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“Winning isn’t everything; it's the only thing.” That phrase was made famous by Vince Lombardi. As the Green Bay Packers coach, his field was football. How much more important is winning when it’s about America’s future?

Not since Ronald Reagan and the Cold War has a Republican had such an unfaltering focus on winning. Americans love a fighter. And they love a winner. Donald Trump has already beaten sixteen adversaries with just one left. And whether it’s Hillary or whoever, it will be a Leftist. And they must be defeated because the Left is destroying America.

The Never Trump faction led by Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney is on a fool’s errand. Their only possible ‘victory’ would result in handing another win to the Left. How can prominent Republicans abandon our country to them after the current eight-year debacle? Their victory would not even be pyrrhic but pathetic. With tactics reminiscent of Vietnam, they would destroy the Republican Party – along with the country – in order to save it. Kristol is not an enemy. But for all his intellectual prowess, he’s being a useful idiot and he’s giving aid to our enemies.

Instead of fighting the Left hammer and tong (or sickle), these guys want to surrender – or worse.

Samuel Adams is shouting from the grave: “If ye love … the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. May your chains set lightly upon you …”

To avoid servitude – or worse, the American Revolution had to be won. We’re at another such crossroad today.

Hillary and her media minions understand Lombardi’s adage and use Alinsky tactics to vilify their opposition. The irony is that Trump has ripped that potent page from their playbook. And it’s working. We may have bristled at ‘lyin’ Ted,’ but ‘crooked Hillary’ hits home. So would ‘crazy Bernie’ or ‘Fauxcahontas.’

And Trump doubles down against that mother lode of Leftism, the misleading media. In a recent press conference he referred to them as “the dishonest press; … like this sleazy guy right over here from ABC.”

Confronted with their own misconduct, they were powerless. The best they could do is whimper, "Is this what it's gonna be like covering you, if you're president?” Trump hit right back, “Yeah, it is gonna be like this, David … If the press writes false stories … I'm gonna continue to attack the press. Look, I find the press to be extremely dishonest. I find the POLITICAL press to be UNBELIEVABLY dishonest.”

Unprecedented – and indisputable.

Reagan spoke over the heads of the media to reach the American people. Trump is steamrolling over. The only recent instance of an ‘establishment’ Republican being confrontational and fighting was Romney – against Trump! Had Mitt done that with Obama in 2012, we probably wouldn’t be needing to discuss this.

It’s sobering to realize that with our milquetoast nominees, if not for a handful of Florida 2000 votes, Republicans wouldn’t have had a White House win since the first Bush got in on Reagan’s coattails in 1988!

And with Republicans running Congress for most of the last two decades, government is bigger than ever.

So why not give a chance to and get behind someone who is willing to wallop our opposition? He’s not conservative enough? Compared to whom, Dole? McCain? Romney? Even W grew government and the debt.

Trump’s a guy who knows where jobs come from; he produced a good list of Supreme Court appointees; wants a secure border; scrutiny of Muslim immigration; a stronger military; and he’ll fight against bureaucracy and political correctness. We know he’s a tough negotiator. After the Iran nuclear deal, it’ll be nice to have someone like that on our side. Again, Trump is reminiscent of Reagan, who was willing to walk out on Mikhail Gorbachev when the deal was bad for America.

Doesn’t that sound pretty good? And does anyone doubt that a Hillary presidency would be an extension of Obama’s?

The anti-Trump efforts are fizzling anyway because there are enough red-blooded Americans of both parties who care about their country to elect someone who will fight for the US of A.

Ronald Reagan had the right strategy: we win, they lose. While it’s unknowable what he would have said about the Trump candidacy, we can be sure of one thing: he would have followed his Eleventh Commandment.

Now let's win one for the Gipper.

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