Brian McNicoll

Brian McNicoll
Regulators Acting As Judge, Jury and Executioner for Railroads
By Brian McNicoll
The Surface Transportation Board held two long open sessions in late April – a total of nearly 18 hours of ...
May 17, 2022
When Media Bias Is Worse Than It Appears
By Brian McNicoll
We’ve long been familiar with media bias, where the opinions of those who own or produce news make their way ...
January 27, 2022
The Postal Service’s Expensive Identity Crisis
By Brian McNicoll
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has entered the spotlight once again following a lawsuit filed earlier this month by 20 state ...
October 21, 2021
When Journalists Are Activists, It’s Hard to Trust Their Journalism
By Brian McNicoll
Charles Glasser, the brilliant media lawyer, posted to his Facebook page last week an item about a panel discussion scheduled for ...
August 24, 2021
What Is Rand Paul Thinking With This Endorsement?
By Brian McNicoll
With the departure of Justin Amash, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is the closest thing to a libertarian left in Congress. ...
July 24, 2021
Keep Keeping Government Away from Drug Price Negotiations
By Brian McNicoll
Like cockroaches, the same bad ideas keep emerging from the Biden administration and its Democrat friends in Congress.We’ve created a ...
July 07, 2021
How to Identify Those Souters in Sheep’s Clothing
By Brian McNicoll
To this day, if you want to bring chills to the spines of conservative Republicans, just mention the name David ...
May 20, 2021
Bail Money from the Well-Heeled Keeps Protest Movements Alive
By Brian McNicoll
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has gotten tough when it comes to dealing with what has become a semi-permanent class of ...
December 18, 2020
American Contractors Left Behind in Kuwaiti Prisons on Often-Trumped Up Drug Charges
By Brian McNicoll
Imagine if President Trump could have held the election a week later. The Monday following the vote featured news Pfizer ...
November 27, 2020
U.S. To Release Funds to Nigeria Despite Attacks on Religious, Press Freedoms
By Brian McNicoll
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said religious freedom is the United States’ top foreign policy priority. President Trump warned Nigerian President ...
April 30, 2020
Same Problems, Different Bailout for the Postal Service
By Brian McNicoll
One place you won’t find social distancing is in the line at the federal trough.With trillions of dollars being doled ...
April 22, 2020
An Envoy for Nigeria to Address Persecution of Christians
By Brian McNicoll
When Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited Washington in the spring of 2018, President Trump told him to put a stop ...
March 24, 2020
Rogue Federal Agency Makes Up Own Rules to Harass Tech Companies
By Brian McNicoll
In the past, when federal contractors complained about the treatment they received from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, ...
March 16, 2020
This Federal Agency Didn’t Get the Trump Anti-Deregulation Memo
By Brian McNicoll
Through his efforts to clean up the Postal Service, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the EPA and others, President Trump has demonstrated a ...
February 11, 2020
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