Ky Sisson - Exposed: Dem Candidate's Misleading Statements on Spending, Borrowing for AZ Universities
Posted: 10/24/2014 8:30:00 PM EST

The Democratic candidate in the Arizona gubernatorial race, Fred DuVal, is having a rough final stretch into Election Day. Earlier this week, The Washington Free-Beacon reported he had a house foreclosed. Last week, he announced that he believes it is perfectly acceptable for 14-year-olds to have abortions without parental consent. 

And now, documents obtained from the Arizona Board of Regents show that the six years Fred DuVal was on the Arizona Board of Regents (2007-2012), things didn't go the way he claims.

In three different instances, DuVal said that the increase in Arizona college tuition was because of higher enrollment and budget cuts. The Arizona Board of Regent's records on budget and spending tell a different story.

DuVal claimed during a 12 News Debate that "record levels of new enrollment" and budget cuts were the sole reasons for tuition increases.  

These tuition increases for Arizona public universities were no small amount. 

Arizona State University's residential tuition rates doubled, a 107 percent increase from $4,700 to $9,700. Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona also saw over 100 percent increases during DuVal's time on the board.

In one of his YouTube videos and in an interview with The Arizona Republic, DuVal blamed current Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, and the state legislature for cutting $400 million from universities forcing the cost onto students.

Yes, DuVal was correct when he said enrollment was higher. The total number of students at Arizona universities rose 16.6 percent over his six years. But higher enrollment can't be blamed for such drastic increases...Liberal spending played the lead role

When DuVal joined the ABOR, the state appropriated $860 million in general funds for the universities. Collective spending during the six years DuVal was on the board was up $300.8 million. Five of the six years DuVal oversaw spending for Arizona's universities, spending was higher than the first year he was appointed to the Board of Regents.  

Items in yellow represent the fiscal years that DuVal oversaw:

And when money is spent recklessly, borrowing is usually reckless as well. 

There was a 286 percent increase in borrowing during DuVal's time on the board.

During DuVal's time, the state issued $1.463 billion in bonds. Compared to the previous six years prior to DuVal, the ABOR only requested and had approved $409.5 million in bonds.

Education has been one of the defying issues facing Arizonans this election season and this new information on Fred DuVal and his time on the ABOR could swing voters.

Guy Benson - Nail-biter: Democrats Go All In to Defeat Walker, Polls Show Tied Race
Posted: 10/24/2014 7:30:00 PM EST

Last time we checked in on the Wisconsin gubernatorial race, Scott Walker appeared to be pulling away from Mary Burke. He led by nearly six points in the respected Marquette Law poll, had cracked 50, and enjoyed a 13-point cushion with independent voters. Then came MU's mid-October survey, in which Walker's lead vanished completely, with the race deadlocked at 47. The swing was driven by some unusual internals, such as men and independents breaking heavily to Burke, and women suddenly flocking to Walker. All three of those data points represented noticeable departures from most polling trends, but the top line number showed an exact tie -- which mirrors the RCP average.  The last three polls of the contest have produced a tie, a Burke lead of one point, and Walker edge of the same margin. With the race a pure toss-up, Democrats are making a major final push for Burke.  Not only are they deploying Bill Clinton to the state, they're also welcoming…President Obama to Wisconsin, whom Burke assiduously avoided on two previous occasions.  In my mind, this means one of two things:

Either (a) Team Burke has decided that the cake is already baked in terms of Obama's unpopularity, so while his appearance won't change many minds either way, it will potentially boost turnout among African-Americans, or (b) they've seen sufficient movement in their internal numbers that suggest Obama's image is on the mend in Badger country.  My gut goes with the former option, as O's job approval rating from Wisconsinites was still underwater by double digits in the recent NYT/YouGov poll.  The Washington Post's Robert Costa hears from Wisconsin Dems that Burke is preparing a final blitz against Walker on the (truly outrageous) John Doe "controversy," as well as the "polarizing" 2011 budget fight.  This is a neat trick the Left pulls, incidentally.  They channel sustained, distilled hatred at a Republican for years on end, engaging in mob thuggery and unprecedented opposition that would have the media reaching for the smelling salts if the roles were reversed, then pronounce their target "polarizing."  And the press nods along (read this surreal Journal-Sentinel editorial that literally imagines an alternate universe to attack Walker).  Here's what's coming in the final week-plus:

Yes, a prolific plagiarist will lecture Scott Walker on "integrity." Another edge Democrats will press is their cash advantage. Walker and his allies are being significantly outspent by the other side:

