Sat, Apr 20, 2013

John Hawkins | April 20, 2013

It is not enough for the insecure left to deem a position wrong; if it’s merely wrong, it needs to be argued about, and it can’t survive that. It must instead be morally abhorrent, so that the zealot reacts to the toxin of questioning much like a jogger coming across a decomposing body on the side of the road — it must be internalized that the correct response to such a horror is to retch, and faint, and call the authorities post-haste.

John C. Goodman | April 20, 2013

The best way to understand the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is to realize that it confers large benefits on some people and imposes large costs on others.

Caroline Glick | April 20, 2013

As Independence Day celebrations were winding down Tuesday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made a guest appearance on Channel 2's left-wing satire show Eretz Nehederet.

John Ransom | April 20, 2013

Since the U.S. has failed to adopt progressive, European renewable energy policies like burning wood in stoves, water heaters and furnaces, the leading sources of renewable hot air in the U.S. comes from blogging.

Ed Feulner | April 20, 2013

These days, freedom is under fire in many ways. So it’s nice to be able to report that, in one area at least, freedom is marching in the right direction: education.

Bob Beauprez | April 20, 2013

Not only do Americans have to work almost 30% of the year just to fund government, but the total amount of federal and state taxes paid will be $4.22 trillion – and it won't come close to enough. The federal government will borrow and spend almost a trillion dollars more than that!

Phil Kerpen | April 20, 2013

What if you had to choose between making insurance more affordable for Americans with pre-existing conditions or funding lobbyists and political hacks? That's the decision the House will face when it considers H.R. 1549, the Helping Sick Americans Now Act, sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania. It should be an easy choice.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 20, 2013

Trust us. . . The Fundamentals are not driving this market anymore. Luckily, some people in the media seem to be catching on. Michael Schaus, filling in for John Ransom, talked with Daniel J Mitchell from Cato about the dangers of Big Government. . . And, yes, Ezra Klein is still an idiot.

Marvin Olasky | April 20, 2013

We interrupt the annual joke column for a special announcement: For three years I’ve tried to relieve tax time depression and exhaustion by offering some humor, but this year a sad 70th anniversary trumps lightheartedness.

Night Watch | April 20, 2013

The official public position remains unchanged in substance. China's persistence in supporting the Six Party talks' process for terminating North Korea's nuclear programs implies that the Chinese leaders have some expectation that North Korea can be persuaded to give up its nuclear programs.

Steve Deace | April 20, 2013

Congressman Steve King from my home state isn't bashful about saying the “gang of 8” immigration plan unveiled in the U.S. Senate this week amounts to "rewarding lawbreakers." Perhaps that's only fitting, because lawbreaking has traditionally been associated with gangs.

George Friedman | April 20, 2013

This case highlights our analysis that the jihadist threat now predominantly stems from grassroots operatives who live in the West rather than teams of highly trained operatives sent to the United States from overseas, like the team that executed the 9/11 attacks.

Paul Jacob | April 20, 2013

Power corrupts. Insulated power corrupts corrosively.

Fri, Apr 19, 2013

Oliver North | April 19, 2013

It's sure to be a major motion picture worthy of the talents of Michael Moore and Oliver Stone.

Tim Phillips | April 19, 2013

This week we finally reached Tax Freedom Day - the day after which American workers begin to make money for themselves and their families instead of the government.

Paul Greenberg | April 19, 2013

Before the final chamber music concert of the season at the Clinton Library here in Little Rock, there was a celebratory reception. It should have been a gala evening, but it was the night after the bomb blasts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and a pall still hung in the air. Like the dust and smoke on Boylston Street the day before.

Rich Galen | April 19, 2013

This column is about the vote on Wednesday in the U.S. Senate on the amendment to the gun control bill which had as its two main sponsors Democrat Joe Manchin (WVa) and Republican Pat Toomey (Pa).

Diana West | April 19, 2013

After the FBI rescheduled another postponed briefing on the Boston Marathon Massacre for 8 p.m. on Wednesday night -- and then canceled that one, too -- that was it. I was going to give the news circus a rest until morning.

Michelle Malkin | April 19, 2013

Planned Parenthood now says it's "appalled" by the Philadelphia house of horrors run by accused serial baby-killer and pregnant-mom murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Bull.

Mark Davis | April 19, 2013

As this week’s gun control vote settles in, and as the President urges you toward angst and distress that compounds your already profound pain, I want to give you a different perspective that offers love, empathy and clarity.

