports and infrastructure are third world. No, actually, third-world infrastructure is now largely better than the major cities of the United States.

Even in the United States, roads are better in Florida and out west in Utah than they are in New York.

Car drivers in New York and other big cities pay as much as $750 per year in vehicle maintenance costs related to rough road conditions — flat tires, worn shock absorbers and accidents.

When will our public officials wake up to the infrastructure disaster this country faces? Can they learn anything from Europe and Asia, where their public works are working?

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