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AP Photo/John Locher

Its getting under peoples skin.

He won the nomination in 2016 and spent the least per vote to do so of any of the candidates. He was unopposed in 2020 so no need to alter his methods. 


And I find it fascinating that after these last eight years establishment hacks still believe they will force him into their moldto do it the way they want him to.

Its true President Trump did not sit down with the governor of Iowa as all the other ones did this weekend at the Iowa State Fair. More than one of the also-rans took shots at him in the press for not doing so citing what an incredible opportunity hed lost.

As soon as one of them were finished with the chats with the Governor they were off to eat some fair food or flip burgers for a camera or some other equally every day stuff so that the Iowa voters who show up can get a sense of who they are.

Then moments later Trump Force One touches down and within seconds of emerging, President Trump is surrounded by a larger crush of Iowans than had been in attendance at the fair for the entire week.

This phenomenon is not unique. Everywhere he goes, every state he visits, every diner he stops in its the same thing.  

And unlike the explanations about why its so important for each candidate to kiss the ring in Iowa, the American people from Iowa and beyond already have a clear and succinct sense of who President Trump is. 

He had four astounding years of service to the American people, and he earned 11 million more votes in his re-election campaign than he did in his first. At 137 million votes earned hes the most voted for Presidential candidate in history blowing past other two term presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama.


I would argue however that there is a completely other piece of whole cloth connection that Trump has with the American people  and that is the brutal double standard the marxist left is attempting to cripple him with.

To summarize Professor Alan Dershowitz from my show last week: they will do anything they can to stop him. Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: and thats why youre seeing these prosecutors using these ancient charges and trying to shoehorn Trumps actions to fit them.

And while they level hundred of years of sentencing at Trump, this weekend they convened brand new strategies to help Bidens son get off scot free. In as much admitting that because they couldnt get the judge to play ball on a plea bargainthey now need to drop the charges all together. And to guarantee the outcome just name the corrupt prosecutor as special counsel, open a new investigation and set the date for their work to be done as December 2024a month after the election. 

In the meantime because its now under investigation the President, John Kirby, and Karine Jean Pierre all get to say well we cant comment on that because of the ongoing investigation.

Its far away from the happy good times of the Iowa State Fair. Its a serious attempt at election interference. Its the nuclear level of political war that the Marxists are waging. They will pervert and corrupt every inch of power to blow Trump up. So forgive him if hes not in the same frame of mind as all of the other candidates.


With a 40-50 point lead, with throngs of crowds pressing in to get a glimpse, and with the message they are sending by standing with the man that the entirety of the global left despise, he may not need to be just another candidate. 

He is fighting to save an America that is on the cusp of being lost for good. 

And after 4 years of never taking a salary from the American people, and committing to restore what America stands for tirelesslydo Iowans really need to see him flip pancakes?

I mean he even knows how to put gas in his car.

What more could Iowans ask for?


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