Brent Bozell | April 19, 2013

President Obama suffered a large, embarrassing loss in the Senate on a slew of gun-control bills. If this were a Republican president, they'd be sounding the lame-duck alarms on the nightly newscasts. But most media outlets can't do this.

Mike Adams | April 19, 2013

Don is angry with me. He cannot understand why I support punishing rapists with death while simultaneously defending the rights of the unborn. He accuses me of applying double standards, promoting hypocrisy, and of being "inconsistent." But I am perfectly consistent in my beliefs. And, truth be known, so is Don.

Jonah Goldberg | April 19, 2013

Whether it stems from a grandiose overconfidence in his own powers of persuasion, or the lessons he took from his years as a community organizer, or his own messianic conviction that he is on the right side of everything, including history itself, the president has operated under the theory that he can move the American people to his causes.

David Limbaugh | April 19, 2013

I wonder why President Obama feels he has the right to be outraged when legislators don't automatically roll over to his policy demands. I suspect that his moral indignation is more about personally losing than it is about policy issues themselves.

Mona Charen | April 19, 2013

Obama doesn't care about dead children. He's indifferent to the suffering of their parents. There isn't a single coherent argument on his side of the case. He lies about the issue. It's pure politics.

Mona Charen | April 19, 2013

A Gallup poll released this week shows that almost 60 percent of adults in America believe that wealth is distributed unfairly, with over 50 percent saying that "the rich" should be taxed heavily to accomplish a fair distribution of resources.

Oliver North | April 19, 2013

We don't know why two bombs were set near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding more than 170 others Monday, April 15.

Pat Buchanan | April 19, 2013

During President Eisenhower's first term, 60 years ago, the United States faced an invasion across its southern border.

Suzanne Fields | April 19, 2013

"Mad Men" is back with a loyal audience after a 10-month hiatus. It returned with 3.4 million viewers, its second-highest rating, and is again getting so much intellectual attention you might think it was "War and Peace."

John Ransom | April 19, 2013

In the 1970s the city was full of vacant and boarded up buildings between the White House and Congress on Pennsylvania Ave. Now it’s a boomtown. The census says that the Baltimore-Washington metro area is the fourth largest in the United States. Guess who paid for that?

Linda Chavez | April 19, 2013

The immigration reform bill introduced this week by a bipartisan group of senators will please few die-hards on either side of the immigration debate, but it's likely to please most Americans.

Matt Towery | April 19, 2013

A Gallup poll released this week shows that almost 60 percent of adults in America believe that wealth is distributed unfairly, with over 50 percent saying that "the rich" should be taxed heavily to accomplish a fair distribution of resources.

Donald Lambro | April 19, 2013

The national news media have been in hyper-drive since President Obama's inauguration, trying to convince us that the U.S. economy is getting stronger.

Fritz Pfister | April 19, 2013

Housing on the surface continues to look good, however when you peel back the layers of that onion it appears to be growing only due to bubble inducing Fed policies.

Charlotte Hays | April 19, 2013

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has his secretary—and Barack Obama has…me. Like countless other U.S. taxpayers, I was interested but not at all surprised to learn, when I paid my annual visit to Mr. Block, that my effective tax rate for 2012 was higher than Mr. Obama’s enviable effective rate of 18 percent.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | April 19, 2013

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 54-46 to defeat an amendment that would have required broader background checks on gun purchases. The amendment, sponsored by Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and pushed by the White House and its supporters, was the last hope for any kind of gun control bill in this Congress, and probably for President Obama’s presidency.

Anna Higgins | April 19, 2013

The horrors that have been revealed by witnesses in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell are almost unspeakable. It appears the disgusting conditions found at his facility were just the tip of the iceberg.

Gina Loudon | April 19, 2013

The tragedies of school shootings and the abortion industry have many similarities. We refuse to abandon our politically correct ideologies. We dodge the real problems. And the mental health industry provides cover for this subterfuge.

Bob Beauprez | April 19, 2013

As recently as 2006, private sector financing was double that of government sources, but not any more.

Crista Huff | April 19, 2013

Morgan Stanley beat Wall Street’s revenue and earnings estimates for the first quarter. As with other large banks reporting this week, Morgan Stanley reported weak fixed income revenue and strong equity revenue.

Michael Schaus | April 19, 2013

Politicians are now getting creative about slowing down the economy. This so-called “Robin Hood” tax would impose a tax on each financial transaction conducted on Wall Street. But, strangely, the part that should be most annoying is the name.

