Jerry Rogers

Jerry Rogers
American Enterprise Institute Is Right About Musk
By Jerry Rogers
I was pleased to see Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute recently speak out about the national security implications ...
September 08, 2021
Reform of the Postal Service Is Long Overdue
By Jerry Rogers
The House of Representatives held a hearing recently titled “Legislative Proposals to Put the Postal Service on Sustainable Financial Footing.” ...
March 13, 2021
A New McCarthyism?
By Jerry Rogers
The Baltimore Sun published a piece by Dan Rodricks, a long-time columnist at the paper, declaring Maryland Rep. Andy Harris ...
January 08, 2021
Obscure FCC Rule on 800 Numbers Impacts Markets and Consumers
By Jerry Rogers
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has done some great things under the leadership of Chairman Ajit Pai, freeing up more ...
September 26, 2020
Dianne Feinstein’s Space Hypocrisy Is Out of this World
By Jerry Rogers
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is currently busy opposing commonsense amendments to the NASA Authorization Act to make NASA and the ...
September 22, 2020
Political Lessons from Kanye West’s Short-Lived 'Birthday Party'
By Jerry Rogers
Kanye West’s incredible run for the presidency has come to an end after just 11-days. The former MAGA hat-wearing rapper ...
July 16, 2020
Obama-Era Holdovers and the National Media Threaten America’s Recovery
By Jerry Rogers
At a recent Coronavirus Task Force briefing, President Trump had a salty exchange with journalists over a report from an ...
April 11, 2020
Raised on Radio: Protecting Trump’s COVID-19 PSA Campaign
By Jerry Rogers
America is at a standstill. Each passing hour brings a new sense of anxiousness in what lawmakers and public health ...
March 31, 2020
Republicans, Don’t Take the Bait on Health Care Compromise
By Jerry Rogers
Candidate Barack Obama showed himself to be a patient man, and he believed that time was on his side.“If I ...
October 09, 2019
Should Space X Be Trusted to Lead Us Back to the Moon?
By Jerry Rogers
On April 20, 2019, the space community was buzzing from its most recent frustrating setback: The Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s most ...
April 27, 2019
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Slow Walking 5G
By Jerry Rogers
President Donald J. Trump is a big proponent of an America First economic policy, yet the U.S. is falling behind ...
February 14, 2019
Congress and Trump’s Consent Decree Reform Crusade
By Jerry Rogers
The Flores consent decree, one of the primary reasons for the separation of immigrant parents and their children during detention, demonstrates ...
July 27, 2018
Iran Deal: Germans Putting Profits Over Security
By Jerry Rogers
As the Trump administration contemplated withdrawing from the Iran deal, Germany’s government, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, has pushed hard ...
May 21, 2018
Tax Mischief in the Old-Line State
By Jerry Rogers
Modernization – innovation, progress, growth, dynamism – is good for small business, employees, and the economy. This is always true, ...
April 19, 2018
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Shows Why We Need Appropriations Reform
By Jerry Rogers
This week, SpaceX has been working diligently to drum up media coverage for the unveiling of the "Falcon Heavy," its ...
December 27, 2017
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