Part of the reason behind this disparity is that many of Walker's ideological kin have been completely sidelined under penalty of law throughout this entire election cycle, thanks to the partisan 'John Doe' witch hunt, which has been thrown out of court by both a state and federal judge.  The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that it's not the role of federal courts to interfere with a state investigation, however, dealing a blow to muzzled conservative organizations in Wisconsin, and to free speech itself.  The decision is being appealed to the Supreme Court.  In mid-October, one of the same lower court judges finally lifted the indefinite, Democratic prosecutor-imposed ban on issue-based 'coordination' between Walker's campaign and right-leaning groups.  The Left has been happily coordinating away throughout 2014, of course, with labor unions spending big against Walker.  (Reminder: Liberals don't oppose money in politics.  They oppose conservative money in politics).  And while we're on the topic of insidious political collusion, read this.  Quite a coincidence, no?  On the Republican side of the ledger, Weekly Standard writers Stephen Hayes and John McCormack -- both native Wisconsinites with deep ties to the Walker team -- report anxiety in the ranks.  Some Republicans in the state are whispering about whether the Republican Governors Association has neglected Walker's race, with some even suggesting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has deliberately moved to tank a potential 2016 rival.  But Hayes and McCormack quote an RGA-connected source who says that dog won't hunt:

A GOP source with knowledge of RGA spending threw cold water on this theory. The source claimed that total RGA spending--a "large majority" of which is "focused on TV ads" but also includes things like polling, research, and field operations--has actually been $6 million in Wisconsin and $10 million in Michigan as of Tuesday. But, the source said, the RGA has $4 to $5 million in TV ad time reserved in Wisconsin for the final two weeks of the election, and the RGA will end up spending more in Wisconsin than Michigan by the time the election is over. (The Center for Public Integrity numbers certainly do appear to miss a lot: CPI doesn't show any RGA spending in Florida, but the source says the RGA has spent $17 million to date in the sunshine state). If these numbers are true--and their accuracy will certainly be scrutinized after the election when all FEC reports have been published--then concerns that Christie is undercutting Walker would appear to be unfounded.

The RGA has just announced the injection of an extra $1 million into the race for on-air ads over the final days of the campaign.  Nevertheless, extremely tight polls and internal dissension indicate that Republicans are jittery about Walker's fate.  Conservative Journal-Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider pores over the numbers and concludes that if November's electorate roughly reflects the turnout models of Wisconsin's midterm cycles, Walker will likely pull it out.  We shall see.  I'll leave you with three items.  First, a 2007 email revealing that Mary Burke's successor as Commerce Secretary in the unpopular Doyle administration asserting that Burke brought no "strategic plan" to the table when she was in the post.  (Couldn't she have just "borrowed" one?)  Second, actual proof that Walker's bald spot has become an issue in this campaign. Finally, one of the ads Walker's been running, touting his successful budget and tax reforms:

Given Walker's successful governance and Wisconsin voters' optimistic "right track/wrong track" views, this election shouldn't be close. But it's the tightest gubernatorial race in the country. Turnout, turnout, turnout.

UPDATE - Watch the Milwaukee machine at work. If voter ID laws are "voter suppression," what would this be?

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Kevin Glass - Satanist Destroys Ten Commandments Monument
Posted: 10/24/2014 5:52:00 PM EST
A notable act of public vandalism occurred in Oklahoma today, as a crazed Satanist drove his car to a federal building and crashed it into a controversial monument of the Ten Commandments. As the Associated Press reports:

[A] man was detained after he showed up at a federal building in Oklahoma City Friday morning, rambling and making derogatory statements about the president, and admitted destroying the monument, said David Allison, an agent with the U.S. Secret Service in Oklahoma City.

"He claimed he got out of his car, urinated on the monument, and then ran over it and destroyed it," Allison said. "He said Satan told him to do it, and that he was a Satanist."

The man was turned over to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for questioning, Allison said. A spokesman for the patrol didn't immediately return a phone call seeking information about the man.

The monument in question has been a topic of controversy, as the American Civil Liberties Union has sued to remove it, claiming that its existence is a violation of the separation of church and state.

The ACLU issued a statement saying that it was "outraged" over the vandalism.

Matt Vespa - Hagan Can't Say If Obama Is A Strong Leader
Posted: 10/24/2014 4:45:00 PM EST

Vulnerable Democrats in red states trying to distance themselves from Obama are receiving no help from the leader of their party after he basically said they all support his agenda in an interview with Al Sharpton earlier this week.