Night Watch | April 19, 2013

Either North Korean Leaders genuinely do not want talks at this time, or they have made a statement of regarding their most extreme positions as an opening round and invitation for a reply.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 19, 2013

A new “Robin Hood Tax” is being discussed in DC that would levy a tax on every financial transaction and trade in the market. Michael Schaus points out that Robin Hood was actually an anti-tax crusader. Also, Dan Epstein from Cause for Action uncovers a program – funded by tax dollars – aimed at increasing taxes. . . Kinda like a DC version of the “circle of life.”

Crystal Wright | April 19, 2013

Now Congress is a bunch of “shameful” liars, according to President Barack Obama because the Senate didn’t vote for a slew of gun control amendments he demanded. In his remarks about the Senate gun bill’s demise, Obama took his hypocrisy and insults to new heights, revealing an arrogance of power we haven’t seen since President Richard Nixon’s Watergate.

Nathan Slaughter | April 19, 2013

To understand the sheer magnitude of this opportunity, let's put that figure in context. The U.S. Dept. of Energy estimates that there are 23.9 billion barrels of recoverable shale oil in the lower-48 states. That means the Monterey Shale by itself holds nearly two-thirds of the total.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | April 19, 2013

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 54-46 to defeat an amendment that would have required broader background checks on gun purchases. The amendment, sponsored by Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and pushed by the White House and its supporters, was the last hope for any kind of gun control bill in this Congress, and probably for President Obama’s presidency.

Thu, Apr 18, 2013

Cliff May | April 18, 2013

Last year, the White House announced a “pivot” toward Asia, a “rebalancing” of what National Security adviser Tom Donilon called “all elements of U.S. power.”

Mary Grabar | April 18, 2013

My antennae go up whenever any education initiative is associated with radicals, like Bill Ayers. We still don’t know why Bill Ayers was at an education conference with Arne Duncan and a representative from Achieve, the well-connected, Washington-based non-profit organizing this effort to nationalize education.

Hugh Hewitt | April 18, 2013

Carnage in Boston, ricin in Congress and devastation in West, Texas make this the worst week in years for the U.S. That the parents of some of the victims of Newtown were disappointed in the Senate yesterday adds to the gloom, and the president’s unbelievable timing for his fit of pique Wednesday added to the sense that the country is, genuinely, leaderless.

David Harsanyi | April 18, 2013

President Barack Obama has been struggling to wrap his head around the "unimaginable" idea that Congress may "defy" the American people and stop a vote on a gun control package compromise. The notion, he says, resists the "overwhelming instinct of the American people" after the massacre in Newtown, Conn., to pass gun control legislation.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 18, 2013

My sister Kathy texted the news of Boston Marathon bombing not long after it happened. We've run (walked) four marathons together, and each of us has completed five. We understand the months of training involved in running a marathon (26.2 miles from start to finish). It's not only physical training but also mental.

Neal Boortz | April 18, 2013

You know what it comes down to, Barry-0? People don’t trust you. Simple as that.

Katie Pavlich | April 18, 2013

Do you walk with your head down? Do you walk while looking at your iPhone? Congratulations! You’re a perfect target for a violent attack.

Michael Barone | April 18, 2013

"More tears are shed over answered prayers," the 16th century nun St. Teresa of Avila is supposed to have said, "than over unanswered ones."

Victor Davis Hanson | April 18, 2013

Not since the late-19th-century juxtaposition of the Wild West with the Victorian East has popular morality been so unbridled and yet so uptight.

Larry Elder | April 18, 2013

Investigators cannot yet tell whether the bombings at the Boston marathon, which so far have killed three and wounded more than 170, are the product of domestic or foreign terrorist(s). But whether foreign or domestic, America's enemies are colorblind.

Wayne Allyn Root | April 18, 2013

How far behind can America be? Our media says we are in a “recovery” incessantly. We are told that because the stock market is rising, because housing is enjoying a few signs of life (at bankruptcy prices), and because cars are selling better than the terrible rate they sold at last year, that the U.S. economy is doing well.

Michael Reagan | April 18, 2013

Did you catch The Rev. Jesse Jackson the other night on CNN demanding a Senate hearing into why regulators never cracked down on that gruesome abortion clinic in Philadelphia?

Scottie Hughes | April 18, 2013

We have problems in America. The most obvious is a busted budget, an overtaxed citizenry (at least for the 53% who pay into the system), another push on gun control, a broken immigration system, a socialist healthcare model and gay marriage rights. The litany of challenges we face goes on. They plague our political discourse with negativity and dissension.

