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Chiang Ying-ying

Here it is, Super Bowl weekend! 

Does anyone care? Outside of Kansas City and Philadelphia? (I mean, the Eagles are not the only best-loved team in their home state.)


But somebody cares. 

Somebody in the White House is paying careful attention. 

Presidents always sit with the host network for a pre-game interview. A tradition that's nearly as old as the game itself will come to an end in 2023. There seems to be some disagreement as to why. But whatever the reason, this President, indeed any President with the wave of a hand and a single phone call, could roll the disagreements back and answer a few questions. Barack Obama did it with Bill O'Reilly (Fox) nine years ago. Four years ago, Donald Trump did the same with CBS. One could argue that neither felt that the networks they spoke with were going to be necessarily favorable to them—but they did it anyway. (Unlike the gutless wonder who will break that tradition today.)

Yet other signs are even more bothersome about this weekend's festivities.

I'm referring to the fighter jet flyover for the big game.

This photo is being circulated across social media this weekend as a statement. No doubt, the broadcast will make a note of its peculiar and unique nature. 

For the first time in history, women will conduct the flyover. 


It will be lauded. No doubt Jill Biden will be asked to comment on it (while she forgets the words to "Fly Eagles Fly.”)

And it will be a complete fraud.

The mission itself is not akin to flying in active duty missions. Apart from timing and not bumping into each other, the mission's main focus is to do the flyby and return to base safely.

So easy a flight school student could do it… sort of.

Sources across the military commentariat inform me that it's not the mission's difficulty that matters. Rather it's the merit that qualifies you to do so.

The White House won't tell you that this flight crew wasn't the unit originally selected. They won't tell you that active-duty personnel who have been on active-duty tours and flown actual missions have been. They won't tell you that those fighter pilots and NFOs had already done most, if not all, of the pre-flight mission workups. And the White House won't tell you how unceremoniously the assignment was ripped from them and handed to a patchwork team of girls who, more or less, are fresh out of flight school.

Can they technically pull off a simple flyover of today's big game? 

Sure. But not because they've earned it.

Nope, like so many other aspects of American culture today, they have had it handed to them so that the people in charge can pay themselves on the back for creating the appearance of a glass ceiling being shattered because of the administration. 


It is yet another example of the Biden administration's abuse of our military — propping it up to make a "statement." This is as opposed to training it to fight best and win wars.

Fighter pilots everywhere know the betrayal this represents. But the Department of Defense and the President himself could care less.

And this is another prime reason to do as my friend KT McFarland has said so many times on my show. Get a new President elected in 2024 and terminate all the woke brass (3 stars and higher), turning our fighting force into a social construct organization. They worry more about pronouns than real-world threats.

Another team earned the right to fly over the Super Bowl this year, but this team was just given the spot.

It's like if the NFL decided that today — for zero legit reasons the Bills should play the Cowboys. 

America's meritocracy is one of her great virtues. 

That is if we can continue to be a nation of merit.

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