Seton Motley

Seton Motley
Supply Chain & Farm Bill: Leftists Sacrifice Reality to Ideology - Conservatives Should Not
By Seton Motley
We are still mired in pronounced, prolonged supply chain shortages in nearly all sectors of our economy.  If you’re wondering ...
August 13, 2022
China and South Korea Corruption: The Globalists’ Globe Isn’t a Very Nice Place
By Seton Motley
I am a virulent free trader. I love commerce between nigh any peoples and nations with whom the exchanges are on ...
April 10, 2018
Immigration, Internet,…: The Left’s Warped, Ridiculously Fake Federalism
By Seton Motley
Our nation’s Founding Fathers - were geniuses. They overcame the unbelievable handicaps of being white, male and by nigh all ...
February 19, 2018
EPA Secretary Pruitt: The Eco-Nuts Will Never, Never Like You
By Seton Motley
In the great Aaron Sorkin television creation “West Wing,” very accomplished fake president Jed Bartlet goes in for a brief ...
January 09, 2018
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