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TransDay of Visbility It Is Then

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A Trans-formational Day of Visibility!

Not going to argue here. The millions of people deeply offended by the profoundly hostile and arrogant actions of the President and Governors of several states is warranted.


If history is any teacher the Bidens will be hosting activities on the White House grounds that will range from grotesquely out of the normal, to near Satanic-like intentionally offensive spitting in the face of what today truly means.

In years past bare breasts and behinds have dotted the White House lawn, and only God Himself knows what the cameras didnt catch. 

Yes Biden attempted to crucify the meaning of today by affirming and welcoming confused individuals who desperately are in need of help and support. But instead of helping them adjust to reality, the President specifically insists on carrying out this dishonest game of pretend. 

He does so knowing that science tells us in as stark detail as possible that a persons sex as defined by Natures God in the process of development in the womb, is unchangeable. And with all the surgeries, hormone blockers, and cross sex hormones that have been taken no ones DNA has ever flipped. Not once.

If Biden entertained this unloving horrifying and detrimental fantasy with the Peoples House and our tax dollars alone it would be insidious enough. But he didnt stop there.

This year the White House felt it was important enough to also purposefully exclude children and families who wished to participate in the holiday by using its historical roots of the historically documented resurrection of Jesus. So Biblical celebrations of Resurrection Sunday will be disallowed in the decorations, themes, and painted eggs for the White House lawn egg roll. 


And heres the irony of all of it.

This day IS a day where visibility and transformation has always been celebrated.

For in the observance of this day, people who saw Jesus hanging dead on a cross, saw Him againthis time more alive than ever before. He appeared to so many people after his Resurrection. Military officers, poor people, his disciples, and the wealthy all saw him. His appearance helped the doubters believe and understand his teachings even more personally.

Since His Resurrection billions have been told of his actions, movements, and words. Most importantly a tomb that had been sealed shut is now empty. His grave clothes neatly folded in the spot where he had been laid. 

His TRANS-formation from death into life. Taking the punishment of our sins upon him his literal visibilityseeing and being seen in a material and human senseis one of the greatest pieces of evidence to His claim that He is fully God.

His life, miracles and death fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of what the coming Messiah would be and do. And hundreds of years before it happened the prophets like Isaiah and Zechariah predicted with precision how he would die and the events unfolded with meticulous and miraculous precision.

The most loving thing the Biden White House could have done for today is to invite any who would hear the message made clear by the Torah, the Psalms, The Prophets and the Gospels: That God loves you so much, He provided redemption as was predicted, that the redemption is enacted through simple Trust in his Son, and that this relationship would give all who enter into it more purpose, dignity and sense of self than any of us could ever find on our own.


Thats Transformation thats Visible and today is the day when the message will be shared once again from millions of Christ followers to their neighbors, friends, families and perhaps even enemies.

Because a grave IS empty, because the suffering servant defeated sin and death, and because He is the source of redemption, healing and peaceHe will not allow us to stay as we are but He will love us to the place of what we were made to become.

No one else has ever done one minuscule bit as much for us.

Embrace the transformation this visibility and day of miraculous change can bring. And then give it away to someone else as freely as it was offered to you!

It IS what today is all about!

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