Suzanne Fields

Suzanne Fields
Sex, Gender, Confusion and Distraction
By Suzanne Fields
Sex and gender are serious subjects, but academics, pundits and the pop media have so stretched their meanings to use ...
August 23, 2019
The Political Myth to Capture Our Times
By Suzanne Fields
In the Age of Trump, a growth industry of commentators and critics is in search of a mythical image, a ...
July 12, 2019
In Our Political Babel Of Anger And Arrogance, Conversation Changes
By Suzanne Fields
Summer is the time for conversation, at the beach or in the mountains, on the front porch or a park ...
July 05, 2019
Unrequited Love Among the Genders
By Suzanne Fields
Love is bustin' out all over. It's summer, and June is the favorite month of brides. Or it used to ...
June 28, 2019
Crisis at Super Liberal Oberlin
By Suzanne Fields
Identity politics is having an identity crisis.Parading as a noble cause to elevate only one side of the hyphenated American, ...
June 21, 2019
When Democratic Candidates Talk Sense
By Suzanne Fields
When the sacred cow is a pet and you twist her tail, you can expect booing, not mooing, from the ...
June 07, 2019
The Catcher Behind Home Plate Was a Spy
By Suzanne Fields
Once upon a time in America, baseball was not only the National Pastime but also the national obsession, an idyl ...
May 31, 2019
The Affluent Woman Falls Into a New Gender Gap
By Suzanne Fields
Freud was supposed to be a wise man, but he could never answer the question "What do women want?" When ...
May 03, 2019
Taming Men from Toxic to Timid
By Suzanne Fields
Identity politics revives sexist stereotypes, and like most stereotypes, they diminish us all to a multitude of prejudices. Generalizations seek ...
April 26, 2019
A Crucial Election in Israel
By Suzanne Fields
Benjamin Netanyahu won his fifth term as prime minister of Israel. He's not the most beloved in the pantheon of ...
April 19, 2019
Unexpected Costs of Total War Between the Sexes
By Suzanne Fields
Between the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the #MeToo movement of the present day lies a battlefield strewn with ...
April 12, 2019
Caught in a Time Warp
By Suzanne Fields
Generation gaps become generation ditches -- with glitches.Former Vice President Joe Biden has transitioned through headlines and photographs from affectionate ...
April 05, 2019
Sexual Politics in the Age of Trump
By Suzanne Fields
The Mueller report ought to bring an end to the obsession that Hillary Clinton was robbed of the presidency, but ...
March 29, 2019
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