Sat, Apr 13, 2013

Diana West | April 13, 2013

More than 5,000 words into the New York Times Magazine report on everything ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., and his wife, Huma Abedin, want you to know about Weiner’s “sexting” scandal that led him to resign from Congress in 2011, reporter Jonathan Van Meter pauses the story.

John Hawkins | April 13, 2013

Other than members of the KKK, Nazi Party or Fred Phelps' insane clan, the people in American society who most desperately need sensitivity training are liberals. Liberalism is teeming with arrogant, close-minded, extraordinarily offensive people who seem completely oblivious to how habitually obnoxious and intolerant their behavior has become. Just to name a few examples...

Katie Pavlich | April 13, 2013

My first full day of training at Gunsite in Paulden, Ariz. was what I would call a success, despite the fact I should have done a few more bicep curls before I got here.

John C. Goodman | April 13, 2013

In Britain they are mourning the death of Margaret Thatcher. They are also celebrating. Celebrating? Yes, celebrating.

Neil McCabe | April 13, 2013

Video gamers have a reputation for preferring their virtual reality over the one the rest of us have to deal with, but they may want to log-in to what’s happening on Capitol Hill before their pastime becomes the latest industry to fall under government control.

John Ransom | April 13, 2013

If you think the economic slowdown now is related to the tax increase then, well you might be good at math, but you know nothing about Washington math and Washington journalism, both of which are the highest forms of the art of opinion.

Kathryn Lopez | April 13, 2013

In the face of the darkness that befell Newton, Conn., there has been an expectation of something more, but it doesn't have to do with legislation. Father Peter Cameron, a Dominican priest, preached to the families gathered at St. Rose of Lima Church there the Sunday after the school massacre about the hope that he saw in them.

Paul Greenberg | April 13, 2013

It's an annual ritual yet always different. Like spring itself. Like the first taste of matzah at the Passover seder. It marks renewal. It brings past memories and future hope together in the pure, unblemished present. Like a blank page waiting to be imprinted.

Paul Driessen | April 13, 2013

High cost, no benefit does nothing to forestall agency’s quest for ecological utopia.

Brian Birdnow | April 13, 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s death on Monday, April 8th at the age of 87 brought a flood of reminiscences from many in the chattering classes who are old enough to remember her and her remarkable eleven-year tenure as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Kyle Olson | April 13, 2013

When Karen Lewis spoke to the recent “Occupy Department of Education” protest in Washington, D.C., she neatly explained the lens through which the union makes all of its decisions.

Ed Feulner | April 13, 2013

Almost everyone knows the acronym “EMT.” We know that emergency medical technicians will arrive in a hurry if someone calls for an ambulance. Less familiar is the acronym “EMP.” But if an electromagnetic pulse were to hit the United States, we’d need a lot more than an ambulance to fix the problems that would result.

Steve Chapman | April 13, 2013

The communist regime in Cuba was just about to come tumbling down, ending decades of dictatorship and opening the way for freedom and democracy. But before that could happen, Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to the island. So Cuba's despotism can expect to survive another 50 years.

Crista Huff | April 13, 2013

Macy’s claim of unfair competition against J.C. Penney Co. has been dismissed in the New York State Supreme Court.

Night Watch | April 13, 2013

The calm reaction of the Allies to North Korean threats seems to confound the North Korean propagandists. A few excerpts are worth noting.

Steve Deace | April 13, 2013

Over the years we have made Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly a lot of money. We bought into his carefully-crafted persona as a populist champion of traditional values with his top-rated Fox News show, as well as best-selling books like Who’s Looking out for You and Culture Warrior.

Bill Tatro | April 13, 2013

If interest rates rise, as most of the world assumes will happen eventually, then a million dollars instantly becomes a lot less.

Larry Kudlow | April 13, 2013

With some tweaking of eligibility requirements, a true economic-growth budget would lower food-stamp enrollment, unemployment compensation, disability benefits, and other forms of welfare-dependency spending that plague the country.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 13, 2013

Analysts are rightly pointing out that Banks are making profits, despite making few loans and seeing fundamentals deteriorate. By the way: Did you know the Senate Democrats blocked a resolution to honor Lady Thatcher? And, of course, Ezra Klein is still an idiot.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013

Michael Schaus | April 12, 2013

Now. . . If I could just figure out how to print my own money, I’d be happy to help Bernanke out with his QE.

Humberto Fontova | April 12, 2013

“The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and drink, the European is forward- looking, organized and intelligent…The Negro has maintained his racial purity by his well known habit of avoiding baths.”

