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Divine Referendum

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It's hard to think of a better depiction for the current presidential race. We’re at a critical crossroad. Hillary Clinton would continue Obama’s abhorrent agenda for undermining the rule of law, eradicating our borders, and abrogating our freedoms. America would become a country our forebears wouldn’t recognize. A Trump win would give a few good folks the chance to correct the course of our ship of state.


This nation was founded on sound moral principles by men who considered themselves stewards of God’s trust. As a result, we’ve been blessed by God ever since. But we’ve turned our back on Him with increasingly apparent consequences. A nation that slaughters 50 million of its most innocent could hardly expect otherwise. Historically and Biblically, nations have been judged and destroyed for less. But God has also given nations and peoples opportunity to reverse course and Donald Trump may well be one to help steer us from our present trajectory.

That’s not to say that Trump is a blameless being or even a godly man. We’re all flawed and he’s no exception. But God uses flawed humans to accomplish his goals. We can only hope and pray that the Creator’s current purpose is a moral revival and a healing in our land.

We’re being infiltrated by those who would undermine America as it’s existed throughout history. And they’re being assisted by a media and a political party that exhibit the same agenda. If this race goes to the woman epitomizing that agenda, our devolvement may soon reach critical mass.

Ben Franklin declared during the days of our founding that God governs in the affairs of men. And the prophet Daniel wrote that God is Sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.


This has historically happened for good and for ill. The question is if there are enough clear-eyed voters who care about stopping the invasion of ideologies and cultures diametrically opposed to our freedoms and values. One candidate would augment this invasion, the other seeks to stop it.

If Donald Trump perseveres with all the forces arrayed against him, it can be no less than a divine delay of judgement. Those forces consist not only of his opponent and her minions in media, but even some conservative pundits who should be pushing for the preservation of the Republic.

Among others, no less brilliant a mind than Charles Krauthammer fails to see the big picture. He’s described Trump’s ‘jail Hillary’ comment as a “subversion of democratic norms.” He considers Trumps various remarks “a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse,” and he’s concerned that Trump will use “the powers of the presidency against political enemies.” Charles, Obama’s been doing all that for the last eight years!

Others have used Trump's locker room-style comments, with real or feigned indignation, as proof of his inability to serve. But this eleven-year-old snippet was private talk which affected no one. Yet he's running against a woman whose husband is not only a credibly accused rapist and serial sexual predator, but this harridan has additionally victimized those women and tried to destroy them to preserve her own political viability.


In what moral universe are those things equivalent?

Make no mistake. These incessant attacks from the Left are perpetual attempts to destroy any Republican nominee. The reason the race is not over is that Trump is the only one in recent memory with the fortitude to fight back. And fighting back is the only thing that can work.

The electorate understands, even if the entitled elite do not, that none of the negatives arrayed against Trump detract from his agenda. They’re just part of a massive distraction meant to misdirect from Hillary’s history. From her days as a lying lawyer on the Watergate Commission (which got her fired); to her foul-mouthed abuse of innumerable subordinates, starting in Arkansas; to her magical 10,000% profit in cattle futures; to her firing and defamation, for the benefit of her cronies, of the efficient and non-partisan White House travel office staff; to her efforts, almost a quarter-century ago, to commandeer our healthcare system; to her wanton selling of the Lincoln Bedroom; to her current incarnation selling the State Department, she can’t be trusted to not sell the White House to the highest bidder.

And her lies and dereliction of duty on Benghazi may be the most disqualifying episode of all.


If God is willing to give this country another opportunity for the sake of our Founders and for today's Americans who still adhere to Him, Trump will win. But that's not to say that we're in the clear. Just that we have another chance. Let’s pray that Earth’s last best hope is still on God's list for blessing.

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