Kevin Glass

Kevin Glass
How the Senate Can Support Trump's Deregulatory Agenda
By Kevin Glass
The Senate continues to hit roadblocks on White House nominees to key positions that will help advance the successful Trump ...
August 03, 2018
2016 Highlights Battles Ahead for Choice Schooling
By Kevin Glass
The biggest narrative coming out of the toplines of the 2016 election is that Americans voted for change. When it ...
November 19, 2016
The Obama Administration's Student Loan Proposal Could Decimate Small Colleges
By Kevin Glass
While much of the Democratic primary consisted of a fight from younger progressive activists to get the party to adopt ...
August 13, 2016
Liberty in Vegas
July 11, 2016 |
Economics Can’t Support the New “Solar Economy”
By Kevin Glass
What if I told you there’s a cronyist program designed to be irresistible to politicians that not very many people ...
May 14, 2016
FDA Neo-Prohibitionists Don’t Care About Your Health
By Kevin Glass
The Food and Drug Administration this week came out with regulations that will force e-cigarette and vaping manufacturers to go ...
May 07, 2016
Obama EPA "Clean Power" Rule Dealt Devastating Blow At SCOTUS
By Kevin Glass
The Environmental Protection Agency's "Clean Power Plan," an enormous regulatory monster unilaterally cooked up by federal bureaucrats and attempted to ...
February 11, 2016
Drowning In Red Tape During California’s Historic Drought
By Kevin Glass
California is facing a years-long water crisis precipitated by intense bouts of drought. Mandatory water rationing, water fixture replacement, and ...
December 31, 2015
Conservatives Are Going After Law Enforcement Agencies In the Name of Property Rights
By Kevin Glass
Joseph Rivers, an aspiring artist from Michigan, had his dreams shattered by federal agents. On a train to California, where ...
July 27, 2015
Undeterred by Waitlists, Parents Apply in Droves for School Lotteries
By Kevin Glass
It’s lottery season. "Lottery," to you, might bring to mind ping-pong balls bouncing around in a glass tube, as millions ...
June 01, 2015
The 24/7 Media Matters Machine Against Bill O'Reilly
By Kevin Glass
Last week, Mother Jones journalist David Corn alleged that Fox News host Bill O'Reilly had been exaggerating his time as ...
March 01, 2015
Obama White House In Full Panic Mode Over Netanyahu Speech
By Kevin Glass
The Obama White House has spent weeks in panic over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's appearance before Congress this coming ...
February 28, 2015