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Moms are never to be trifled with. 

There is something about the potent combination of insight, discretion, wisdom, patience, urgency and ferocity that separates healthy moms from the rest of society. 


It’s not that some single childless women can’t develop that balance—there’s just much less of the need to.

A mother—uniquely by design—lives a life that defies every culturally current trend. Her very actions of selfless commitment gives a sense of security for children that they uniquely lack without her.

I’m not eliminating a need for fatherhood. Fathers are needed for unique purposes as well. 

Rather the women that fulfill that description above may have many different contexts, and may come in many different varieties of personalities—but it is that selflessness that defines their unifying purpose.

Because of these simple assertions I am honored to have a lot of these brilliant mothers on my show on a regular basis. 

So a message to the culture at large, don’t mess with moms. They are already prepared for whatever war you think you can wage with them. They know this because they spend every day dashing the dreams of tiny dictators—their own child’s selfishness.

Last week in this space I wrote of the general premise of today’s left and their widespread and general distaste of children. I also advanced the parallel argument that when the left does speak of children’s “rights”  it is actually attempting to advance their own issues. From viewpoints on race to the all out obsession with sex, gender, and abortion. They seek to undermine parental knowledge, permission, authority and ultimately custody of the child that God uniquely gave to that parent. Nothing could be more damaging to that very child than to continually undermine all that these parents—especially moms—give to these kids. Yet the left cares not.


Hence mothers are awake and forcefully pushing back against these forces. And they will defeat them.

Over at the Independent Women’s Forum one mom in particular—Kelsey Bolar—has dedicated much of her reporting to documenting the disastrous trend of sexually transitioning children. Increasingly the practice is being sought against the will, and without the knowledge of parents—especially moms. Whether it’s a judge making the child a pawn in an ugly on-going custody fight, or teachers from public schools who openly defy the parents’ wishes, the trend is getting worse. And as presidents like Biden-smash down executive action on school districts—in essence blackmailing them in exchange for federal monies, the desperation on the hearts of moms only increases.

In response Bolar has spent much of the last two years documenting the damage all of this is creating in the lives and bodies of children. That damage is something these moms will go to war to stop. The documentary Identity Crisis is a damning look at these all too common facts. Bolar herself, a mom, understands that it is much easier to win this war now, thus she makes the incredible sacrifice to fight on—while tending to the needs of her growing family.


Speaking of families, the impact of many of these policies have bothered columnists Karol Markowicz (New York Post) and Bethan Mandel (The Deseret) for more than two years as they saw their children’s schools close, go virtual and go woke to the extent that they’ve produced the book: Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence And Indoctrinating A Generation. The work is 304 pages of facts and conversations with a lot of mothers as to how the left is invading every aspect of your child’s life and what you can and should do about it. They take on the racial, social, and cultural components, as well as the academic and fiscal elements involved. And like Bolar they are waging this response to the pagan leftist onslaught while simultaneously raising kids,  and spending time with their husbands.

Between the three of them they are mothers to eleven going on twelve children and who knows if they might be more down the road.

The point being simply that they are invested in these lives on a daily basis, and they are committed to not allowing their children to be devoured by the all out evil that is the racial acrimony, the godless guidance, nor the sexual anarchy that have overtaken our political, cultural, academic, and sadly even sometimes our theological institutions.


And I suppose I point all that out to let you know mom—that you don’t have to either. 

At one point each of them said, “no more.”

In doing so they provide a roadmap for the rest of us. And there are many, many more of us, than the handful of those with evil intent on the other side.

Take courage, view the documentary and read the book!

Arm yourself for the battle.

And never surrender!

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