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Men Punching Women

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It boils down to this. Men get to invade womens privacy. Men get to expose themselves to them without permission. Men get to compete against them physically. Men get to rob them of records and take scholarships from them. And if women have the temerity to objectmen get to blame them and shame them. And if after all that a woman decides to stillspeak up 


Men get to punch them.

This is the lefts new mode of operation. It has been on full display since the Biden administration came into office. They seem to have zero interest in changing course.

The backers of gender affirming care have thoroughly lost the public debate. They have turned to good old fashioned bullying to get their agenda completed. Its anti-science garbage. Its dangerous. And the ones they are claiming to help are the ones they are hurting the most.

This week Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made comments before an audience at the University of Chicago. He claimed that they (the right) dont have answers to things like gas prices and prescription drugs. Since they lack those answers, he insisted that they pick people to bully. He said directly that in the current case it is the trans community. He then used a mixed metaphor where he claimed that the bullying of a trans individual was evidenced by the laughable like claiming Donald Duck would make your kid gay, on the lighter end of the spectrum. Or even something very dark like labeling the subject of a child saying he had a great weekend at the zoo with his two dads as adult content. 

By his own amalgamated, long winded, explanation he explained neither his premise for claiming the right is bullying trans individuals, nor how his illustration proved his point.


He did however slander parents who teach their kids science and want others to do the same. His satisfaction of labeling people as implied bigots if they disagreed with him was evident by the expression on his face.

That this happened on the heels of the violent altercation at the University of San Francisco where collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines had delivered a civilly minded presentation. She spoke on the inherent lack of fairness in allowing womens sports to be ruined by the sudden appearance of biological men. It had gone off without any issue. Upon completion however trans activists killed the lights, rushed the speaker and a man dressed as a woman proceeded to punch Riley in the shoulder and the face.

In the aftermath the University did nothing to find or punish the culprits and the national media created sympathy for the attackers by casting Gaines into an image of hate and bigotry.

Add to this the concern that seven of the most well known mass shootings in the last couple of years have been carried out by non-binary, non-gender conforming, trans individuals and we realize that certain questions need to be asked.

Add to this the infantile actions of trans spokespeople being named woman of the year and featured across beer, candy, lingerie and female specific work out apparel and what shouldnt even be considered is now flooding the consciousness of nearly every aspect of society. 


Add to this that states like Washington are busy trying to put laws into place where minors can legally be permanently transitioned with biologically permanent procedures. The lagislation allows it without the informed consent, knowledge or permission from that childs parent. The slow creep is now knocking on your private doorstep.

Top all of it off with an administration that has threatened to withhold breakfast for poor kids in struggling school districts if the school doesnt adopt the wildest concepts such as boys in the girls restrooms and locker rooms  and a picture of complete and utter chaos has fully formed.

Never in the course of human behavior have we ever claimed that ones mental anguish should be the established final authority for actions to be taken.

When it comes to the owning of firearms the left is the first to say that people with perfectly good mental and emotional health should not be trusted. Yet when it comes to pre-pubescent children the lefts only conceivable options are to affirm the solution to that anguish as being that of flooding the bodies with cross sex (not gender) hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries that bring about sterilization and remove perfectly healthy body parts?

The children who make the decision to undergo transition are also increasingly decidingafter starting down the paththat they no longer wish to participate. The same individuals who are love-bombed on their descent into this chaos, often experience hate and resistance when they express doubt or a decision to return to normal.


What we are allowing to happen to individuals that are on these chaotic, and medically dangerous paths is harmful. Many times these individuals have much deeper psychological trauma. Listen to nearly every detransitioner and they will tell you that they needed help in dealing with realitynot help in distorting it.

The left has no use for those who dont declare absolute loyalty to their agenda in this area. But science is clearly working against them, and they are left with no rhetorical options except to demean, label, and advocate violence.

But when has a man being allowed to punch a woman in her face ever been a good look for a movement?

Riley Gaines, much to Mayor Petes condescension, was the victim. His argument that she is the predator is false. 

As is the idea that there are 57 genders.

Lying to our children doesnt change this. 

And yes its a very adult subject!


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