Tim Phillips | April 12, 2013

When President Obama declared April to be “National Financial Capability Month” and described plans for his administration to teach young people “how to budget responsibly,” it was easy to mistake the announcement for a Stephen-Colbert-style April Fools’ prank.

Oliver North | April 12, 2013

Ten years ago this weekend, our Fox News team was racing north from Baghdad to Tikrit with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. They knew what needed to be done and had a plan for doing it, and all Griff Jenkins and I had to do was cover it and stay out of the way. Given what I'm doing this weekend, covering the war was less demanding, somewhat better-organized and perhaps less dangerous.

Katie Pavlich | April 12, 2013

Over the course of the next week, I'll be spending my time at Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona learning the ins and outs of the AR-15 and pistol handling.

Michelle Malkin | April 12, 2013

Does America lack "compassion" and "humanity" for uninvited foreigners? Quite the contrary. While open-borders activists rail against "injustice" and demand new "pathways to citizenship," official U.S. policy rewards countless line-jumpers with permanent residency and taxpayer-subsidized benefits.

Mark Davis | April 12, 2013

It is hard to imagine a more inspiring occasion. The graduation ceremony for Johns Hopkins University Medical School was set to welcome the man who has brought it so much attention lately-- Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery whose observations on culture and politics have earned him millions of new fans in recent months.

Brent Bozell | April 12, 2013

Country music star Brad Paisley is either an idiot or a genius. If he wrote the song "Accidental Racist" to stir a whirlwind of (mostly bad) publicity, he's a genius. But the negative cultural consensus strongly suggests he should have never been dumb enough to try to write a racial-harmony song.

Jonah Goldberg | April 12, 2013

Er, no. At least not by my lights. But maybe the country singer and the first-term senator are contenders for that title according to the attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder.

David Limbaugh | April 12, 2013

The old adage "better late than never" might not apply in the case of President Obama's tardily filed budget.

Mona Charen | April 12, 2013

We tell ourselves, we parents of college-bound kids (not to mention ordinary citizens), that American campuses really aren't as bad as all that, that students can avoid the most tendentious indoctrinators and that the press tends to exaggerate. And then we read headlines like "Kathy Boudin Teaching at Columbia" and sharp reality once again punctures the comfortable cushion of denial.

Pat Buchanan | April 12, 2013

Attacks from abroad -- Pearl Harbor, 9/11 -- have united us.

Yet domestic atrocities lately seem only to deepen our divisions

John Ransom | April 12, 2013

The Department of Big Labor admits that the number of regular federal employees covered under all unemployment benefit programs is 3,277 fewer people this year than last. Perhaps this math helps explain why housing prices in the Washington, D.C. metro area are reaching all-time record highs.

Matt Towery | April 12, 2013

As a columnist, I have my own opinions on issues, and from the get-go I opposed expanded background checks for gun purchases because I viewed it as a slippery slope that could lead to more and more lists of honest Americans and more and more control by the government that would own those lists.

Donald Lambro | April 12, 2013

.Let's not mince words. President Obama's nearly $4 trillion, big spending budget is dead on arrival.

Rich Galen | April 12, 2013

Lots of dribs and drabs to talk about today.

Kyle Olson | April 12, 2013

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t the only one cheering for collectivism in education. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis thinks that idea is pretty swell, too.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | April 12, 2013

With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, and the commemoration of Winston Churchill day, world attention this week was rightly focused on the greatest Prime Ministers of the 20th century.

Night Watch | April 12, 2013

Video clips from Pyongyang today showed North Korean workers preparing the city and hanging decorations for the celebration of Kim Il-sung's birthday on 15 April. Missile launches are likely to be featured parts of the celebration. However, an armed provocation that would risk general war seems likely to be delayed until after the 15 April holiday.

Fritz Pfister | April 12, 2013

It takes time to find things to tax to fund all things progressive. Two months to be exact.

Bill Tatro | April 12, 2013

Should you wish to take a chance and put a real risk premium on your bond buying, go Italian and get 4.28% for a 10-year — a much greater yield than current U.S. paper.

Daniel Pipes | April 12, 2013

Analysts agree that "the erosion of the Syrian regime's capabilities is accelerating," that it step-by-step continues to retreat, making a rebel breakthrough and an Islamist victory increasingly likely. In response, I am changing my policy recommendation from neutrality to something that causes me, as a humanitarian and decades-long foe of the Assad dynasty, to pause before writing: Western governments should support the malign dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad.