Debra J. Saunders | April 18, 2013

The bipartisan immigration package put forward by the Gang of Eight looks like a reasonable bill, but it likely won't become law, and it probably shouldn't.

John Ransom | April 18, 2013

Peace and prosperity- relics of the 20th Century- are way over-rated when you got gobs and gobs of cash created by the central banks worldwide.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | April 18, 2013

In 1965, Yale and Princeton raised their tuition, making them the most expensive Ivy League schools at the time. The hefty price tag? Just $1950 a year.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 18, 2013

When asked on left-leaning MSNBC why President Barack Obama refrained from describing the Boston bombings as a "terrorist attack" David Axelrod, Obama's longtime political advisor, readily saw a political opportunity.

Steve Chapman | April 18, 2013

Our era is known as the Age of Terror, and no wonder. Twelve years ago, the United States suffered its worst terrorist attack ever, and since then, we have lived under the shadow of atrocities designed to frighten as well as kill. The bombs that went off in Boston put to rest the hope that with al-Qaida largely demolished, we could rest easy.

David Cortman | April 18, 2013

Why can’t the Boy Scouts of America hold to the same moral code and resulting lifestyle principles they’ve held to since their formation? Has the moral code changed?

Bill Tatro | April 18, 2013

“We’re better off now than when President Obama took office,”she proudly thrust.

Jerry Newcombe | April 18, 2013

Terrorism is in the news again as seen in the tragic bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday. This man-made disaster gives a time to reflect on terrorism---as we continue to pray for the victims of the bombing.

Crista Huff | April 18, 2013

Cirrus shares tripled in value in 2012, from $16 to $45, then began a freefall in September. The stock has not yet formed a base, and has lost almost its entire 2012 gains.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 18, 2013

There’s just not the love for commodities that there used to be. In fact, John points out that the Market seems to be setting most fundamental rules aside for the moment. There is also a Human IPO (yeah. . . It’s exactly what it sounds like) and the potential for another bubble. John Ransom also talked with Louise Bennetts from the Cato Institute about Too Big to Fail.

Night Watch | April 18, 2013

North Koreans scientists and technicians have had the opportunity and fissile material to work on machining plutonium since at least 1993. If Pakistan can machine fissile material to make a warhead then the North Koreans, inferentially, can because North Koreans worked at Khan Labs for years after the 1998 Pakistani nuclear test to develop warheads for the Ghauri missile, also made by Khan Labs.

Wed, Apr 17, 2013

Ann Coulter | April 17, 2013

When Republicans start lying like Democrats, you can guess they are pushing an idea that's bad for America. During his William Ginsburg-like tour of the Sunday talk shows last weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio was the Mount Vesuvius of lies about his immigration bill.

Todd Starnes | April 17, 2013

Pro-Life students at the University of Buffalo came under a fierce attack by a group of professors who compared them to a lynch mob. At least one professor was arrested after she launched a profanity-laced tirade directed toward the students.

Marybeth Hicks | April 17, 2013

To: Marybeth From: Dad is Desperate for a Date

Brent Bozell | April 17, 2013

The trial of notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell -- as close to a demonic presence as anything this country will ever see -- was almost a month old when the network blackout finally ended. CNN broke its silence, as did CBS. National newspapers sent reporters to the trial for the first time.

Humberto Fontova | April 17, 2013

"Wimps,” sneers Michael Moore in his book Downsize This, referring to men (and boys, some as young as 16) who 52 years ago this week hit a Cuban beach now known as the Bay of Pigs.

Tony Katz | April 17, 2013

When the horrific news from Boston broke, I was on the air with Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company, All we had to go on was photos of mass chaos obscured by clouds of smoke.

Jeff Jacoby | April 17, 2013

SCARCELY HAD the terrible news from Copley Square broken when the somber prediction began to be heard everywhere: Boston will never be the same. The Marathon will never be the same. Patriots Day will never be the same.

Bob Barr | April 17, 2013

Despite two decisions, in 2008 and 2010, by the U.S. Supreme Court unequivocally affirming that the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms against infringement by the government, state legislatures continue to do just that.

Rich Galen | April 17, 2013

The Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary defines the word "civilization" thus:

An ideal state of human culture characterized by complete absence of barbarism and non-rational behavior.

Katie Pavlich | April 17, 2013

Much of the recent gun control debate around the country has been centered around “high capacity magazines,” which begs the question, just how many rounds of ammunition should a law abiding citizen be legally capable of putting into their gun? The answer is, as many rounds as it takes to stop a violent threat.

