Wes Martin

Wes Martin
Biden Preparing to Repeat Clinton and Obama’s Mistake with Iran
By Wes Martin
Before President Biden proceeds any further with his desire to resurrect the failed Nuclear Weapons Deal Joint Comprehensive Plan of ...
January 08, 2022
The US Must Save Armenia From Russia
By Wes Martin
What do you call a country whose prime minister chairs Russia’s six-nation military alliance, hosts a permanent Russian military base, ...
November 10, 2021
Is Iran Trying to Create a New 'Hezbollah-Style Lebanon' in the Caucasus?
By Wes Martin
At its height 2,500 years ago, the Persian Empire was one of the world’s most advanced civilizations. Now, occupying the ...
October 21, 2021
The Hollow Political Rhetoric on Afghanistan Jeopardizes Lives, National Security, and Honor
By Wes Martin
This past week, we have seen many press releases and statements from numerous politicians and senior military officers trying to ...
September 07, 2021
The US Should Be More Careful When Picking Foreign Opposition Leaders to Support
By Wes Martin
There is an assumption in America that new political leaders across the world campaigning against long-term incumbents or establishments must, ...
April 25, 2021
South Korea’s Latest Legal Claim Against Japan Is More a Message Than a Precedent
By Wes Martin
In early January, the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea issued a surprising judgment with potentially far-reaching global impact, ...
February 17, 2021
Trump Stood Up to Putin on Arms Control. Joe Biden (and Hillary) Won’t.
By Wes Martin
The Trump administration recently rejected President Vladimir Putin’s proposals to prolong the bilateral strategic arms treaty between the United States ...
October 31, 2020
Iran’s Diplomatic Saga
By Wes Martin
For decades, the Iranian government has avoided judicial accountability as the No. 1 nation-state sponsor of international terrorism. This will ...
September 30, 2020
America Shouldn’t Reward Tiny Montenegro’s Giants of Duplicity
By Wes Martin
What do you call a country whose president has been recorded consorting with the Italian mafia, electoral roll contains more ...
August 10, 2020
On Missile Defense, America’s Homeland Must Be Better Protected
By Wes Martin
When the Soviet Union fell, professionals in the U.S. defense community warned, “The bear may be dead, but the wolves ...
June 21, 2020
Nothing Left to Steal
By Wes Martin
As Europe’s longest ruler, it is a surprise that Milo Djukanovic is only 58. He has served as prime minister ...
June 04, 2020
Designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization
By Wes Martin
President Trump’s recent decision to formally identify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) has ...
April 20, 2019
Sierra Leone – The Beginning of a Bright Future
By Wes Martin
Colonel (Retired) Wes Martin, U.S. Army Military Police, has served in law enforcement positions around the world and holds an ...
March 12, 2019
Iran’s Continuing Misinformation Campaign
By Wes Martin
In additional to serving as the Senior Antiterrorism Officer for all Coalition Forces in Iraq, the Operations Chief for Task ...
December 10, 2018
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