Crystal Wright | April 12, 2013

How ironic. Our first black President, Barack Obama, gets over 90% of the black vote in both elections but seems to run from black issues like he’s running from the plague. When was the last time he gave a policy speech on the breakdown of the black family?

Bob Beauprez | April 12, 2013

Like his previous budgets, even Democrats aren't excited about getting on board, and his typically idolatrous media was less than impressed.

Crista Huff | April 12, 2013

Shipments of personal computers are down a surprising 14% year-over-year in first quarter ’13, much worse than market estimates of -7.7%.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 12, 2013

April 11th - The President Finally released his Budget. Is late really better than never? Senior Fellow at Cato, Michael Tanner, says the budget represents a tiny baby step in the right direction. But let’s face it: The President’s vision for America remains fundamentally different than his opposition.

Linda Chavez | April 12, 2013

Fifty years after the passage of civil rights laws outlawing discrimination based on race, ethnicity and sex, blacks, Hispanics and women still earn less than white men. In many circles, this fact alone reinforces the belief that discrimination is widespread and only greater government intervention will solve the problem.

Thu, Apr 11, 2013

Michael Schaus | April 11, 2013

Despite the fact that economic fundamentals completely contradict every rally the market has seen as of late, some people insist the skeptics shut up, and enjoy the ride.

Bradley Abramson | April 11, 2013

In the American Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers proclaimed that we are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

Cliff May | April 11, 2013

North Korea may be an economic basket case with a GDP that is less than half that of Ethiopia, and with much of the population malnourished and lacking even an electric light to turn on when darkness falls. Most North Koreans enjoy no freedoms or human rights, and an estimated 200,000 are confined to concentration camps.

Todd Starnes | April 11, 2013

For two years the University of Southern California student had listened to the classroom ranting of liberal professors. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Darry Sragow, his political science professor, launched into an anti-Republican tirade on the first day of class.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 11, 2013

On the occasion of Lady Thatcher's death, there is widespread admiration and even applause for her premiership, but surely there ought to be gratitude too. After all, without her -- and without President Ronald Reagan -- the poor would be much poorer and without hope of bettering themselves.

Ann Coulter | April 11, 2013

Obama has been draping himself in families of the children murdered in Newtown.

Michael Barone | April 11, 2013

"Divisive." That's a word that appeared, often prominently, in many news stories reporting the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 11, 2013

The idea of a nuclear Iran -- and of preventing a nuclear Iran -- terrifies security analysts.

Larry Elder | April 11, 2013

As recently as 1956, nearly 39 percent of blacks voted Republican in that year's presidential election. After the Civil War, Abe Lincoln's Republican Party easily carried the black vote -- where blacks were allowed to vote.

Michael Reagan | April 11, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, who served as prime minister of Britain from 1979 to 1990, is most famous for teaming up with my father Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II to peacefully end the Cold War and bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cal Thomas | April 11, 2013

There is a story about Margaret Thatcher, which is probably apocryphal, but speaks volumes about the strength of Britain's first female prime minister, who died Monday at age 87.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 11, 2013

When Margaret Thatcher was elected England's first female prime minister of England in the spring of 1979, I was 12 years old and my father had been a congressman for less than four months.

Debra J. Saunders | April 11, 2013

When the Transportation Security Administration announced that it will allow passengers to carry small knives on planes effective April 25, my reaction matched that of Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., who has called the policy change "misguided and, frankly, dangerous."

David Harsanyi | April 11, 2013

Barack Obama's quest for a "balanced approach" is the lifeblood of his political success -- and also its biggest myth. Witness the coverage of the purportedly centrist president's 2014 budget proposal.

John Ransom | April 11, 2013

The money in an IRA is not “tax-preferred,” as the White House asserts. Money in an IRA is rather “tax-deferred,” meaning the government is going to get their money one way or another. No surprise there that they got that wrong. The White House is short on CPAs. They don’t even know how to do their own taxes right.

Paul Greenberg | April 11, 2013

Books will be, and already have been, devoted to the changes Margaret Thatcher wrought not only in Britain but in the world. She was a revolutionary leader, or would counterrevolutionary be the better term?

Steve Chapman | April 11, 2013

Democrats claim we have one party that upholds science and one that rejects it.

Kyle Olson | April 11, 2013

Eighth-graders in Wisconsin’s Union Grove school district were assigned to fill out a “Liberalism vs. Conservatism” crossword puzzle, and they learned some new and very questionable “facts.”

Roger Schlesinger | April 11, 2013

In the big financial mess that started in 2008 how many houses with a 60% loan to value or less were foreclosed upon? How many borrowers with at least a quarter of a million dollars in liquid assets lost their house? Keep these questions in mind as we will touch upon them soon.

