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If it hasn’t registered yet, you saw it here first. Donald Trump will win the presidency – in a landslide.

It’ll be YUGE.

This isn’t idle speculation or desperate desire. Just look at his primary results and his public appearances for proof. Trump drove RECORD turnout to win the Republican nomination. He’ll do the same in the general. His rallies draw thousands who drive and stand and wait for hours. Hillary’s rallies can hardly draw flies.

Americans of BOTH parties are sick of scripted, coiffed and polished politicians. No matter who’s in office, the debt and the government grow. They're sick of politics-as-usual. Trump is anything but.

In every presidential cycle for decades, tens of millions of Americans stayed home. They think there's no difference between the parties or that their vote doesn't matter. Not this time. Donald Trump will bring them out in droves. He’s the anti-politician. Add that to the disaffected Dems who care about the economy, about our military, or have no use for crooked Hillary. The result? Reread the title.

Voters look at the Republican nominee and see a guy who’s occasionally rough around the edges, someone who misspeaks, but a man who says it as he sees it. In other words, someone they can relate to. Perhaps like people they know - or even themselves.

He’s got the have-a-beer-with factor, someone you might enjoy spending an hour with, a successful guy who uses the rules - sometimes against the government (think IRS) - to get what he wants. He’s a man you can envision negotiating FOR our country, a welcome change. And millions of Americans like what they see.

After years of same-old, same-old, not knowing what to expect from their government (or even if they can trust it) they see a straight shooter who, despite his wealth, is a lot like the average Joe. He speaks on behalf of working men and women. So even Democrats, from unemployed coal miners to others who just want a job again, can look to him as someone who can make it happen.

Wavering Evangelicals need to realize that they’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief or the leader of a revival. THEY’RE the ones who need to lead the revival. And which nominee will more likely foster a climate in our courts and in our culture that will allow this to happen? Trump, hands down.

On the Republican side there seems to be division. Some ‘Elites’ have joined the never-Trump movement, whether for ideological purity or they’re petrified that Trump will end the gravy train. But they’re irrelevant - and shrinking. Barely an asterisk. Their ranks, which never had significant numbers, have already broken.

Never-Trump sentiment is a momentary snapshot. It’s emotional - not the hallmark of conservatism. These folks need to wake up while there’s still time. If only they’ll remember the words, “borders, courts, crime, guns, ISIS” and that Trump’s win will wipe the crooked Clintons from the scene.

But the rank-and-file Republicans are folks who get what the U.S. is about. They understand liberty, rights, free enterprise, limited government, and they're yearning for someone who will stand for a good chunk of those values. And in the lifetime of anyone under 35, they've never seen it. Those of us who remember Ronald Reagan want at least a chance for something that resembles those days.

And despite the vast gulf between the personalities and temperament of Reagan and Trump, this is the closest we've been since then to less regulation and a freer and flourishing country.

That’s change worth hoping for.

The way to stay sane and focused until Election Day is to ignore everything (strong enough?) the leftist media says. It’s all slanted. They use phony headlines, phony polls and phony reporting. They want leftist Hillary and will do anything to prevent Trump from winning. For all the disparity, they’re of a mind with Republican Elites who've been milking the system their whole lives and don't want it to end. But it must end, next month, if this unique experiment in freedom, 240 years old, is to recognizably endure.

And for those who say hold your nose and vote for Trump, here’s a better strategy: hold your hands together and vote. Our future depends on it.

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