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The Great Meltdown Is Just Beginning

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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

The vindication for President Donald Trump on a number of fronts is just beginning. The malign actors know it and they are angry with rage at the prospect of what it means.


Losing control of the peoples House last month was bad enough. Now they have this Twitter thing” that is not within their authoritarian control. They dont have the free hand to tip the scale in their favor. They dont have the ability to gaslight the nation with dishonest narrative about their political enemies.

They see glimpses of the future if things proceed as they currently areand they are very afraid.

They should be.

As the team that Elon Musk has assembled at Twitter continues to deep dive into the mega-platforms well kept secrets of recent years he is exposing what the majority of Americans sensed. He is producing evidence (much of which has been neatly buried within the Twitter eco-system) conversations, strategies, and proof that Big Techat least as was operated by Twitter put its finger on the scale in 2020.

This weekend as Musk asserted as true some of the revelations put forward by a journalist who is looking into the specifics the left side of the American commentariat lost their collective minds. 

Passionately they exploded collectively as even some tiny pieces began revealing how Twitter worked diligently to assist Joe Bidens laughable presidential ambitions.

As Twitters new CEO took to his own platform and with tremendous transparency admitted the attempt at collusion with Democratic hacksopenly stating that Twitter attempted to interfere in the electionfaces of Democrats went pale.


No one expected to ever get caught.

Musk isnt just making broad assertions, hes admitting that prior to his ownership, specific requests were made by Team Biden, and they nearly always were handled.

On Twitter itself run of the mill lefties bemoan these developments. On the pages of the Washington Post and from the TV studios of MSNBC the reaction turned hostile.

One marxist commentator going so far as to claim that by Twitter banning the Hunter Biden expose from the NYPost from being read that Twitter was upholding its rules of service because of the underage nudes contained on the laptop.

Nudes that all these lefties refused to admit existed.

Nudes of Hunter Biden doing illicit drugs.

Nudes of Hunter Biden copulating with underage relatives.

Putting the nudes aside however, the more scandalous and arguably more illegal and legitimately threatening to national security was much of the rest of content that existed (still exists) on the laptop. 

It demonstrates direct corruption of then Vice-President, and post Vice-President Joe Biden. The Big Guy” is seen getting big slices of financial rewards for influence peddled from his drug addict junkie of a washout kid.

In all of the rage at Musks release of The Twitter Files” not a single marxist progressive Democrat leftist acknowledged any of the facts of the laptop, the problematic censorship of the now verified NYPosts original report, and why on this issue (and likely more to come) they will be unable to prevent future disclosures of such a nature.


The reason President Trump sued Twitter, Facebook and Google in the after math of 2020 had nothing to do with his own status, loss of accounts, or even access to the public. 

He can command press coverage whenever he wishes.

His lawsuits against Big Tech are aimed at laying down markers to expose corruption in the marketplace of speech and that corrupt and malign influence such wields in our free” elections.

Elon Musk has pledged to make public Twitters secrets and to create a transparent and truly neutral platform.

The overheated meltdown by the American left demonstrates that such a strategy has begun to work.

More worrisome to them, they know that much more is on the way.

With the new control of Congress in GOP hands they also know the days of keeping these secrets from the public are numbered.

And they are terrified

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