Night Watch | April 11, 2013

According to multiple North Korean media, the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, a North Korean organization, issued a statement on Tuesday, warning foreigners to leave South Korea.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 11, 2013

If there was ever proof that a correction is due it should be this: Bitcoins (useless, valueless, pointless pieces of data) are trading at astounding highs. Oh. . . And the Bears are starting throw their hands up in defeat as the S&P reaches new highs.

Wed, Apr 10, 2013

Todd Starnes | April 10, 2013

At least a dozen members of Congress have signed a letter demanding the Secretary of the Army rescind and apologize for a briefing that labeled Evangelical Christians and Catholics as religious extremist groups, Fox News has learned.

Michael Schaus | April 10, 2013

It’s not as if the Communist state has ever manipulated numbers, built empty cities, or circumvented conventional economic models to make their performance on the world stage seem more grandiose than it already is.

Fred Wszolek | April 10, 2013

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is slated to vote on the Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act (H.R. 1120) in an effort to rein a federal agency that has caused immeasurable harm to workers and the business community with its ill-conceived and biased decisions and rulings.

Marybeth Hicks | April 10, 2013

To: Marybeth From: Preteen Parent How do I survive a moody 12-year-old daughter without damaging our relationship (or killing her)?

Hugh Hewitt | April 10, 2013

Because I cannot imagine the pain the parents of Sandy Hook are suffering, I hope every senator agrees to meet with them and hear them out.

Todd Starnes | April 10, 2013

The State of Washington is suing a small flower shop after the owner declined to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding – based on her religious beliefs.

Brian Birdnow | April 10, 2013

This past week Dana Milbank, the Washington Post chief editorialist and unpaid advisor to the Republican Party, offered his critique of the GOP effort to cleanse itself by drumming the “intolerant” elements out of the Party.

Michael Brown | April 10, 2013

The last time I bought some daytime cold medicine at the grocery store, I was flagged by the machine in the self-checkout aisle, requiring me to show my ID to the cashier. Since I’m 58 years-old with gray hair and a white mustache, the cashier quickly waved me on, but the lesson was clear: In order to buy something as harmless as Dayquil, I needed to be at least 18 years-old. Yet according to a recent court ruling, a minor can buy an over-the-counter abortion pill without showing any ID. What kind of madness is this?

Crystal Wright | April 10, 2013

In case you missed it, maybe you were living in a land far away, Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election. And he really lost because he IGNORED minorities, leaving votes on the table for President Barack Obama’s gorging.

Ben Shapiro | April 10, 2013

For decades, members of the left have insisted that the right is fighting a war on science. But when it comes to the issues of abortion and homosexuality, it is the left that fights a consistent and ridiculous war with reality.

Rich Galen | April 10, 2013

Barack Obama's second term is off to a very bad start. Even Liberal commentators - at least those with any credibility - are suggesting it may be time for him to lead more and campaign less.

Thomas Sowell | April 10, 2013

New York City's Stuyvesant High School is one of those all too rare public schools for intellectually outstanding students.

Michelle Malkin | April 10, 2013

The jihadists' favorite American lawyer, Lynne Stewart, reportedly has stage-4 breast cancer. Her radical friends -- ranging from the "Party for Socialism and Liberation" and "Workers World" to Pete Seeger, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal -- want her freed from jail. There's only one decent response to the Lynne Stewart Fan Club's criminal-coddling demand: No, hell, no.

John Stossel | April 10, 2013

People say government must "help the little guy, promote equality, level the playing field."

Walter E. Williams | April 10, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson, speaking at The National Press Club, said the nation "would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent." Black unemployment has been double that of white Americans for more than 50 years.

Brent Bozell | April 10, 2013

The legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, and the national media tried to pay their respects, not only for breaking Britain's "glass ceiling" with a "bruising" political style, but for transforming Britain and helping wind down the Cold War.

Jonah Goldberg | April 10, 2013

One lesson here is that being underestimated is a great gift in politics. Ronald Reagan was dubbed an "amiable dunce" before he was known as the "Teflon president," and Thatcher had imbecile charm before she was dubbed -- by the Soviets -- the "Iron Lady."

Bob Barr | April 10, 2013

Her successor called her a “true force of nature.” President Ronald Reagan labeled her “a tower of strength.” Her enemies called her the “Iron Lady,” a moniker that became ultimately the proud legacy of former British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, who passed away earlier this week.

