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As President Trump kicks off his 2020 campaign, an even more stark choice has emerged since his victory in 2016. While he can boast of a powerful record of peace and prosperity with more achievements to come, his opposition has slavishly embraced the dark-side of political warfare.


Should they win the 2020 presidential election, all evidence suggests they would destroy the very principles on which we were founded, and by which we have become the last great hope for humanity.

For the whole of Donald Trump’s presidency, Democrats have endorsed the new Washington Post tagline: “democracy dies in darkness.” It’s a rather dubious expression, considering the Post’s obsession with fake news, witch hunts, presidential harassment, and volumes of unsourced news stories over the past few years.

It is worth pointing out, of course, that America is not in fact a democracy proper — we are by design a constitutional republic. But although we weren’t founded as a democracy, we were founded on democratic principles, the idea that government should be representative of — and servant to — the people, and that those people should live in a free society. 

However, the only threat to America’s “democracy” at present, the only threat to a truly representative and free society, is the Democrat Party.

Just this week, House Democrats voted themselves new authority that challenges the very heart of the separation of powers, as they seek to further destroy Constitutional balance. But this is merely the latest escalation of a long campaign by the Democrats to make the very notion of a fair democracy meaningless in America.

Trying to flood the American electorate with new, heavily Democratic leaning voters, for example, has been a centerpiece of Democratic policy for decades.


The Democrats’ social media posters and cable news pundits know that mass amnesty, loose border enforcement, steadfast defense of “anchor babies,” and increasing our levels of low-skilled legal immigrants with a path to citizenship all play into their hands. That, and not lofty sounding rhetoric about a “nation of immigrants,” is why they’ve pushed so hard for each of these policies, only to be stopped by Republicans.

That general tendency, however, has become the modern, anti-Trump left’s substitute religion. They’ve even developed a perverse, anti-American ideology to underpin it. America, the narrative goes, does not really belong to America.

In the most extreme formulation, this ideology posits that immigration is America’s just retribution for our past national sins. Immigration is our punishment, and we have no right to do anything but lay down and submit to it.

This election cycle, however, Democrats are going further than merely trying to stack the future electorate. They want results now.

That’s why increasing numbers of elected Democrats are calling to change the American democratic system itself. Why bother limiting the vote to adults? Kids vote more for Democrats, and, therefore, we should let 16-year-olds vote.

The electoral college, the system the founders wrote into the Constitution to prevent vastly larger, populous states from drowning out the voice of the hinterland, should be abolished, they say, and their futile whining about “Hillary winning the popular vote” validated.


It’s all so transparent. Democracy itself fits into the anti-Trump Democrats’ worldview only to deliver them power. It has nothing to do with giving the American nation as it exists the power to pick our own leaders.

That historical American conception of democracy isn’t of any particular concern to the Democrats. After all, Americans voted the wrong way in 2016, according to one Democrat because they’re "either racist, steeped in religious beliefs, ignorant, or ... just plain dumb.”

Democracy, as we know it anyway, is doomed to die with the Democrats.

There’s only one way to stop that vision from becoming a reality. From the kick-off of his campaign in Florida through the next 17 months, we have to deliver Donald Trump a second term and put to bed the Democrats’ fantasies about a stolen presidency and a Utopia that squashes individual liberties and establishes their new statist order forever.

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