Barney Brenner

Barney Brenner
Weaponizing the Minimum Wage
By Barney Brenner
The Left has long used the minimum wage as an escalator to artificially inflate the pay of its union members. ...
September 24, 2021
To Save Education, Legislators MUST Fund Home Schools
By Barney Brenner
There's a window of opportunity and realization which is closing on America's parents and their school-aged kids. For well over ...
June 14, 2021
The Return of the One-room School
By Barney Brenner
And not only might it be in your own living room, but it could become an excellent pathway toward taking ...
March 20, 2021
Non-Essential Workers? Most Are in Government
By Barney Brenner
There’s a stark contrast in suffering between the private and public sectors in this era of unprecedented government intrusion into ...
April 20, 2020
Post-Corona Positives and Paybacks
By Barney Brenner
Editor's Note: Chris DeSimone, host of radio talk-show Wake up Tucson, contributed to this column. Not since World War II has ...
April 09, 2020
Freedom of the Press – It’s NOT What You Think
By Barney Brenner
For many decades of our modern era, it's been an article of faith that our Founders enshrined the profession of ...
January 31, 2020
Blue Wave or Red Tide?
September 10, 2018 |
American Conservatism: Extremist or Centrist?
By Barney Brenner
Right-wing extremists! We hear the term incessantly from leftist media. Conservatives are labeled Fascists, haters, racists and sexists, ad nauseam. ...
August 20, 2018
Seven Days in April – The Art of the Multi-National Deal
By Barney Brenner
On the global front, the final days of April were nothing short of astonishing. And ending with Israeli Prime Minister ...
May 03, 2018
Soviet Defector Exposes Ongoing Efforts to Undermine the U.S.
By Barney Brenner
Breaking news from 100 years ago: Russia wants to meddle in our affairs. After a century of Soviet efforts to infiltrate ...
March 12, 2018
“I Will Bless Those Who Bless You...”
By Barney Brenner
The debates over U.S. foreign aid, especially to Israel, are typically intense and contentious. It’s often claimed that the United ...
December 17, 2017
Nuclear-Powered Politics
July 11, 2017 |
Chemical Deterrence
April 10, 2017 |
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