Devon Herrick

Devon Herrick
Pandemic Illustrates How Little Control Americans Have Over Medical Care
By Devon Herrick
President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 a month ago, along with many others around him, including nearly a dozen aides, ...
November 02, 2020
Advice for Trump on Protecting Americans from Health Care Price Gouging
By Devon Herrick
President Trump signed an executive order on September 24 protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions. Although Trump does not support the ...
September 30, 2020
Health Care is Overpriced Due to Politics and Regulation
By Devon Herrick
I flew on an airline for the first time in the 1970s. Back then airline ticket prices were high due ...
August 31, 2020
Health Care Scams Coming to a Town Near You
By Devon Herrick
The first step towards slowing the rising cost of health care is blocking all the scammers abusing the system. Unfortunately, ...
August 15, 2020
States Should Ban These Lab Scams
By Devon Herrick
There is a new health care scam spreading across rural America that could cost you plenty. Large commercial labs like ...
June 05, 2020
Future Pandemics Require Better Access to Primary Care
By Devon Herrick
When Americans become ill or have a health complaint, they often schedule an appointment with a primary care provider (PCP). ...
April 27, 2020
Could Free-Market Medicine Respond Better to Pandemics?
By Devon Herrick
Many people have come to believe that the only way to protect Americans against future pandemics is to turn over ...
April 13, 2020
We Shouldn’t Tolerate Providers Price Gouging During a Pandemic or Any Other Time
By Devon Herrick
Like millions of Americans I am sequestered at home. My routine varies occasionally when I venture out to buy food, ...
April 01, 2020
Pandemic Highlights Americans’ Lack of Control Over Their Health Care
By Devon Herrick
Millions of Americans are at risk of contracting a fairly nasty respiratory infection, COVID-19. At times like these it’s a ...
March 19, 2020
Physicians are Better Patient Advocates When Loyalties Aren’t Divided
By Devon Herrick
Obamacare created perverse incentives that increased hospital consolidation and hospital employment of physicians. The same forces also encouraged consolidation of ...
February 18, 2020
How Obamacare Rations Care for the Sick
By Devon Herrick
When the health reform debate began more than a dozen years ago, most public health advocates touted the need for ...
February 03, 2020
The White House Annoys Doctors with Plans to Boost Competition
By Devon Herrick
President Trump recently issued an Executive Order protecting and improving Medicare for our nation’s seniors. The October 3, 2019 order ...
January 14, 2020
US Health Care: From Gold Rush to Highway Robbery
By Devon Herrick
Medicine is probably the only area of our economy where corporations, private equity investors, venture capitalists and Wall Street tycoons ...
January 01, 2020
Dark Money Fights to Preserve Surprise Billing
By Devon Herrick
Congress is considering legislation protecting patients from outrageous surprise medical bills from greedy providers they could not avoid. The providers ...
September 30, 2019
The Doctors Who Generate Surprise Medical Bills are Fighting to Protect Them
By Devon Herrick
Congressional debate to protect consumers from surprise medical bills faces an uphill battle against well-funded, entrenched stakeholders. Providers who are ...
September 03, 2019
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