Matt Barber

Matt Barber
Agents Must Now Blow Whistle on Clinton/Obama Corruption
By Matt Barber
We are in uncharted territory. Unfettered corruption has metastasized to the highest levels of government. FBI Director James Comey, a ...
November 07, 2016
Why ‘Never Trumpers’ Should Reconsider
By Matt Barber
While Democrats perpetually circle the wagons, Republicans engage a perpetual circular firing squad. The same holds true for many evangelicals. ...
October 26, 2016
The Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore
By Matt Barber
Under the “progressive” leadership of Barack Obama and his like-minded “social justice” warriors throughout all levels of government, we have ...
October 21, 2016
The Myth Called ‘Race’
By Matt Barber
It’s often said, “There is only one race – the human race.” While the phrase has become almost cliché in ...
September 25, 2016
Hillary’s Fall: Specs, Lies and Videotape
By Matt Barber
I can’t wait for “Weekend at Chelsea’s” to hit the big screen. CNN and the rest of Hillary Clinton’s slobbering ...
September 18, 2016
Yes, Jesus is Your Only Hope
September 11, 2016 |
Labor Day – Burgers, Brats and Bolshevism
By Matt Barber
How’s about some commie ketchup on that burger? It’s extra red. A little Marxist mustard for your dog? What about ...
September 04, 2016
The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled
By Matt Barber
If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body – if ...
August 28, 2016
'Of Two Evils, Choose Neither'?
By Matt Barber
You may have seen the meme come across your social media feeds. It’s a quote by the fiery preacher and ...
August 14, 2016
Navy to Name Ship after ‘Gay’ Child Molester
By Matt Barber
Attention on the poop deck. It seems our “first gay president” intends to “milk,” with pride, his fetish ...
July 31, 2016
Islam at War with a Delusional, Suicidal West
By Matt Barber
“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” – Barack Hussein Obama Isn’t it about time we crusade for ...
July 17, 2016
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