Ken Blackwell | April 10, 2013

Recently, Jay Michaelson wrote a piece for The Daily Beast titled “The ‘Religious Liberty’ Bullies and Their Fight Against LGBT Equality.” In it, he suggests that those who oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons are the same as the racists who opposed desegregation laws.

Michael Medved | April 10, 2013

Roger’s sad departure from the national scene dramatizes the fact that no reviewer today enjoys that sort of influence or prominence. Networks, along with most local stations, no longer employ regular film critics and efforts to revive the old Sneak Previews format of film clips mixed with bickering commentators have all faded or failed.

Terry Jeffrey | April 10, 2013

The most ominous trend in America's employment data is not the number of people who have left the labor force, but the number who are now working either for the government or in the as-yet-still-private sector of the health care industry.

Austin Bay | April 10, 2013

Everyone who knows that wealth underwrites all security arrangements should appreciate an unadorned but profoundly reverent epitaph for Margaret Thatcher posted this week on a national defense and military history Internet discussion board: "Without her England would have become Greece before Greece became Greece."

John Ransom | April 10, 2013

What the world needs now is a good, judicious measure of normality from government. They need to pick up the trash, repair the streets, police the neighborhoods and put out fires- not start them.

Paul Greenberg | April 10, 2013

The editors at the Associated Press made news themselves last week when they announced that their stylebook would no longer approve the use of the phrase Illegal Immigrant to describe illegal immigrants. To borrow some newspeak from George Orwell's classic dystopia, "1984," down the memory hole the phrase must go. For it makes the folks at AP feel doubleplusungood when they see badspeak.

Donald Lambro | April 10, 2013

No single labor statistic speaks more loudly, or more painfully, than the announcement that the Obama economy created a puny 88,000 jobs last month.

Susan Stamper Brown | April 10, 2013

Political correctness is like a tsunami in that no one understands the extent of its danger until after the massive wave sweeps across the land and then recedes.

Kyle Olson | April 10, 2013

As Wisconsin legislators debate expanding the state’s parental choice private school voucher program, Racine Unified Superintendent Dr. Ann Laing’s shocking comments from the last budget cycle remind us school choice is an uphill battle.

Jacob Sullum | April 10, 2013

"This is about doing the right thing for all the families who are here that have been torn apart by gun violence," President Obama declared on Monday, promoting his "common-sense gun safety reforms" in a speech at the University of Hartford, where the audience included parents of children who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in nearby Newtown last December. "This is not about politics."

Crista Huff | April 10, 2013

Alcoa Inc., the largest U.S. aluminum producer, beat Wall Street estimates today with their first quarter earnings. Analysts expected 8 cents per share, and Alcoa delivered 11 cents per share, excluding one-time gains.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 10, 2013

Central Banks around the world are involved in Quantitative Easing; and no-one knows how this will all end. Mike Shedlock (Mish) joined the program to discuss Europe’s impact on US stocks, and what we can expect from the increase in world-wide liquidity.

Ken Connor | April 10, 2013

In his seminal work, Nichomachean Ethics, the philosopher Aristotle begins his meditation on the subject of morality and the ultimate end of human life with an observation that certain first principles of ethics are self-evident to a person who has been raised up in a virtuous manner.

Night Watch | April 10, 2013

Information from North Korea continues to be split between actions that enhance national readiness and actions that show normality.

Bob Beauprez | April 10, 2013

"I do think at a certain point you've made enough money," he told a Quincy, Illinois audience. It was only "fair," Obama continued to argue, that government should confiscate the rest by raising taxes.

Roger Schlesinger | April 10, 2013

One of the best ways to make money in the real estate arena is with rental housing. . . If you do it right.

Ralph Benko | April 10, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff, the Sequester, and the Continuing Resolutions now are behind us. The next Episode in the Continuing Saga is looming: the Debt Ceiling. President Obama has put down his table ante...

Tue, Apr 09, 2013

Todd Starnes | April 09, 2013

A U.S. Army officer sent an email to dozens of subordinates listing the American Family Association and Family Research Council as "domestic hate groups" because they oppose homosexuality -- and warned officers to monitor soldiers who might be supporters of the groups.

Rachel Marsden | April 09, 2013

The left revels in sex scandals involving preachy conservative moralists, but when members of the left get caught up in seedy financial scandals, so perverted and twisted is their relationship with money that the effect can be equally jaw-dropping and salacious.

Todd Starnes | April 09, 2013

Fifteen-year-old Daniel Romeike loves America -- his adopted country. But if the Obama Administration has its way, Daniel, his parents and his brothers and sisters will be deported in a court battle over the right to home school.