In North Carolina, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan whether she felt if Obama was a strong leader. Let’s just say Hagan could not say anything–with a degree of confidence or certainty–that was positive about Obama. Straight up–she avoided answering the question.

“President Obama has a lot on his plate. And it seems like whether it’s the oil spill that took place a number of years ago in the Gulf, to this Ebola crisis now, to ISIS gaining strength, you look at all the combination of things like that.”

When pressed further on Obama exhibiting strong leadership qualities, Hagan deflected by saying we should have done more to respond to Ebola.

And it’s not just MSNBC that’s noticing how Democrats are trying to run away from the president this year; the New York Times reported that only one senate candidate–Rep. Gary Peters–has appeared with the president while stumping for him in Michigan. The support of the Ebola travel ban, which Hagan flip-flopped on, is one area where the Times notes Senate Democratic candidates are trying to create a veneer of independence from the Obama White House, although they did label it a “right wing talking point.”

Lastly, Jason Zengerie of The New Republic also tried to ask Hagan whether she thought Obama was a strong leader–and on what issues does she think he demonstrated those characteristics if he is one. It was another ride on the merry-go-round:

I asked her if she wanted to clarify her thoughts on whether she thought Obama was a strong leader. I thought her answer was worth sharing now.

“You know, I think that when issues come up for a vote, I stand for North Carolina, whether it’s a Democratic idea or a Republican idea, and I certainly oppose the president in issues where I think that it’s not right for our state,” Hagan said, going on to note her opposition to various trade deals and defense cuts, as well as her support for the Keystone Pipeline. “On the other hand, Speaker Tillis cannot name one issue, one issue, where he would oppose the president—not the president—where he would oppose his party.”

I asked Hagan what, in particular, she thought Obama had been strong on. “I go back to some of the issues that have affected our country,” she said. “I think on two issues in particular, just recently, he’s been slow to act on Ebola and on ISIS. When the BP spill took place in the Gulf, we were beginning to be slow, but then he put the resources to bear and the science to bear to help solve that very disastrous problem.”

So Hagan, who arguably rode Obama’s coattails into the Senate back in 2008, thinks that the one area where Obama’s shown strong leadership was on the Gulf oil spill four years ago—but, even there, he wasn’t particularly strong.

This is just another sign of how Obama’s falling approval numbers has become an anvil on Democrats this election cycle. And when you virtually vote with President Obama the entire time you are serving in the U.S. Senate, that could become a problem as well.

Katie Pavlich - Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder's Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress
Posted: 10/24/2014 2:55:00 PM EST

For years the White House has argued it had nothing to do with Operation Fast and Furious while it was active and certainly wasn't involved the fallout and cover-up that followed after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in 2010 by Mexican bandits carrying guns from the lethal program. 

Now years later, a Vaughn Index describing Fast and Furious documents being held from the American people and Congress under President Obama's assertion of executive privilege shows White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett played a key role in Attorney General Eric Holder's changing testimony to Congress. 

More from Judicial Watch

Practically lost in the 1,000-plus pages of records is an index that shows Jarrett was brought in to manage the fact that Holder lied to Congress after the story about the disastrous gun-running operation broke in the media.

The files received by JW include three electronic mails between Holder and Jarrett and one from former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke to Jarrett. The e-mails with Holder are all from October 4, 2011, a significant date because, on the evening of October 3rd, Sharyl Attkisson (then at CBS news) released documents showing that Holder had been sent a briefing paper on Operation Fast and Furious on June 5, 2010. The paper was from the director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, Michael Walther.

This directly contradicted Holder’s May 3, 2011 testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, during which he stated that he, “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” The October 4, 2011 date may also be significant because it came shortly after the August 30, 2011 resignation of U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke and reassignment of acting ATF director Kenneth Melson to the position of “senior forensics advisor” at DOJ.

The description of one of the e-mails, written from Jarrett to Holder, reads, “re: personnel issues.” Another, also from Jarrett, reads, “outlining and discussing preferred course of action for future responses in light of recent development in congressional investigation.” Unfortunately, the index is vague and that’s all the information we have about them. Nevertheless, given the timing and subject of these e-mails, it seems clear that Jarrett quickly became a key player in the Fast and Furious cover-up in the immediate aftermath of the revelation that Holder had lied to Congress.

