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Why Crime Will Explode In 2023

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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

If you reward criminals with fewer consequences, crime grows exponentially.

So mark January 1st 2024 on the calendar.

Today January 1st 2023, a new law goes into effect. The law will leave a major impact on the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago.


In some circles it is being touted as “the most dangerous law in America.” All for good reason.

The new law closely mirrors criminal “reforms” that have now been in effect for two years here in New York. In short it seeks to “right the wrongs” of “unfair” law enforcement and to press its thumb on the side of those previously disenfranchised.

This is mostly just a way to say that the woke left is attempting to bring down effective law enforcement in another big state, create chaos, and further allow that environment of anarchy to bring about their culturally marxist ideals.

We’ve seen the pattern across the nation. Change enforcement of criminal codes so that actions that once were considered serious crimes to simple misdemeanors, refuse to prosecute, let criminals roam freely to terrorize once again.

In other words if you can’t get cities to defund the police directly, create such a difficult job for them that they more or less quit doing the job they do best: stopping crime and protecting citizens.

And while they’ve been very unsuccessful in getting actual police departments to lose funding, they have been moderately effective at installing DA’s who just refuse to enforce the laws as written. 

And now a couple of states they’ve been most effective at getting “criminal reforms” passed and laws changed so that criminals en masse don’t have a healthy fear of committing crime.

New York led the way on this with its “bail reform” law that was passed by touting how fair it was to those who had been prejudiced by the system. Now a couple of years into it being law, New York is a crime ridden tenement smelling of weed, with blind assaults being committed on innocent bystanders, and rotating doors at the precinct booking offices where some criminals literally are being charged multiple times per day and are back out on the street before the arresting officer has finished their paperwork.


Chicago is already a far more dangerous city prior to the new law taking effect. Large swaths of its south side and even spilling into some of the southern suburbs there are places too dangerous to get lost in. Chicago experiences sometimes as many shootings in a single weekend as New York City would have in half a year under previous administrations.

The effectiveness of the NYPD has been the saving grace for NYC to have not drifted further into danger. Even so they are shedding personnel with more early retirements, burnout, and sadly to murder and suicide of police than they have in a generation. 

Even though NYC is far off the mark of its all time worst years with more than 2000 murders per year, there’s still a reason(s) for why the rate is double or triple it’s safer years on record.

All Illinois needed to do was to observe the criminal reform law’s impact on New York, and they should have run for the hills. 

Instead the woke, racially biased, progressive power mongers in Chicago city hall, and the Governor’s mansion pushed a worse version onto an already more dysfunctional state. 

Proving again that leftism destroys and makes nearly everything it touches worse.

Don’t believe me?

The new law is so bad that a criminal under house arrest literally must be absent from his confined “home” for more than 48 hours before the police can do anything to find, and remand him into custody.


Do you know how far a hardened criminal can go in 48 hours?

Progressives in other states and cities — particularly blue ones — are readying efforts to implement similar measures. 

One Illinois sheriff’s department officer observed that if police won’t deal with the crime, citizens will be forced to. 

Given the amount of free flowing guns that are already in the hands of gang members that will now hunt enemies down—citizens will be forced to.

Sadly I don’t believe this will be a very happy new year for Illinois, Chicago or the citizens held captive to their idiotic leadership.

I pray I’m proven wrong.

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