Byron York | April 09, 2013

Passing major legislation is not a path to the presidency. So why is Sen. Marco Rubio, who is almost surely running for the 2016 Republican nomination, working so hard on comprehensive immigration reform?

John Hawkins | April 09, 2013

Margaret Thatcher has left us. Other than Winston Churchill, she was the finest leader to come out of Europe in the last century. She helped Britain recover economically, she stood shoulder to shoulder with Reagan against the Soviet Union and she set a fine example not just for Brits, not just for women, but for everyone to follow.

Thomas Sowell | April 09, 2013

Since when has it been considered smart to tell your enemies what your plans are?

Rick Santorum | April 09, 2013

Our country is at a defining moment. With a weak economy and a high unemployment rate that has bumped along for five years and traditional American values under assault by the Obama administration, the mainstream media and Hollywood, millions of American families across the country are feeling discouraged -- both financially and morally.

Chuck Norris | April 09, 2013

These are the types of invasive tax maneuvers that boiled the blood of our Founding Fathers. But there's still a way out of all our Internal Revenue Service wars and woes.

David Limbaugh | April 09, 2013

What right-minded person can deny the current uncanny applicability of the admonition by the Prophet Isaiah, uttered some 2,700 years ago, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness"?

Mona Charen | April 09, 2013

President Obama's statement honoring Margaret Thatcher was an example of the chameleon-like nature of liberalism. Rewriting history is a liberal specialty. Just as the anti-Cold War liberals were miraculously transformed into cold warriors after the war had been won, yesterday's anti-Thatcherites are today morphing into something else.

Ken Blackwell | April 09, 2013

Career influence peddler and political mercenary Terry McAuliffe is at it again; and this time he’s pushed the bare-knuckled, gutter politics he’s known for to a new low.

Cal Thomas | April 09, 2013

If North Korea follows through on its threat to nuke the United States (or had Russia in the '80s launched a nuclear attack), Takoma Park would not be "nuclear free" for long, but the ordinance made some people feel as though they were doing something constructive, something meaningful, about the nuclear threat, and wasn't that their point?

Dennis Prager | April 09, 2013

Yesterday, Jews around the world observed Holocaust Day. This day ought to be universally observed because the lessons of the Holocaust are universal.

Pat Buchanan | April 09, 2013

That America created only 88,000 jobs in March, less than half the number anticipated, was jolting news, indicating the recovery that the White House has boasted about may not be at hand.

Debra J. Saunders | April 09, 2013

Whatever prompted the change, its practical effect is to delegitimize those who have called for tougher enforcement of U.S. immigration law. The AP just erased from journalism's lexicon the important distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 09, 2013

The amnesty bill that the Gang of Eight has been working on in secret has sprung some leaks so we can identify several major flaws. The Senate Budget Committee reports that there is nothing in the plan to comply with the federal law that states that any immigrant is "inadmissible" who is "likely at any time to become a public charge."

Bill Murchison | April 09, 2013

The point to keep in mind about people such as Maggie Thatcher is that their like don't really die. To live large is to live on: a point easy to grasp in an age when the doing of great deeds, the taking up of mighty tasks, passes as a personal eccentricity.

Bill Tatro | April 09, 2013

Apparently, like sympathy strikers, both Obama and Hagel are demonstrating the lost wages of the common folk due to the sequestration — noble, very noble indeed.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 09, 2013

As the Federal Reserve turns 100, there are some who are beginning to question their priorities. Should the Federal Reserve focus on their “dual mandate” or return to a more basic function. Representative Kevin Brady, from Texas, joins John Ransom to discuss the impact of Fed Policy.

Night Watch | April 09, 2013

According to a report in a South Korean newspaper, an unidentified South Korean official said that "signs of possible test preparations had been detected at Punggye-ri in North Korea."

Robert Knight | April 09, 2013

In a remarkably short time, Germany recovered smartly from the wreckage of its defeat in World War II to become the economic strong man of Europe.

Douglas MacKinnon | April 09, 2013

For the last twenty years or so, first as a Republican, and of late as an independent conservative, I have been imploring the GOP to reach out in more meaningful ways to Hispanic and minority-America. Of course, unlike some connected with the Republican National Committee, I would suggest we do so without abandoning some of our principles -- or by the way, the principles of those in those communities.

Bob Beauprez | April 09, 2013

The undersigned are a representative group of 700 retired Military Special Operations professionals who spent the majority of their careers preparing for and executing myriad operations to rescue or recover detained or threatened fellow Americans.

