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Our nation’s first Vice President and second President, John Adams, once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Horace Cooper has written an important book that should be required reading for all those who want to understand better how the extreme Left has been damaging America and particularly America’s Black population. 


Mr. Cooper’s book — Put Y’All Back In Chains - How Joe Biden’s Policies Hurt Black Americans — compellingly discusses how Joe Biden’s presidency and the policies of the extreme Left have harmed Americans of all stripes. But Mr. Cooper addresses Black Americans directly in his book because African Americans are credited with helping Biden win the Democratic nomination and, as a group, have stood behind Biden’s presidency. And no group has been more harmed by the extremism of the Biden administration than Black Americans. 

But the truth is, Mr. Cooper’s book isn’t merely written for an African American audience. Mr. Cooper is a constitutional scholar and a student of American politics and history. And he lays out a compelling and fact-based case on how extremist leftist policies — as currently embodied by the Biden Administration — have set Americans back and weakened America. Likewise, Cooper explains how Biden’s policies mimic Jim Crow-era policies that were designed to keep Black communities in poverty and dependent upon the government. 

Cooper makes the case in a fact-based and logical way that the extremist leftist agenda is far more effective at harming and damaging the Black community than even Jim Crow-era laws and segregation were. It is particularly infuriating that the extreme left pretends that they are the only ones who care about the underprivileged when it is their policies that do the most harm to the needy. 


American families are more than $7,400 poorer on an annual basis because of Joe Biden’s policies. Mr. Cooper uses facts and solid evidence to explain that as bad as things are for Americans in general under Biden’s policies, those who can least afford to be economically harmed are the ones who are most dramatically injured by Bidenomics — which is tragically lynching Black American’s hope for a better economic life. 

That may sound like a heresy to some, but as John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” If Joe Biden’s policies benefited Americans generally, or blacks specifically, you’d see it in the numbers. But you don’t see that in the data. All you get out of the extreme Left is rhetoric about building back better or building out from the middle rather than top down. But what you don’t see is the poverty rate falling or the middle class growing, or more Americans achieving the American Dream. And the data proves that Black Americans are the hardest hit by Biden’s policies. 

Cooper also points out how the Biden crime wave is bad for America generally but is disproportionately horrific for Blacks. Those who live in America’s inner cities, where the Biden crime wave is the most intense, are the ones who face the most cruel realities. More Black Americans are murder victims and victims of other violent crimes than any other racial group. With murder up nearly 30 percent and aggravated assault up by 12 percent, all Americans are at greater risk. Still, Black Americans, by far, are at the greatest risk of becoming a crime statistic. 


Cooper discusses Biden’s energy policy and how it has harmed and weakened America substantially. He uses facts and data to show that the biggest price is paid by those who can least afford it. And what makes this more insulting is how Biden acts like if a Black voter isn’t behind him and his policies, he isn’t Black.

Cooper also argues that if any group should be pro-life, it is Black Americans, as they are disproportionately the victims of abortion. Cooper provides compelling stories of how Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family was pro-life and saw abortion as a great crime and how Reverend King’s niece, Alveda King, became one of the nation’s most articulate pro-life champions as a result of her family’s values.

Mr. Cooper makes the point that once Black Americans realize how harmful the Left’s extremist policies are, they will likely migrate en masse to the right and return to support the party that fought to end slavery and ensure civil rights for all Americans. Mr. Cooper has done the research and provided the facts and the data to prove that Biden’s extreme Leftism is effectively putting Americans, particularly Black Americans, back in chains. 

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