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The political, theological, and cultural left want your children weaponized for their cultural purposes. They will go to any lengths necessary to do so. They would even see them commit suicide against your will as their parent, and perhaps even without your knowledge.


They use flowery language to describe the “wisdom” of children. They condemn parents as “dangerous, uninformed, and fascist,” if the parent disagrees with the child’s “decision.”

They are also accelerating their attempt to “lawfully” wedge the parent out of the equation, while trying to jam other “adults” into the place parents should occupy.

Just a couple of examples from this past week:

In Washington State, Auburn School District 408, when one teacher tweeted out an urgent recommendation that parents check the “guidelines and laws” governing your child’s school, specifically on the point of gender, transitioning, and sexuality, another replied.

Mrs. Kelly Love, a fellow teacher, “I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents. And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this." (@mrskellylove on Twitter, @kclovepix on Instagram.)

To be clear she is arguing against parents being encouraged to simply know the “guidelines and laws.” By default she simultaneously argues that parents not even receive notification much less be asked their permission before a teacher begins entangling a young person in an area of intense and personal consequence involving their mental well being and their not-yet-matured sexuality.


What gives that random adult the right to replace the parent in providing guidance? Love argues their potentially “Christ-centric” faith is the problem.

Trying to give her the smallest benefit of the doubt she did not specify Judaism, Islam, and other faiths that would have a negative view towards the subject matter. But something tells me she would condemn them too.

So to be clear, a teacher, paid by your tax dollars, believes your Christian faith is not only fascism but that its existence gives her the right to guide your child into life altering (and as stats are proving), a potentially deadly series of decisions.

Got it.

Also this week:

A Canadian medical panel for the first time issued guidance on whether to allow minors to make the decision to commit suicide with the help of medical professionals and again without parents knowledge or consent.

From FoxNews: “A 138-page Canadian Parliament document was titled, ‘Medical Assistance In Dying In Canada: Choices for Canadians.’ One part of the report addressed assisted suicide options for minors in Canada. They considered two tracks, one for whom there is ’reasonably foreseeable’ death, the second track for those for whom ‘mental disorder is the sole underlying medical condition.’”


The mere fact that a western power is even discussing this publicly at this level is disturbing. That it would happen on the far left watch of Justin Trudeau is unsurprising. Canada is the same place they jailed pastors for merely reading passages of scripture aloud that defined sexuality in biblical terms. It’s also a nation that violently locked up clergy who merely attempted to have their church doors open during the pandemic.

In elitist academic, theological, and cultural circles in America you will find mass agreement with those leftward trends here in America as well.

In short, the left hates children. Policy wise they want to abort them (before AND after) they’re born. They want them in universal pre-k to keep them from being indoctrinated by their own parents. They want to begin initiating them in sexual questioning as young as 5-8 years of age through public education. They want to fill their minds with doubt of the very stability their parents offer them. They want to transition them without parents consent—including puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and permanent surgeries that are irreversible. If parents object they want to label them as extremists and if the child has remorse for these ghastly procedures they want them to have the right to decide to take their own life—again without parental knowledge.


I think it’s also important to note that healthy children from loving families headed by a mother and father present massive problems for the left. 

Loving and healthy families represent God’s design for humanity beginning in the tiniest part of its DNA. When fully given life and breath a family will produce generations of well functioning healthy families.

Families—whose very existence—condemn and contradict the evidence of evil so present in the left’s view of children today.

Families are the doom of the left’s eternal misery. But instead of joining them they would rather wipe them from existence.

And it’s up to us and all our many many kids to stop them.

As the scripture says, “Blessed is a man (family) whose quiver is full!”

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