Thomas Sowell | April 17, 2013

Most laws are meant to stop people from doing something, and to penalize those who disregard those laws.

Michelle Malkin | April 17, 2013

In brief remarks to the nation yesterday on the Boston Marathon bombings, President Obama said that "we all have a part to play in alerting authorities. If you see something suspicious, speak up." In Washington, D.C., electronic signs urged commuters to be on guard. Law enforcement, big-city mayors and security experts all echoed that famous post-terrorism refrain: "If you see something, say something."

John Stossel | April 17, 2013

Even parts of government that look like a business never get run with the efficiency of a business. Just look at the post office.

Walter E. Williams | April 17, 2013

Suppose you buy a gallon of gas for $3. How much did it cost you?

Jonah Goldberg | April 17, 2013

If abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is found guilty of homicide, he will be unique among murderers-for-hire: He set his fees based on weight.

Ben Shapiro | April 17, 2013

In the aftermath of the murderous terrorist attacks on the Boston Marathon this week, commentators across the landscape have rightly praised the heroic first responders and police, the civilians who ran to help and the civilians who ran to give blood.

Terry Jeffrey | April 17, 2013

After President Barack Obama decided to intervene militarily in the Libyan revolution -- and after he reportedly signed a finding authorizing covert action there -- weapons went from Libya to Syrian rebels, Algerian terrorists and al-Qaida in Mali.

John Ransom | April 17, 2013

Police are looking for a man who was described as dark-skinned and who was wearing a backpack in the vicinity just minutes before the explosions. Yep; It's probably some white guy with a Budweiser cap and a John Deere belt buckle that's responsible for the explosions in Boston.

Austin Bay | April 17, 2013

I have no idea who committed the terror attack in Boston and for what onerous reason. However, I do know that the technological and political dynamics extant in this week's massacre afflicted the late 19th century and that for some 140 years, the world has yet to balance the benefits and threats of mobility and miniaturization.

Paul Greenberg | April 17, 2013

Thanks for the memories, specifically the biographical sketch of Bill Mauldin, the great but never assuming cartoonist for Stars and Stripes during the World War, Act

Donald Lambro | April 17, 2013

The bombing at the Boston Marathon, the first large-scale attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001, was clearly another terrorist attack. So why wasn't it labeled as such by President Obama in his first public remarks from the White House?

Jacob Sullum | April 17, 2013

Urging Congress to expand background checks for gun buyers, President Obama claims the current system has "kept more than 2 million dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun" during the last two decades.

David Sterman | April 17, 2013

Analysts have reset their expectations for a basket of commodities. Here's how investors can turn the bear market to their advantage.

Night Watch | April 17, 2013

The references to action without warning and to starting military actions immediately indicate the North's leaders probably have ordered a military demonstration.

Ken Connor | April 17, 2013

Last week, I wrote a column entitled "Brutality in the Brave New World" discussing an appalling movement within the scientific community in which researchers are exploring the "therapeutic" potential of the eggs of aborted baby girls. In a similar vein, a bioethicist writing for the Huffington Post in 2009 famously suggested that pregnant women wanting abortions be paid to remain pregnant longer so that their aborted babies yield more "useful" body parts. In the face of such moral depravity, the only conclusion to be drawn was that mankind has given itself over utterly to the appetites of ambition and avarice, and Heaven help those who find themselves the object of these appetites unchecked by moral standards.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 17, 2013

The market got a bit of a rally from some economic data. . . But don’t worry: The fundamentals still aren’t playing into the market’s performance. John Ransom also spoke with Mark DeWeaver about the Chinese markets – and how those impact us here at home.

Ralph Benko | April 17, 2013

Amid an ongoing decline in the price of gold, a major brawl recently broke out in the elite media over…the gold standard. What is this free-for-all all about? And why does it matter?

Roger Schlesinger | April 17, 2013

Everyone in America, employee or employer, man or woman, young or old, highly educated or high school dropout can become wealthy. It can happen quickly, or can take decades. But as my favorite announcer, the late Paul Harvey, would say: And now the rest of the story. . .

Crista Huff | April 17, 2013

U.S. Bancorp’s chart is neutral, recently trading in a tight range between $33 and $34.50. The stock has fallen below support today, and investors should be cautious.

Michael Schaus | April 17, 2013

Guess which city is home to the largest number of tax cheats? Yeah. . . It also turns out that the Office of Government Ethics (I think Thomas Jefferson just screamed from beyond the grave) has one of the highest delinquency rates at 6.5 percent. But you better pay your taxes on time, or else. . .