Despite evidence showing Attorney General Eric Holder lied about when he became aware of Operation Fast and Furious and about the extent of his involvement with the initiation of the program, he has maintained that the testimony he gave under oath to Congress was "truthful and accurate." As a reminder of the timeline of Holder's inconsistent testimony:

In a late Friday afternoon dump, Attorney General Eric Holder has sent a letter to the House Overight Committee addressing Operation Fast and Furious and the allegations that he lied to Congress on May 3 when he said he had only known about Fast and Furious for "a couple of weeks." Memos released this week show Holder was briefed and sent direct memos on the program at least five times in July and August 2010, nearly a year before Holder admitted under oath.

In the letter Holder sent to Congress, which is mentioned above, he said the following

"Much has been made in that past few days about my congressional testimony earlier this year regarding Fast and Furious. My testimony was truthful and accurate and I have been consistent on this point throughout. I have no recollection of knowing about Fast and Furious or hearing its name prior to the public controversy about it. Prior to early 2011, I certainly never knew about the tactics employed in the operation and it is my understanding that the former United States Attorney for the District of Arizona and the former Acting Director and Deputy Director of ATF have told Congress that they, themselves were unaware of the tactics employed."

Jarrett is President Obama's closest advisor at the White House. 

Sarah Jean Seman - First Lady Gives Shout-out To Mark Udall for Obama Accomplishments
Posted: 10/24/2014 2:45:00 PM EST

Michelle Obama traveled to Colorado Thursday to rally support for incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) and things got awkward.

Keep in mind: Udall is the very same man who tried to distance himself from Obama only a few short weeks ago by claiming he is the senator the White House feared the most. So much for disassociation.

Not only did Michelle Obama show she wanted Udall back in the Senate (a desire which hardly seems fear-driven), she boasted about Udall’s role in creating Obama’s ‘hope’ and ‘change:’

The chance of this helping Udall in his race against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner is slim. Two-thirds of likely voters claim their opinion of the president will be a deciding factor in how they vote on Nov. 4, according to a recent Denver Post poll, and 56 percent of Coloradans disapprove of Obama’s work.

But for all her love and support, Michelle Obama revealed that she perhaps didn’t really know which candidate she was there to support:

FLOTUS was not the only one to forget her notes, however. Remember that famous quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. about judging people by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin?” Unfortunately, Mark Udall didn’t. While introducing the First Lady, Udall made this uncomfortable slip:

“In 2008 and 2012, we showed that Dr. Martin Luther King had it right which is that in America, at our best, we judge people by the content of their color -- "

Yikes! Imagine if a Republican candidate had made that gaffe; the media would have a field day. It didn’t take long for the response of the crowd to alert Udall of his mistake.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Friday, Gardner is up at 46 percent while Udall sits at 41 percent.

Katie Pavlich - White House: Ask DOJ About What's in The Fast and Furious Documents Covered By Obama's Executive Privilege
Posted: 10/24/2014 2:30:00 PM EST

During the daily briefing at the White House Friday afternoon, Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged questions related to Attorney General Eric Holder's role in Operation Fast and Furious after a Vaughn Index or list of documents being held under President Obama's assertion of executive privilege, was released yesterday by Judicial Watch. An initial review of the Vaughn Index shows 20 emails between Holder and his wife Sharon Malone and his mother were covered in the documents currently protected under Obama's executive privilege claim.

When asked by Fox News' Ed Henry about why those communications were covered and what was discussed, Earnest deferred all questions to the Department of Justice.

"Did the Attorney General talk about this sensitive gun running operation with his wife and is mother and that's why he [President Obama] had to invoke executive privilege?" Henry asked. 

"Well Ed I'd refer you to the Department of Justice about this," Earnest said. 

"It wasn't justice privilege it was executive privilege. It was invoked by the president not the attorney general right?" Henry followed up.

"I can tell you that it's the Department of Justice that can discuss those emails with you. What is clear is that this lawsuit that has been filed by Judicial Watch actually has nothing to do with the actual Fast and Furious operation, it has to do with emails and documents related to the operation," Earnest said. "This is something that has been thoroughly investigated." 

Earnest went on to argue the Department of Justice has turned over an adequate amount of information and documentation about the lethal operation to Congress. He also said the White House has showed legitimate cooperation with the investigation into this matter.

