George Landrith

George Landrith
Biden’s E.V. Bill Punishes the Poor
By George Landrith
Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign season, then-candidate Biden continually promised that he would not raise taxes on households making less ...
May 04, 2021
Chinese Malfeasance Is Hurting our Children, Babies and Pets
By George Landrith
In 2007, it was discovered that the People’s Republic of China was shipping children’s toys to America (and other nations) ...
March 02, 2021
Union Corruption Hurts Everyone. But It Harms the Most Vulnerable the Most.
By George Landrith
This past year was one of the most tumultuous in memory. Widespread economic collapse, social and societal upheaval, violent riots, ...
January 14, 2021
The Trump Administration Must Prevent Maduro from Stealing from Americans to Aid His Repressive Regime
By George Landrith
Venezuela’s recent facade election makes the country’s recovery a great deal less likely and it strengthens dictator strongman Nicolas Maduro’s ...
December 19, 2020
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t—A Magician’s Guide to Drug Pricing
By George Landrith
You cannot have your cake and eat it, too. It is a tale as old as time. But apparently, with ...
September 26, 2020
US Postal Service Has What It Needs For the Election…If It Can Just Get Out Of Its Own Way
By George Landrith
The hyperbolic claims about whether or not the U.S. Postal Service is prepared for the upcoming November election have reached ...
September 03, 2020
Dr. Fauci, Not PETA Should Determine How We Find a COVID-19 Cure
By George Landrith
Congress just passed an economic package designed to inoculate the American economy from the devastating impacts of the coronavirus. At ...
March 31, 2020
Congress Must Work to Inoculate Critical Parts of Our Economy from the Coronavirus
By George Landrith
The coronavirus was originally thought of as a health care issue. But then the stock market started to tank, and ...
March 22, 2020
Congress Should Pull the Plug on Electric Vehicle Tax Credits
By George Landrith
“This proposal is essentially reverse Robin Hood… Billions of dollars coming out of the pockets of working people and working families ...
March 09, 2020
Hollywood Fiction Isn’t a Good Basis for Legislation or Regulation
By George Landrith
Mark Ruffalo may be most famous for his fictional portrayal of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner and his alter ego “The ...
December 14, 2019
Navy Needs Leaders to Keep Eye to the Future
By George Landrith
December 7 is a solemn day for the U.S. Navy and in our nation’s history. This year marked the 78th anniversary ...
December 09, 2019
The Marketplace Drives Prices Down and Quality Up
By George Landrith
Unexpected expenses are never welcome and no one likes a costly surprise. So it's no wonder that there is a ...
September 05, 2019
The New FTC: Federal Takeover of Care
By George Landrith
Under our current law, federal charges can be brought for arson when a person willfully and maliciously sets fire to ...
May 31, 2019
New Poll: Americans Oppose Electric Car Subsidies
By George Landrith
Elon Musk made headlines last week when he declared via Twitter that he is “a socialist.”But hardworking ratepayers and taxpayers ...
June 27, 2018
Secure the Homeland and Ignore the Jones Act Blame Game
By George Landrith
While Puerto Rico is still recovering from last year’s severe hurricane damage, the all too predictable push to blame the ...
May 08, 2018
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