Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
Trump’s first 100 Days for Black America
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
In late October of this year, then candidate Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in which he outlined his ...
December 21, 2016
Healing The Black, White Education Gap
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
“You’re getting your inheritance early.”  Those were my father’s words to me as he explained that he was taking money ...
September 24, 2016
Is Donald Trump a Racist?
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
Last week, I discussed the unique position Republicans find themselves in with minorities this election cycle. Their presumptive nominee is ...
May 28, 2016
Is Donald Trump Racist? Part I
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
At first glance it would seem that the Republican Party is determined to ignore the minority vote this election year. ...
May 23, 2016
Is The GOP Racist?
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
I really don’t believe so, but I understand where this negative labeling comes from. As we approach the winner take ...
March 04, 2016
Hillary, “The Natives Are Getting Restless!”
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
Don’t let Hillary Clinton’s victory in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday fool you. Her support from the black community ...
March 01, 2016
Did Trump Play the Race Card?
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
Donald Trump’s highly publicized meeting with a group of black pastors was met immediately with reactions ranging from skepticism to ...
December 04, 2015
Technology Can Bring Money To Inner Cities
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
As technology changes, so does the job market. Two centuries ago, most low skilled workers would have found work ...
October 13, 2015
Tragedy Reset: New Orleans’ School System
By Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, causing over $100 billion in property damage. The category 5 storm ...
October 02, 2015
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