Seton Motley

Seton Motley
China and South Korea Corruption: The Globalists’ Globe Isn’t a Very Nice Place
By Seton Motley
I am a virulent free trader. I love commerce between nigh any peoples and nations with whom the exchanges are on ...
April 10, 2018
Immigration, Internet,…: The Left’s Warped, Ridiculously Fake Federalism
By Seton Motley
Our nation’s Founding Fathers - were geniuses. They overcame the unbelievable handicaps of being white, male and by nigh all ...
February 19, 2018
EPA Secretary Pruitt: The Eco-Nuts Will Never, Never Like You
By Seton Motley
In the great Aaron Sorkin television creation “West Wing,” very accomplished fake president Jed Bartlet goes in for a brief ...
January 09, 2018
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