Cortney O'Brien - Sen. Begich: “The President’s Not Relevant”
Posted: 10/24/2014 2:00:00 PM EST

Perhaps to avoid the brutal Grimes gaffe, Democrat Alaska Sen. Mark Begich conceded that he did in fact vote for President Obama in the last two presidential elections. Yet, the senator quickly followed up that answer by arguing his support of Obama has nothing to do with his current campaign:

"I did, but that's irrelevant," Begich, the Democratic incumbent from Alaska, told the Washington Examiner. "The president's not relevant. He's gone in two years."

He then listed a slew of topics upon which he disagreed with Obama, such as funding rebels in Syria and pushing gun control.

Hot Air's Mary Katherine Ham commented on Begich's statements on Fox News this morning, noting it is more proof that Democrats are "contending the president's popularity at every turn:"

Begich joins the list of vulnerable Democrats who are distancing themselves from a president that 9 percent of likely 2014 voters are enthusiastic about. Among them include Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO), who claimed he was the “last person” the White House would want to see walking across the lawn, and Sen. Mark Pryor, who was left tongue tied on the White House’s handling of the Ebola outbreak and tried to escape questions on his support of Obamacare. Most worthy of all is the already mentioned Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Kentucky Democrat running against Mitch McConnell who in addition to refusing to say whether she voted for the president in 2008 or 2012, went so far as to make an ad claiming she’s “No Barack Obama,” while proudly wielding a gun.

Try as they might to campaign independently of the president, all of the above Democrats have a 90 percent or higher matching voting record with Obama.

Begich is also facing criticism for re-airing an insensitive ad that claimed his Republican opponent Dan Sullivan was indirectly responsible for a murder after dealing a “soft” sentence on a sex offender while he served as state attorney general – an accusation to which Politifact gave its harshest rating: “pants on fire.”

Our poll tracker has Sullivan ahead by four percentage points.

Katie Pavlich - Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against IRS From Targeted Group True the Vote; Tea Party Outraged
Posted: 10/24/2014 1:30:00 PM EST

A lawsuit brought against the government by True the Vote, an anti-voter fraud group made up of volunteers that was inappropriately targeted by the IRS and Department of Justice, has been thrown out by a federal judge despite acknowledgement of illegal wrongdoing in the case. More from Breitbart on the opinion: 

Judge Walton's opinion stated that because the IRS had finally granted True the Vote their 501(c)(3) status, the case "no longer warrant[ed] the Court’s attention and further use of its resources," and deemed True the Vote's lawsuit to now be moot. However, True the Vote had argued specific costs that the IRS' delay had caused them, including fees for attorneys and CPAs, as well as fundraising losses. A number of other non-profit organizations and other donors had either pledged or donated money to True the Vote with the understanding that the group would have official 501(c)(3) status soon. Some of these groups even had requirements in their organizational documents that they could only give money to other approved 501(c)(3) organizations. According to Churchwell, the IRS' years-long delay acted as a "functional denial of our application" and True the Vote was forced to return some donations, and other pledges were revoked. Churchwell described the total costs to True the Vote caused by the IRS' delay to be nearly $90,000.

So because the IRS eventually granted proper 501(c)(3) status to True the Vote, there's no need to hold IRS officials accountable for inappropriately targeting the group and weaponizing government to do so? No justice or reconciliation for the damage done during the delay of the application? What an absolute shame and horrible precedent to set. Not to mention, IRS abuse will continue if there are no consequences for the illegal behavior and decisions that were made. 

"This is far from over. This is what the beginning of tyranny looks like and we cannot sit by as Americans and watch it happen," True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said during an interview with Fox News Friday afternoon.

Other tea party groups targeting by the IRS are outraged and have issued a series of statements in response to the dismissal. 

Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin: 

“Within days of the Citizens United ruling in January 2010, which strengthened free speech rights and the freedom for the people to criticize the government, the Internal Revenue Service – the branch of government most feared by American citizens, and, therefore, best suited to act punitively on behalf of a lawless regime – launched a program that systematically targeted what it believed to be “enemies” of the Obama Administration. That scandal – which went on for several years – was admitted by the IRS and by the person most responsible for the agency's misconduct, Lois Lerner.

Several dozen victims of the targeting sued the IRS and individual IRS agents for violation of their constitutional rights. Yesterday a federal judge sided with the IRS and dismissed the claims of our fellow citizens and patriots. Amazingly, the Court’s ruling acknowledges the illegal activity by the IRS – but nonetheless concluded that because the IRS says it has discontinued its targeting, the case is "moot.”

We are dismayed, disappointed, and disheartened that the IRS would be allowed to get away with not just infringing on the rights of American citizens, but bulldozing them, casting aside any sense of propriety or privacy in its years-long effort to suppress the Obama Administration’s political opposition.

