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The wringing of the hands is furious. With another election less than a month away the anxiety is fierce. And the barbs are already flying.

I’m not talking about the distraction of Trump vs. DeSantis—the phony schoolyard fight.


I’m referring to the election of the next Senate leader for the GOP now that “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell has lost the Senate for the second cycle in a row. Elections bring about accountability. It’s time to make a change and that change should be an advocate for America First.

With the media peddling the idea of the red “trickle” most haven’t looked at the amazing accomplishments of this election.

Specifically, President Trump endorsed (America First) candidates went 219-16 among the races where President Trump worked, endorsed, rallied, and sacrificed. McConnell threw a record amount of money raised, in mostly only four Senate races, and discovered that just writing a check doesn’t do the same thing. 

Honestly, this race accomplished many amazing things! Progressive home of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will send 11 of 26 congressional representatives to DC as Republicans. California will most likely deliver the final votes for the majority, but the GOP couldn’t have done it without Zeldin campaigning his heart out in NY and getting them over the finish line. 

This mid-term also turned the entire Iowa slate red. The first in the nation caucuses had been going lavender for cycles, but America First got the job done. This election also swept in not one, not a dozen but nearly 50 school boards across the country that kicked out progressive weirdos and installed America First parents who don’t want their children being told: “they’re racist, parents aren’t an actual proper authority in their lives, and drag shows are acceptable.”


This election also retired names from our lexicon. Words like “Beto,” “Stacey Abrams,” “Speaker Pelosi,” “who is Evan McMullin,” “Charlie Crist,” and possibly “Minority Leader McConnell” we may never be forced to hear again!

He has it coming. McConnell that is.

He abandoned his party on the big lie that January 6th was a Trump-orchestrated protest. He bailed on several items from big pharma, to a green new deal. Worst of all he lacked a strategy and methodology to win/defend the seats needed to win the Senate. He raised a lot of cash, but winning requires more than cash. I thank him for ushering through Trump’s 300 judicial nominees. But like Hawley, Cruz, and Rubio are all publicly calling for—it’s time for new leadership. 

Not surprisingly McConnell is ignoring the Georgia run-off and insisting the leadership election go forward before the race for Senator from Georgia is decided. It’s selfish. It’s a bad strategy when Walker needs a united party behind him, and it wreaks desperation. 

Win or lose in Georgia, McConnell lost the Senate. Pelosi will likely be retired if she fails to hold the house. McConnell deserves the same scrutiny—it’s what his job as leader demands.

Finally, if the rumors are true that McConnell may have been distracted from his job because he’s been part of an elite crew attempting to recruit either Gov. DeSantis or Gov. Youngkin to create a primary fight with President Trump then he should be shown the door. 


The governors are both talented and either of them might make a truly powerful case for being Trump’s running mate and future face of America First. But now is not their time. 

Donald J. Trump, the incumbent leader of the GOP, not only garnered more votes cast for himself than any incumbent President in history but then worked so hard that he turned out 6 million more votes for the GOP in this midterm than his opponents—that guy—gets to decide for himself if he wishes to run or not. (Pssst… he’s running.)

The very last thing, the growing GOP ranks need at present is some sort of ugly back-alley catfight distracting from the failures of present-day Washington. 

All fire must be trained on the pain the Democrats are inflicting on the American people, their pocketbooks, and their children. 

McConnell’s attempts to prevent such simply because he doesn’t like getting called out on his shortcomings is inexcusable. 

The last dying vestiges of “never Trump” will not be allowed back into leadership in the minds of the voters and the GOP in the US Senate should move to adopt America First as not just a mindset but as their unwavering policy focus.

Ron DeSantis had a great night on Tuesday. Flipping two blue counties is incredible. (Though Trump has been attracting Hispanics and Blacks to GOP ranks for years.) DeSantis should feel good about fighting for his state in the tumultuous Biden anarchy. He believes in America First and would be a natural successor to Trump on many levels. 


What he should not do is believe that McConnell has this figured out further than Trump. Neither should the still largely unproven Youngkin. 

The real battle is with the progressive Marxists attempting to destroy America.

We likely are taking the House from them, we retired many of them, and kicked them out of school boards from sea to shining sea.

But there is still work to do!

And we must have leadership that is focused on that!

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