Jerry Bowyer | April 09, 2013

The optimistic scenario for the economy is generally inconsistent with the weakening spate of recent economic statistics this week including ISM and jobs growth.

Mon, Apr 08, 2013

Michael Reagan | April 08, 2013

Two weeks ago I wrote a column encouraging churches to take a moral stand and make their voices heard as the Supreme Court deliberates the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, which voters in my home state approved in 2008 to ban same-sex marriage.

Byron York | April 08, 2013

Passing major legislation is not a path to the presidency. So why is Sen. Marco Rubio, who is almost surely running for the 2016 Republican nomination, working so hard on comprehensive immigration reform?

Michael Schaus | April 08, 2013

Thatcher warned Europe about the dangers of a Central European Bank and a single currency. Chills should run through the veins of Cypriots (and Italians, Europeans) who ignored her warnings.

Andrew Puzder | April 08, 2013

Last Friday’s jobs report was dismal. The labor force participation rate, that is, the percentage of the total population that is either working or actively seeking employment, dropped to 63.3%. That’s the lowest rate since May of 1979.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | April 08, 2013

Famed neurosurgeon surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, looked like just another black academic failure in his pre and elementary school years. His writings show that he was so angry he would have stabbed a classmate, and so learning-disabled that even the greatest Special Ed teacher would not have been able to mainstream him.

Paul Kengor | April 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest leaders of the Cold War, of the 20th century, and of British history, has died at the age of 87.

Larry Kudlow | April 08, 2013

Mrs. Thatcher famously said, “The trouble with socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.” That dictum really stands the test of time, doesn’t it? Running out of other people’s money? Today?

Crystal Wright | April 08, 2013

President Barack Obama just couldn’t help himself. He saw a pretty woman, channeled his inner Bill Clinton, and swooned over California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Scottie Hughes | April 08, 2013

Lately, it seems Republicans keep trying to brainstorm about how to attract new voters in order to win in 2014 and 2016.

David Stokes | April 08, 2013

With the announcement out of United Kingdom today that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87, her life, career, and words are being appropriately reviewed. This is an opportunity for some to recall her wisdom and tenacity. For others, it will just be an extended awkward moment as some try to find nice things to say about a leader whose policies and philosophy they despised. The next few days over there will be much like things were here in America in 2004, when Ronald Reagan died.

Jeff Jacoby | April 08, 2013

So the Mayor of Boston, channeling his inner Captain Renault, is shocked – shocked! – to find that Boston's taxi industry is a rigged and pitiless racket.

Todd Starnes | April 08, 2013

Sam Grant nearly celebrated his eighth birthday party in jail.

Rich Galen | April 08, 2013

I am a fan of the Central Intelligence Agency. More precisely, I am a fan of the officers and analysts who, along with uniformed service members and Foreign Service Officers, are at the dangerous, too often deadly, pointy end of the sword in promoting American foreign policy as enunciated by the President.

Michael Brown | April 08, 2013

It was prescience, not paranoia, that prompted some social commentators to predict that gay activism would become the principle threat to religious freedoms in America. A recent incident at George Washington University provides the latest confirmation.

Roger Schlesinger | April 08, 2013

It is time to stop the normal pattern of everyone taking a 30 year fixed. There are a few reasons why most people haven't even considered other loan types and they are as follows:

Kurt Schlichter | April 08, 2013

The Second Korean War began as Kim Jong Un smiled while the elderly clique of generals who had frustrated him with their cowardly advice and feeble half-measures filed into the Central Committee’s grand conference room.

Michael Barone | April 08, 2013

We Americans are lucky, though we seldom reflect on it, that we have good neighbors.

Mike Adams | April 08, 2013

After six years of litigation, I am pleased to report that I have finally won the right to present my case against UNC-Wilmington to a jury of my peers here in North Carolina.

Star Parker | April 08, 2013

A bi-partisan group of Senators, known as the Gang of 8, have put together a framework for the immigration reform that supposedly America is waiting for.

Katie Kieffer | April 08, 2013

Look out Sen. Al Franken; talk radio host Jason Lewis will soon replace you in the U.S. Senate. Conservative-libertarian talk radio host Jason Lewis is seriously entertaining a run against Minnesota Sen. Al Franken in 2014.

Ken Blackwell | April 08, 2013

Some media types these days don’t like “Bible thumping.” But there are times when, as the author of Cultural Literacy, Prof. E. D. Hirsch noted, the Bible can be a useful communications tool.

Terry Paulson | April 08, 2013

My dream took form during a foggy morning drift on the edge of sleep. Planning the ratings coup of the decade, ESPN challenged President Obama to one final March Madness Bracket pick.

