Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk
President Trump is Fulfilling the Promise of His Birth(Day)
By Charlie Kirk
It’s fitting that Donald Trump’s birthday should fall on Flag Day because the values that Old Glory has always stood ...
June 14, 2020
Here’s Why You Should Tune in to the Next Democratic Debate
By Charlie Kirk
I’m recommending something that I never thought I would — I want every American to watch the Democratic debate on ...
September 12, 2019
Journalism Abandoned Yet Again in the Wake of Trump Tweet Furor
By Charlie Kirk
The mainstream media claim to be paragons of objectivity, but their disgraceful “reporting” on President Trump’s so-called “racist” tweets proves ...
July 18, 2019
In the 2020 Race, Democracy Dies With the Democrats
By Charlie Kirk
As President Trump kicks off his 2020 campaign, an even more stark choice has emerged since his victory in 2016. ...
June 17, 2019
This Is the Donald Trump We Elected to Lead Us out of the Illegal Immigration Crisis
By Charlie Kirk
Our patience has been rewarded because the solution to the border crisis that we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.Despite ...
June 01, 2019
Trump’s Rising Approval Won’t Surprise Those Who Paid Attention
By Charlie Kirk
President Trump’s approval rating just keeps rising, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention to ...
May 16, 2019
Lowering The Voting Age Is Just Another Democrat Power Grab
By Charlie Kirk
The Democrat Party’s push to lower the voting age is not designed to serve the interests of the American people ...
April 11, 2019
Democrats Should Have Postponed Their Vacations, Not The State of the Union
By Charlie Kirk
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to postpone the State of the Union address because of the government shutdown, even though ...
January 22, 2019
Who Are The Real Dregs?
By Charlie Kirk
As voters go to the polls this fall, they should consider with whom they identify more: the Democrats, who embrace ...
October 03, 2018
The Character Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh
By Charlie Kirk
When Democrats start losing an argument they typically resort to smearing and slandering their opponents. Such is the case with ...
September 22, 2018
Can Cuba Control Capitalism?
By Charlie Kirk
In his allegorical children’s story “The Zax”, Theo Geisel (nom de plume Dr. Seuss) writes of a pair of imaginary ...
December 25, 2014
New Social Justice “Talking Points”
By Charlie Kirk
Fox News’ ratings kingpin Bill O’Reilly sounds a repetitive theme, going back several years, in his nightly “Talking Points” ...
June 11, 2014
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