John Hawkins
Sensitivity training, also known as diversity training, is a type of program designed to help facilitate respect between groups that include people with different genders, religions, ages, races, or sexual orientations. The exact procedures can vary depending on the leader of the training, but typically involve lectures, discussions, and exercises to help participants understand and respect one another.


...The program can guide participants to the realization of how their actions can potentially be misconstrued by people who have different beliefs or backgrounds. For example, a person may not realize his or her words or actions may be extremely offensive to a person of a different religion or gender, which can affect the ability for the two people to talk and work comfortably together. -- WiseGEEK

Other than members of the KKK, Nazi Party or Fred Phelps' insane God hates F*gs clan, the people in American society who most desperately need sensitivity training are liberals. Liberalism is teeming with arrogant, close-minded, extraordinarily offensive people who seem completely oblivious to how habitually obnoxious and intolerant their behavior has become. Just to name a few examples...

1) Man-Hating Feminists: Left-wing feminists who hate men are as unattractive as human beings as backward Neanderthals who think women are only good for sex, ironing and bringing them beer. Let me add that their loving embrace of abortion is downright creepy. Being furious at people who correctly suggest there are consequences to abortion or kicking over pro-life signs because you're afraid of an "overpopulated earth" sounds nuts. Here's a news flash for these bitter, angry women: Men aren't your enemies; most men don't gain any particular leg-up in life because of their sex and if you do ever have a male child, he shouldn't have to grow up in a world where his own mother is teaching people that he's part of the problem based on his gender.

John Hawkins

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