Tue, Apr 16, 2013

Byron York | April 16, 2013

There's a confrontation coming between the Obama administration and Republicans in Congress over the most basic question of immigration reform: How secure is the U.S. border with Mexico?

Todd Starnes | April 16, 2013

A decorated war veteran on a Boy Scout hike with his 15-year-old son was arrested alongside a Texas country road after a police officer accused him of “rudely displaying” a firearm.

Larry Kudlow | April 16, 2013

I still think falling gold is a good thing. And whatever the short-term turbulence, a more subdued price for gold (and commodities) bodes well for the future economy.

Susan Stamper Brown | April 16, 2013

As the F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security sift through the collateral damage in Boston, one thing is abundantly clear: it was an act of terrorism.

Rachel Marsden | April 16, 2013

As dignitaries gather in London to pay their respects to one of modern history's greatest leaders, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died last week at the age of 87, the riff-raff of Great Britain have emerged, subsidized by either the state or by mummy and daddy, to rejoice in her death.

David Stokes | April 16, 2013

Wherever the investigation into what happened yesterday in Boston leads, my first reactions were likely in sync with those of most Americans hearing the news.

Ashley Herzog | April 16, 2013

He’s allegedly killed more people than Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy combined, but most Americans have never heard of him.

Rachel Alexander | April 16, 2013

Republicans have been so busy attacking each other lately that little attention is being paid to the antics of the left. The far left activists, including the Occupy movement and Anonymous, have been quite busy.

Armstrong Williams | April 16, 2013

If you do a search of the wealthiest black businessmen, the results may not come as a surprise to you. The list is dominated by athletes and entertainment figures; in fact, only 2 names consistently come up that are what you would consider traditional businessmen.

Paul Greenberg | April 16, 2013

There was something familiar, eerily familiar, about the stories that a reporter named Robert Huber recounted in his piece for Philadelphia magazine called "Being White in Philly." They were largely stories from white folks who lived in or near largely black neighborhoods and didn't feel free to speak their minds lest their neighbors accuse them of being racist.

John Hawkins | April 16, 2013

While bombings are not a common occurrence in America, there have been more of them than most people realize.

Katie Pavlich | April 16, 2013

Now that my carbine training is complete (for now), I’m onto my defensive pistol class.

Thomas Sowell | April 16, 2013

Amid all the heated, emotional advocacy of gun control, have you ever heard even one person present convincing hard evidence that tighter gun control laws have in fact reduced murders?

Rick Santorum | April 16, 2013

My wife, Karen, and I are blessed with seven children, including one little girl with very special needs, Bella. There are many days when we are overwhelmed or dead-tired or frustrated or all of the above. I'm sure all parents can relate. It's just part of being a parent. But like millions of Americans, we also know it's the most important job we ever will have.

Chuck Norris | April 16, 2013

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that agents for the Internal Revenue Service are bypassing warrants and sifting through the email and other electronic communications of American citizens.

David Limbaugh | April 16, 2013

Recently, I wrote a column arguing that the world is upside-down -- by which I meant "our" world, America. Today I offer more exhibits in support of my case that our culture is unraveling.

Mona Charen | April 16, 2013

To understand the magnitude of what Egyptian columnist Khalid Muntasir has done, it helps to get a taste of what most Egyptian and Arab media are like.

Cal Thomas | April 16, 2013

The death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has prompted reactions from Britain's far left that takes bad taste to new extremes.

Dennis Prager | April 16, 2013

Last week, a USC student released 15 minutes of excerpts from videos he had made of his political science professor, Darry Sragow.

Pat Buchanan | April 16, 2013

No true Catholic church can preach that Jesus hates gays. "Love your enemies" is the message of Christ.

Debra J. Saunders | April 16, 2013

Secret tapings can only have a chilling effect on the classroom. As USC provost Elizabeth Garrett noted in a statement, "one of the most important principles of an academic community has been that academic inquiry and discussion be free from censorship or undue outside control."

John Ransom | April 16, 2013

In the April edition, the publication Nature Climate Change acknowledges that global warming has been paused, at least between the period from 2000 to 2010. This time the culprit is the most ingenious energy storage mechanism ever- the ocean. Oh my.

Bill Murchison | April 16, 2013

The Wall Street Journal relates the sad saga of a Christian body riven by dissension at an awful moment for dissension among Christians.

