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U.S. Army Reserve photo by Staff Sgt. Joshua Hammock via AP

It may not sound very pretty or happy or woke, but the job of our military is to have the most lethal force in the world. 

Plain and simple?

It should be. But the current administration seems daft and awfully confused about it.


Our military should also have the greatest capacity possible to do so. We should have the most weapons with harshest firepower, the bombs with the biggest payload, and the delivery mechanisms with the fastest speed, farthest range, and most accurate guidance. 

What we should NOT be doing is putting any tactical limitations on our military before they are—God forbid—engaged in actual combat.

By having the most lethal force we not only protect ourselves but lots of nations we call allies because to attack us would be fiercely stupid.

But the Biden team doesnt see our military as a lethal defense force as much as a grandiose sandbox for cultural experimentation. Hence to them, things like pronouns, unisex showers, bathrooms and locker rooms, and even green energy somehow trump being able to kill people and break things.

Take Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

You remember her. She was the one that—when asked what she would say to Americans that couldnt afford $5-$8 a gallon for gasoline—said just buy an electric car.” (Because we Americans just have $70k to do so with.)

So Lady Tin-Ear returned to the Hill last week to field questions from a Senate subcommittee. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst asked her a simple question. Did she believe the military could switch over its military fleet to all electric vehicles by 2030? Granholm without even flinching told the Senator that we could. She then went in to add that Americans deserve to have a military powered by abundant clean energy.


Marxists also loved the idea.

A caller last week told me on-air that we are the only significant nation that hasnt already adopted this standard. The caller (whose voice was so androgynous that I could not tell if they were male or female) named Alex then proceeded to tell me about how sandy terrains will tear up our combustible engines.

Being astounded at Alexs depth of knowledge, I asked if he/she/they are an engineer.

No—came the answer.

Turned out Alex works for an electric car production company. Alex no doubt had the time to call in because he/she/its vehicle was in need of a charge.

For the record, I never said that combustible engines were the sole solution. Though currently they are the superior solution to an all electric vehicle fleet. 

General Jack Keane confirmed this with me in a separate discussion. He described in great detail the obstacles of modern day nomadic warfare. Our military—when called upon—can by no means have any faith that energy sources will exist when dropping into a theater of war.

Hence even in Afghanistan we built above-the-ground pipelines to make sure fuel was abundant wherever our troops needed it.

The left cant handle hard realities, like the fact that war is brutal and ugly but that the best way to avoid it is to have the most and the deadliest weapons in existence. Realities like brutally harsh circumstances on the ground where we have to carry our own energy supplies with us. 


This is why they envision our military being all electric” by 2030 with a straight face.

Of course the actual answer for both sides is to create nuclear-powered vehicles. Weve done it with aircraft carriers and submarines and it seems to work quite well. General Keane confirmed for me that the US is very much researching the idea.

To achieve such would give us the biggest advantage yet in keeping all of the worst leaders on the globe in check. Which is what our leaders have to prepare for us to do.

Because its just this simple: without having a force more lethal than every other nation on the planet they cant ensure our safety.

And ultimately thats what we most care about.

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