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It would almost be funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic, that they’re really falling back on the whole “racist” thing again with regard to Kamala Harris. She’s a joke, and we’re telling it, which apparently makes us the Klan, except the KKK was all Democrats. For example, Judd Legum, a ridiculous leftist mediocrity who exists on X for some reason, recently commented on a New York Post article calling Kamala Harris potentially the first DEI president, tweeting, “So I guess now we are using ‘DEI’ as a replacement for racial slurs.” Except Biden literally picked the cackling veepette because she is a woman-identifying person of color. Joe Biden said so. It was his part of the deal with Congressman James Clyburn to get the influential legislator’s support to win the South Carolina primary and thereby the Democrat nomination. They didn’t hide it. They did it in public. They were proud of it. They bragged about it.

You’re just not supposed to notice these things, except when you are supposed to notice them. Seeing the objective truth is bad unless it’s helpful to the leftist agenda, in which case it is good. See how that works? We need a memo about when we can notice things that are obvious and true. You don’t want to misnotice or else you’re a racist. 

Actually, they’re going to call you a “racist” no matter what, except none of us care about being called “racist” anymore. It’s really quite remarkable how that word has gone from a rhetorical H-bomb to a sad fizzle in the last few years. It’s no surprise why, except to dumb Democrats who still fall back on it like it’s going to get us to shut up. If they taught kids fables in schools anymore, as opposed to filling the curriculum with their bizarre and perverted sexual agendas, everybody would know about the boy who cried wolf. If you keep saying something and it’s never true, people begin to understand that what you’re saying is never true and they don’t take you seriously. There was a time when being called ‘racist’ actually meant something. If somebody called you a ‘racist,’ that was a pretty serious indictment, and normal people would take a look at themselves and their behavior and see if maybe it was true. After all, actually being racist, in the true sense of the term, is a bad thing. Judging people based on skin color is wrong. No decent person wanted to be a bigot.

But that’s not what the word “racist" means in the ruling class usage anymore. The word “racist” is simply an all-purpose bludgeon designed to prevent normal people from talking about something that their ruling class-aligned opponents don’t want them to talk about. It’s designed to silence us by putting important topics beyond the pale of acceptable discussion. And it used to work. For example, a lot of Republicans used to be terrified of talking about the hordes of Third World peasants pouring across our borders because they didn’t want to be called “racists.” The ruling class simply didn’t want this to be the subject of discussion. Our own alleged representatives would not talk about it and more hordes of Third World peasants poured across our border. That was the ruling class’s goal: importing a new population to replace the native one. And it worked.

But we normal people noticed there was a problem. We noticed that massive illegal immigration was (is) bringing crime and poverty and a massive cultural/demographic change that we hadn’t been asked to agree to into our country—so much for Our Democracy. And we got mad, not least of all because our representatives studiously ignored our cries for help because they were too afraid of being called names to act. 

But one politician figured out that he could harness the populist unrest that the ruling class had suppressed through the power of epithets. It was Donald Trump, and if you wonder why they hate him so much, it’s partially because he is totally immune to their rhetorical ball-gagging. He just doesn’t care what they say. And he declared his independence from the official approved narrative when he famously came down the escalator in 2015 and pointed out that a significant number of illegal aliens are criminal scumbags and parasitical losers. Remember the scandal that ignited? The establishment was so used to being able to silence people with the threat of being called “racist” that it freaked out when it unleashed that tactic on Donald Trump when he told the truth and he just didn’t care. 

Trump was like the rest of us – remember that Donald Trump harnessed an existing energy but did not create it. We don’t care anymore what they say. We know that they are liars, and we know that they are going to lie about us one way or the other. Might as well be slandered while fighting back instead of while cowering in submission.

What’s funny is that the regime media lackeys, institutional bigwigs, and politicians of the ruling class think their name-calling strategy is still going to work in 2024. Think again. It didn’t work on Donald Trump, and it doesn’t work on the rest of us. We won’t stop noticing objective reality because they don’t like it and threaten to give our observations a nasty label. And they don’t help themselves by openly supporting what is indisputably actual racist conduct against the white majority in hiring, politically, and culturally. You’ve seen all those frigid middle-aged wine women swooning over goofy charlatans like Ibram X. Kendi – not his real name – and similar grifters who support active discrimination against people of pallor. They support racism and unashamedly and hilariously attempt to redefine the term so it only applies to their enemies and never to themselves. They are not “anti-racist.” They are pro-racist against those they perceive as their enemies. And their enemies aren’t limited to people who are actually white. Remember the “white Hispanic” thing when George Zimmerman shot that criminal? You can be a black white person too. They made Clarence Thomas a dishonorary white person, though his black lived experience was more challenging and harsher than the lives of the affluent minority scammers who present themselves as representatives of their races ever were. The brilliant and fearless Justice Thomas grew up under Democrat Jim Crow segregation while these buffoons are whining because someone micro-aggressed them by looking at them wrong.

It’s ridiculous, and we know it’s ridiculous, and we’re going to say it’s ridiculous. They are going to keep calling us “racist,” and we don’t care. Not caring is important. Caring what they say and what they think gives them an advantage that they ruthlessly exploit. They certainly don’t care what we think or say. They want to prevent us from saying anything. So, laugh at them. Mock them. Speak the truth – Kamala Harris is a babbling half-wit picked solely because of where her granddad lived. But most of all, fight them by supporting candidates who aren’t going to be gagged by the fear that people who hate them are going to say mean things about them.

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