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At Long Last, a Transparent Obama Administration!

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In the last days of his tainted tenure, Obama finally made it clear where he stood on a multitude of issues including terrorist bombers, communists, political refugees, internet security, our military and our ally, Israel.


Even before being elected, he promised to have the most transparent administration in history. Who knew it would take eight years to come about?

Although you could argue that many of Obama’s intentions were previously telegraphed, there was usually a thread of plausible deniability. In the waning weeks of his regime, however, his true colors came through.

He promised at a 2012 meeting of AIPAC that when the chips are down, he has Israel’s back. But in December, he had Israel’s back, alright. And he put a knife in it.

From meddling in what were essentially municipal zoning issues in Jerusalem, to petulantly sequestering Benjamin Netanyahu during a State visit, to virtually guaranteeing Iran, arguably Israel’s most implacable enemy, a path to nuclear weapons, Obama repeatedly showed that he was no friend of Israel.

But his penultimate month brought the most contemptible blow. Instead of continuing the policy of every administration since Israel’s founding in 1948, and apparently conducting behind-the-scenes orchestration at the UN, Obama’s kakocracy became the first world power since Roman times to take steps to invalidate Jewish access to their most holy site, the Western Wall.

With terminology reminiscent of the Germanys and Berlins of the Cold War, he has legitimized for the international community the division of Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, into East and West sectors – and the Western Wall is in the area slated for control by Israel's enemies. By abstaining from a vote on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, the U.S. effectively concurs that NO area gained by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War legitimately belongs to her. The resolution’s language on that point is emphatic.


Prior to November’s election, the Obama administration seemed to have no problem with the well-known hacking, by China, Russia and likely others, of the Secretary of State’s personal computer, the Democratic National Committee’s emails, or the files of the United States Office of Personnel Management.

But after Hillary’s unexpected loss, the Left's traditional hero the Russkies became its whipping boy.

In this new era of openness, the administration doesn't care about leaking or hacking – or our military – proven by the commutation of the 35-year sentence of the traitor Bradley [sic] Manning, perhaps the worst national security leaker in American history. So stunning is Obama’s new transparency that even the Left side of the aisle is unsettled. And well it should be. Revelations of military strategy, as well as profiles of Afghans and Iraqis who allied with us, have already led to foreign deaths and conceivably some of our own.

Obama no longer seems to give a damn about bombings or terrorism. In addition to releasing or transferring over 80% of the prisoners at Gitmo during his tenure, he also commuted the sentence of an unrepentant terrorist, Oscar López Rivera. Long before bombing Manhattan became sport for al-Qaeda, this piece of slime was responsible for multiple bombing deaths in New York City. As part of the FALN terrorist organization (the first to publicly express desire to bomb the World Trade Center) he advocated for a “free” socialist/communist Puerto Rico. But perhaps it’s no surprise that Obama should be sympathetic to communist bombers. One of his earliest mentors was the original Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers.


And in a final kowtow to Cuba’s communist thugs and a slap in the face to refugees seeking freedom from communist repression, Obama eliminated the policy allowing Cuban asylees to stay in the U.S. if they managed to set foot on our soil. Cuba will now get the same treatment as if it were not a murderous dictatorship. In contrast, drug gangs, human smugglers and terrorists alike cross from Mexico with virtual impunity.

To the Left, this transparency likely comes as a shock. But the Right saw through him from the start.

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