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President Trump’s approval rating just keeps rising, which shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention to the state of the economy lately.

Earlier this month, Gallup recorded a 46 percent approval rating for the president, which at the time was a personal best. Just two weeks later, according to the latest Zogby Poll, 51 percent of Americans now approve of President Trump’s job performance — another all-time high for Trump, and a significant benchmark heading into the 2020 presidential election campaign.


The Zogby survey explained that President Trump is “riding high on positive economic news — a record high stock market, low unemployment, and solid GDP growth at home,” and pointed out that his current approval rating is actually “higher than Obama's at the same point in his presidency.”

That result isn’t surprising. In just over two years, the president has managed to re-energize our formerly struggling economy, ushering in a new era of wealth and prosperity for American workers.

The U.S. economy added a total of 263,000 jobs in April, pushing the unemployment rate down to 3.6 percent — lower than it has been at any point since 1969. With companies competing to attract a shrinking pool of available workers, average hourly wages also increased by 6 cents to $27.70, continuing a trend of wage growth in excess of 3 percent that began last year.

GDP growth, meanwhile, reached 3.2 percent in the First Quarter of 2019 — a figure that liberals derided as fanciful, if not “mathematically impossible,” when Trump first promised it on the campaign trail.

Even young voters — a demographic that typically supports the Democrats — are starting to recognize the positive effects of President Trump’s policies. According to Zogby, the president “scored well with younger Millennial voters aged 18-29 (51% approve/46% disapprove) and Generation Z voters aged 18-24 (49% approve/51% disapprove).” Even Millennial voters “who have been harsh critics of Trump and his presidency” are now “split on how the next four years will be for the U.S. economy,” the survey revealed.


The Democrat Party tried to prevent this very outcome with dishonest criticisms and doomsday predictions about President Trump’s economic policies, but the economic data have disproved their false narratives every time. Liberals have been warning that a recession could begin as early as this year, for instance, yet the First Quarter data show that we’re currently enjoying one of the strongest economies in decades.

The Democrats have also relentlessly attacked the president's middle class tax cuts, which have been integral to America’s recent economic revival.

Leading Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, for instance, recently claimed that “the godawful tax cut has not helped anybody who’s real,” adding that the benefits didn’t impact “anybody out there breaking their neck trying to figure out how to make the next meal.”

There’s no evidence to support Rhymin’ Joe’s threadbare narrative — but there’s plenty of evidence confirming that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been a tremendous boon to American workers.

Americans are getting tired of hearing the same recycled liberal lies about President Trump’s policies, and we’re nonplussed with the Democrats’ pledge to “reverse” his successful economic agenda. According to the Zogby survey, 46 percent of likely voters trust Donald Trump “to grow the U.S. economy,” compared to only 42 percent of likely voters who said the same about the Democrat candidates.


As long as the economy keeps booming the way it has been for the past two years — and every indication suggests that it will — Trump’s political fortunes will no doubt continue to improve in tandem with America’s economic fortunes.

Charlie Kirk is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, an advocacy group for young conservatives.

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