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Hidden Cameras In “Racist” America

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AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

It’s hard to argue that hidden cameras—and the footage they provide—aren’t having a significant impact on the world today. 

I’m not sure that I ever straight up fought against them, but being fairly libertarian in my mindset there was regularly an argument against their use.


Due to the confluence of three events this week, I’m changing my mind.

And for very good reasons…

With problematic police issues in the past it was always a “they said vs they said.” With no footage to check, disagreements became tribal and sometimes either side could lie to create more fervor for their “tribe.”

It doesn’t work that way anymore.

A brutally beaten man dies from his injuries while in custody, we check the tape and can almost instantly decide who did what wrong.

We’ve never had the ability to throw a red flag and have the booth put a play “under review.” But now that we can protest, stay calm, because the entire universe can see and decide for themselves what occurred.

Another benefit is that it truly neutralizes the race issue. Much to Van Jones’ ridiculousness, the beating of a black man—by five other black me—serving on a mostly black police force—serving under a black female police chief, was not a sign of racial unrest. In fact the same day the video was made public, the video of Paul Pelosi’s late night underwear incident with a hammer wielding fellow, and the video of the loser at Pfizer who can’t seem to get a date without having to lie to them were also revealed. The three videos showed criminal activity by black men, a white man, and a man of some seemingly south Asian ethnicity.


Without the need for conjecture we have definitive understanding of the wrong being done, and the culpability of each in their respective narratives.

Because of the videos, additional sheriff’s officers were also dismissed from their posts and will stand responsible for their actions as well. 

These are great developments.

Sadly we have not yet overcome the ancient instinct to do bad things to each other, but being responsible for the actions you’ve carried out, seems a great first step to further reforms.

The truth is we all have the ability to be cruel, hateful, and murderous to each other. We all have frustrations about political leaders. We’ve all got the potential to lie to a date to make ourselves seem important. Because we are all born with sin filled hearts wanting our own ends.

Without redemption of a supernatural nature we would look bad on video too.

Thankfully God provides a way for us to turn from those instincts—and journey in another direction. But we must choose, He can’t and won’t do that for us. 

Lastly, be encouraged about one other aspect of these hidden cameras. Yes they provide accountability for the “bad apples.” But they also provide evidence on a daily basis that the overwhelming majority of police officers, serving in the nearly 88,000 police organizations across the nation, are doing the right thing every single day.


Anti-police advocates will try to use Tyre Nichols’ death as a talking point regarding police brutality. Van Jones literally said it indicated “white supremacy.” 

But they are wrong. 

Tyre Nichols’ killers will be held accountable. So will Paul Pelosi’s attacker. So will Pfizer. Because the evidence exists to do so.

There is zero wrong with expecting the best of people. There is also zero wrong in holding them responsible when something heinous has been done.

And our ability to “check the tape” is helping us with both tasks.

Who could argue with that?

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