Night Watch | April 16, 2013

North Koreans celebrated Kim Il-sung's birthday without launching a missile, as of this Watch. The leadership rejected offers of talks proposed by the US and by the Republic of Korea. It also rejected negotiations over Kaesong, which remains idle.

Crista Huff | April 16, 2013

Sprint shares crashed with the 2008 Financial Meltdown, and have never recovered. The company has been taking losses for years, and is projected to continue losing money for the next two years.

Phil Kerpen | April 16, 2013

On April 12th the House passed H. R. 1120, the Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor Management Relations Act, on a narrow 219 to 209 vote.

Crystal Wright | April 16, 2013

Every time I think the Republican National Committee is going to give me a break and not do something insulting, they give me another reason why neither I nor any other conservative should have any confidence in the RNC.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 16, 2013

Oil, Gold, and plenty of others are taking a dive. John talks about the influence of China, and the reason this downturn is not a shock. Robert Bryce, with the Manhattan Institute, also joined Ransom to talk about the myth of “peak oil.”

Hal Scherz | April 16, 2013

This is just the beginning; it won’t be long before the next Obamacare surprise.

Bill Tatro | April 16, 2013

It is not a difficult stretch of the imagination to envision Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece, among others, finding themselves in the very same dilemma as Cyprus when it comes to being forced to sell gold.

Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Robert Knight | April 15, 2013

While the media cheer the Obama Administration and Senate Democrats as they exploit the Newtown school massacre to push laws that would hamper law-abiding citizens, they won’t connect some more obvious dots to another shooting.

Jack Kerwick | April 15, 2013

The name of “Russell Kirk” is heard seldom, if ever, in conservative circles today. This is tragic, and maybe even a bit scandalous, for as William F. Buckley—a person whose name is well known—once said, it “is inconceivable even to imagine, let alone hope for, a dominant conservative movement in America without [Kirks’] labor.”

Casey Mattox | April 15, 2013

By now, most everyone knows that MSNBC thinks that one of our big problems is this outdated notion that your children are your own. As this MSNBC video explains: “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”

Paul Kengor | April 15, 2013

Maybe it’s a measure of progressives’ refusal to look back, to always move “forward.” Otherwise, they should be celebrating right now. In fact, President Obama and fellow modern progressives/liberals should be ecstatic all this year, rejoicing over the centenary of something so fundamental to their ideology, to their core goals of government, to their sense of economic and social justice—to what Obama once called “redistributive change.”

Rich Galen | April 15, 2013

President Obama has tried his version of leading - which has been mostly attempting to bully Congressional Republicans into submission. It hasn't worked.

Michael Gerson | April 15, 2013

Since the Eisenhower administration, the United States generally has done food aid in a certain way: grow and pack it in America, ship it across the world on American-flagged ships, then deliver it through American charities, which sell a portion of the food to fund their other programs.

Katie Pavlich | April 15, 2013

Sunday was my third and final day of the Gunsite carbine course and the focus was on versatility of different weapons during a fight, knowing your environment during a fight and threat simulation.

Jedediah Bila | April 15, 2013

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post Sarah Palin had written while reflecting upon her daughter Willow's graduation from an academy that specializes in hair and skin. In it, she said the following.

Kurt Schlichter | April 15, 2013

America’s ruling class appears to believe that its mission is to subjugate and bring to heel those outside the club – which means you and me.

Michael Barone | April 15, 2013

"Without legislative language," Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy declared in a statement March 20, "there is nothing for the Judiciary Committee to consider this week at our markup." The subject of the statement was immigration legislation, and his irritation was understandable.

Star Parker | April 15, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson stepped into the national spotlight recently when, as speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast, to an audience that included President Obama, he was openly critical of the President’s approach to health care and his overall management of the nation’s economy.

Mike Adams | April 15, 2013

Welcome back students! My name is Biff Latane and I am the campus director of Jesus Crew (or J. Cru for short) here at Denton State University (or DSU for short). Before I tell you more about J. Cru at DSU, I want to take a few minutes to apologize for an episode that occurred during our last meeting at the end of the last quarter.

Katie Kieffer | April 15, 2013

Recycling is fine. Conservation is fine. But sometimes greenies cross the line. They expect you and me to go jobless and hungry so they can save a porcupine.

Ken Blackwell | April 15, 2013

It’s a pity North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had to spoil the party this week. Rockers at the White House should not have had to listen to disturbing news stories about rattling sabers and missile launches

Michael Brown | April 15, 2013

As leader after leader comes out in favor of the radical redefinition of marriage, it is becoming increasingly clear that what is driving most, if not all of them, is not biblical values, or the institution of marriage, or the long-term good of society. Instead, they are driven by polling, popularity, and a superficial pragmatism. This is what happens when you drink the same-sex “marriage” Kool-aid!