Bruce Bialosky | April 08, 2013

A controversy exploded into the national forum when President Obama and his family crossed the street to attend Easter services at St. John’s Church, an Episcopal church attended by every President since James Madison. In the end both the Reverend who delivered the sermon and the President were wrong.

John Ransom | April 08, 2013

I was reminded this weekend as I saw two men share a joint on a street in Denver that costs are a tricky thing. What’s the cost to the shop owner who has to endure two stoners hanging out and toking on the curb in front of his store?

Matt Barber | April 08, 2013

I just had breakfast with the Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. Well, not the real Peter Muhlenberg, but a preacher friend of mine named Travis Witt. Travis does a powerful impersonation of the Revolutionary War-time pastor-patriot at churches and other venues around the country.

Dan Holler | April 08, 2013

Are you excited? Fresh off a two-week recess, Senators return to Washington tomorrow. Awaiting their return is the Leahy-Schumer-Reid gun tax.

Rachel Alexander | April 08, 2013

Mark Sanford, the disgraced former governor of South Carolina, has just won the Republican nomination for an open congressional seat there. He resigned as governor four years ago, after disappearing from office for six days.

Morgan Brittany | April 08, 2013

Looks like we have returned to part of that nightmare with the jobless numbers, and the only reason the other parts haven’t kicked in yet is because the Fed is artificially keeping interest rates down and printing money like it’s going out of style.

Michael F. Cannon | April 08, 2013

David Hogberg reports on “Natalie,” a Washington, D.C., resident who may lose her current coverage when ObamaCare forces her into one of its health insurance “exchanges”

Tad DeHaven | April 08, 2013

The president will apparently propose modest measures to slow the growth in entitlement spending in exchange for more tax increases. That would raise hopes for what the Beltway class likes to refer to as the “grand bargain,” but for those of us who are looking for considerably less government in our lives it would hardly be cause for enthusiasm.

Shawn Mitchell | April 08, 2013

This is the face of progressive gun restrictors: ignorant, unyielding in error, and coldly arrogant.

Sun, Apr 07, 2013

Ann Coulter | April 07, 2013

Just days after the Turner Broadcasting System CEO claimed that CNN "is a serious news network," it aired a childish report on "Anderson Cooper 360" about convicted murderer Amanda Knox, which appears to have been written by Amanda's parents. Next up: "The Charles Manson story, reported by Squeaky Fromme."

Doug Giles | April 07, 2013

According to Bill O’Reilly, pundits cannot appeal to the Bible any longer for public policy regarding homosexuals that want to get married. At least I think it’s just in regards to homosexual marriages.

Derek Hunter | April 07, 2013

Last week I wrote about the battle for words and need to reclaim the language. We have to make sure words have meaning, no matter who how offensive a tiny slice of people find some of them.

Austin Hill | April 07, 2013

I never paid much attention to what Roger Ebert said about movies.

John Ransom | April 07, 2013

Just as the Associated Press has axed the term Islamist- pun intended- we have replaced your handle with a more apt phrase: Global Warming Islamist. Thank you.

Kevin McCullough | April 07, 2013

For the last two weeks Bill O'Reilly has committed multiple journalistic mis-steps.

Night Watch | April 07, 2013

NightWatch judges that North Korea intends to take military actions that will risk general war, but will be short of the start of general war. However, North Korea will be prepared for escalation to general war instantly.

Bob Beauprez | April 07, 2013

Years of continually relaxed loan underwriting standards at the insistence of politicians and "guaranteed" by the federal government against loss eventually turned rotten. Now they're doing it again.

Mark Baisley | April 07, 2013

If the Left were as purist about the second half of the First Amendment as they are with the first half, they would oppose taxpayer funding for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Marita Noon | April 07, 2013

Without subsidies, renewables cannot compete, so BP is bailing. Amy Grace, a New York-based analyst at New Energy Finance, said: “There’s limited visibility beyond 2014 about what the assets will be worth as a tax credit supporting turbines is set to expire at the end of this year.”

Paul Jacob | April 07, 2013

Violence in general might not be on the rise, but certain pockets of violence demonstrate a great breakdown in civilization.

Debra J. Saunders | April 07, 2013

Readers share their ideas. Since the massacre in December in Newtown, Conn., which left 20 children and six elementary-school staff members dead, readers have passed on a host of so-called remedies. Let's make gun owners be licensed and pass a test, some have suggested. So the problem is, I ask them, that these mass killers aren't good shots?