Tea Party Patriots – while not a plaintiff in the lawsuits – was a victim of the IRS targeting, having been subjected to a delay of more than three years in obtaining its tax exempt status, merely because of our name and beliefs.

The Court’s decision not to sanction either the IRS or the individual agents because it and they had taken “remedial measures” is unconscionable.

Under this view of the law, Al Capone need not have been arrested, prosecuted and convicted; he merely need have surrendered and promised to never cheat on his taxes again.

It is wholly unacceptable simply to accept the IRS’s hollow promises as “remedial measures” in the eyes of the law. When the IRS demands to know the content of people’s prayers, among other outrageous misconduct we have now learned the IRS engaged in during its persecution of tea party groups, a line has been crossed. Forgive us for not taking the Obama Administration at its word when it says it won’t happen again, which is what the Court has asked us to believe.

This Administration is out of control, and has shown time and again it has zero respect for the law or the Constitution. Sadly, the Court’s ruling will do nothing to discourage such behavior."
Founder of the Wetumpka Tea Party Beck Gerritson, who gave compelling Congressional testimony last year about how her group was targeted, is outraged. A lawsuit filed against the government from her group was also thrown out yesterday.

“When you look at the allegations in our lawsuit along with evidence uncovered by Congressional committees and Judicial Watch, it is undeniable that the IRS is guilty of wrongdoing.However, Judge Walton basically said that since we finally received our tax status (after almost 2 years of waiting) that we now have no case.That’s like a judge telling a burglary victim, that even though she was robbed 2 years ago; since she does not currently have the thieves in her house, she has no case.This ruling is unbelievable! It’s so much more than just a delay of a tax exempt status; it’s about the IRS, a government agency, being used as a weapon against its citizens, i.e. violating our constitutional rights, invading our privacy, bullying and intimidating us, mishandling and leaking our confidential taxpayer information etc., not to mention the ensuing cover-up; and we cannot fight back…we have no recourse.”

Gerritson continued, “The judge did not base his decision on the merits of the case.In fact, he did not deny wrong doing by the IRS but dismissed the case on procedural grounds. He wrote in a footnote: "The court's opinion should not be interpreted as an assessment of the propriety of the alleged conduct by the defendants."It’s unfathomable that the IRS, one of the most feared government agencies in America, was able to engage in a massive, years-long illegal targeting scheme against everyday American’s and get away with it scot-free. This is a huge blow to Americans’ liberty.If the IRS was allowed to target and harass Americans on such a large scale with no repercussions then what will stop them in the future?”

 “This isn’t over for us. We will not be silent.We commend and support the ACLJ‘s plan to appeal the ruling.We will continue to do everything we can to stand up for citizens’ rights, expose government’s abuse of power and hold them accountable for their actions.”

As a reminder, IRS officials weren't simply interested in delaying or denying 501(c)(3) status to conservative tea party groups. Top officials like Lois Lerner regularly worked with officials at the Department of Justice to target these groups, even going so far as trying to find ways to prosecute members and activists with an end goal of throwing them in jail to send a message. 

Cortney O'Brien - De Blasio’s Warning: 'Do Not Hesitate to Call 911 if You Have Symptoms'
Posted: 10/24/2014 1:00:00 PM EST

It’s no surprise that the first case of Ebola in New York City has put the city on edge. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference today to try and allay some of those fears, while offering a warning to those who meet the city’s qualifications for quarantine.

Craig Spencer, a doctor who had recently returned from Guinea, is New York City’s first patient to test positive for Ebola. De Blasio assured the city that the patients’ fiancé is being quarantined and they are “looking at individual contacts.” He then repeated what the city knows so far about the troubling situation:

“We know the patient took the subway, went to bowling alley and a few food establishments before being admitted to Bellevue. We’ve retraced those steps.”

The mayor then emphasized that casual contact cannot lead to acquiring the disease, only direct contact with the patient’s bodily fluids.

De Blasio concluded his statements by telling New Yorkers what they could and should do to prevent a proliferation of the disease. He insisted that if anyone has traveled from the three African countries under question or exhibits certain symptoms, they only have two options:

“If you or a loved one may meet these qualifications in the last 21 days and have a fever, it’s crucial to call 911 immediately or go to the emergency room. These are the only two acceptable actions. Do not wait or hesitate.”

Hopefully New Yorkers heed De Blasio’s warning.