Bruce Bialosky | April 15, 2013

There are legitimate debates about public policy issues. Those discussions do not have to be turned into demonizing the other side as Al Gore stylized regarding Global Warming and Paul Krugman now personifies regarding our massive deficit and debt.

John Ransom | April 15, 2013

D.C. home prices reached the highest point in history during what liberals would claim as a period of austerity for our federal city.

Matt Barber | April 15, 2013

“Gay pride” necessitates anti-Christian hate. It must. “Gay marriage” and other “sexual orientation”-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic.

Shawn Mitchell | April 15, 2013

The Philadelphia infanticide story is like Benghazi: Big Media is violently allergic to anything that diminishes its heroes or its heroic causes.

Bob Beauprez | April 15, 2013

I was in Congress in 2005 and regret my vote to establish the RFS. Like many government programs, the original good intentions have morphed into a mess that now threatens to harm the very people it was designed to protect

Morgan Brittany | April 15, 2013

Look no further than that luscious stash of cash that is just sitting there in people’s retirement accounts.

Laura Hollis | April 15, 2013

Over the past two weeks, I have paid particular attention to four news stories.

Sun, Apr 14, 2013

Jeff Jacoby | April 14, 2013

In his "Letter from Birmingham Jail," written behind bars 50 years ago this week, Martin Luther King invokes God 15 times and mentions the words "Christ" or "Christian" 21 times. But he refers to "law" 41 times – more than both of them combined – and thereby hangs a lesson.

Caroline Glick | April 14, 2013

Two events happened on Wednesday which should send a shiver down the spine of everyone concerned about the future of the American Jewish community. But to understand their importance it is important to consider the context in which they occurred.

Katie Pavlich | April 14, 2013

Here at Gunsite everyone is armed with a pistol on their hip and it feels like the one of the safest places I have ever been. Buz Mills, the owner of Gunsite, carries a Smith & Wesson 1911. Being armed at all times requires a certain mindset, a mindset that enables you to defend your life in the presence of a threat.

Paul Jacob | April 14, 2013

As Republicans scramble to bolster up their constituencies, Republican politicians in three states enthusiastically get behind issues that will almost certainly lose them voters from all segments of the electorate.

Doug Giles | April 14, 2013

According to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, evangelical Christians are now a national security threat. I’m talkin’ at the top of the list folks. As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise” eh, Christians?

Derek Hunter | April 14, 2013

When the massacre in Newtown occurred, it received wall-to-wall coverage, as well it should have. We’d never seen anything like this before – a mentally ill gunman shooting tiny children and their teachers in an elementary school. It shocked the senses and dominated the national conversation – as well it should have.

Austin Hill | April 14, 2013

What happens when the U.S. Secretary of Labor visits a church in Charlotte? If an incident earlier this month is any indication, faulty political promises and destructive economic policies continue to spread.

Debra J. Saunders | April 14, 2013

When Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., visited the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board in February, he essentially predicted that Washington would end up where it is today. Asked whether an assault weapons ban had a realistic chance of passage, the longtime gun owner, Vietnam vet and Democrats' point man on crafting legislation in the wake of the horrific Dec. 14 Sandy Hook shooting replied, "You don't think this whole thing's going to get through?" His apparent assessment was that it would not.

John Ransom | April 14, 2013

This phony idea that somehow Social Security is “special” or “segregated” just allows the government to pretend that payroll taxes aren’t taxes, but more like a savings account we all pay into and to which we are all entitled.

Rich Tucker | April 14, 2013

In the early 1990s, toy maker Mattel got into hot water for manufacturing a talking Barbie doll that warned children: “Math class is tough.” Yet 20 years later, if we could pull their string, most politicians would probably say just that.

Bob Beauprez | April 14, 2013

We learn today that he's been charging the taxpayers rent for the accommodations used by the Secret Service as they provide security for him on his Delaware property.

Mark Baisley | April 14, 2013

Gun control advocates frequently emphasize the first half of the Second Amendment in an attempt to get a foothold for their intentions.

Marita Noon | April 14, 2013

The tree thefts are just one of the bizarre consequences of the EU’s adoption of the climate change narrative. One of the newest revelations, reported by The Economist, is: “By far the largest so-called renewable fuel used in Europe is wood”—which it calls “the fuel of the future.”